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      I applied on Jan 29th through free tax usa only one bar and heard I was part of the bad cycle..201502.. has anyone heard anything?

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          yeah, my bars are missing Jd, maybe we will be updated tonight. As I recall, I have always gotten mine on a Friday, always, but my memory could be fuzzy. The chart after several updates, actually seems most accurate currently. I believe, depending on each persons weekly cycle, we will get updated and receive our tax DD accordingly. Some do seem to get there’s different days of the week, but not sure what other days they do deposits besides WED THURS FRI

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            Yes, mine is 20150273 all eight numbers

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              I was never able to get my transcripts I just know that now all my bars and the tracker are gone and it says what I wrote I hope I’m getting updated

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                Jd and Robin
                Did both of you have the cycle of 201502?

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                  Robin mine don’t even have the bar status there no more is yours like that also mine just says tax return being processed refund date will update when available

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                    Same here one bar gone, no update, being processed.

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                      Thanks jill

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                        jd sounds like your is being updating.. I would check it in the morning

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                          Sorry it says a refund date will come when available

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                            Mine had showed one bar all this time now I just checked it and there is no bars and says your tax return being processed a refund date will be available soon what does this mean

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                              I still just have one bar and can’t download my transcripts.. This really sucks.. I wonder if we’ll get an update tonight?

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                                In the same boat. Filed with freetaxusa on the 29th. Accepted within an hour with on bar up until yesterday when my bars went away. No transcripts either. On my acceptance conformation code i have the 201502!

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