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      I have been reading the threads here but still have some questions. I would appreciate anyone who could give me some insight! I filed 1/31 around 8pm (married filing joint), and was accepted same day (according to taxact). The middle numbers in my transaction code are 201502. One bar and N/A on transcripts except for “wages” so far – but I did notice a couple days ago that “account transcripts” was up for 2014 but it is all 000’s and has the date Feb.23. This is a large refund (over $10,000), if that matters. Anyone know when I could possible see movement on this? It’s frustrating seeing people that filed after me getting their DDD’s…

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          Exact same situation for me too!! I filed on 1/31 and was accepted minutes later. My return is for an amount of about $10500. I only have one WMR bar and account transcripts with all zeros and a date of 2/23 also. Hopefully we will see movement by the end of the week.

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            I’m in the exact same situation! Filed 1/31, accepted 1/31. One bar. Hasn’t moved. Refund is over 10k. I’ve always received mine within 2 weeks for the past 3-4 years and have always used Turbo Tax. 2014 transcripts show all 0s also with 2/23 date.
            Doesn’t look like anyone updated last night (2/8). Getting anxious!

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              I am in the same boat. I filed around noon on 1/31 and was accepted within 30 minutes and it showed up as received on WMR within the hour. We filed married/joint and getting back a large refund as well. I don’t know my transaction code, I never could find it with TT. I was able to see my 2014 Account transcript yesterday with all 000’s and a date of 2/23/2015. I was resequenced last year and the that date changed. I am really hoping that doesn’t happen this year to. I am on a weekly cycle so I am not hopeful that I will see any changes until next week, meaning I probably won’t see any money until around the 20th…

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