2015 Injured Spouse

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    2015 Injured Spouse

    And the madness begins…

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    I filed my IS first week of February. My transcript updated Tuesday 3/3 with code 846 refund issued and a cycle code 20150805. From what I have researched that cycle code was Wednesday or Thursday. But I have no money and WMR still says we have received your refund and are processing it. Anyone know what is happening

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    Great news for IS fillers refunds are starting to get issued. I filled electronically on 2/6 accepted on 2/6 My cycle number was 20150605 with a date of 3/2 My transcripts updated today with a 846 on 3/23 my cycle num changed to 20150905 so just hang on a little longer they are working on it. I did call the irs a lot of times though so idn if that had anything to do with it. Here is the irs num i called not that long of a wait maybe 15 to 30 mins and they are actually nice and took the time to look up everything and explain what was going on i know i have been stress these pass couple of days but its finally coming so GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!! 1 (800) 829-0582 ext. 652

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    This morning when I checked my transcripts at 7am it had changed my as of date from March 9, 2015 to March 23, 2015. Cycle code is still 20150405 and no refund issued either. I checked my transcripts again and my as of date went back to March 9th. What does that mean? I am on hold for a tax advocate.

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    @deveney That’s great news! We filed on 01/31, accepted the same day, so hopefully we will hear some good news soon. Checked our transcripts this morning and we are still stuck in that dreaded 201050505 cycle!

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    Finally got an update this morning on my transcript.

    eFiled IS with taxes on 1/29 accepted same day.
    stuck with 570 code and date of 2/23…. FOREVER.
    FINALLY, This morning I get movement with my 846 code with 3/23 date.
    My cycle date changed from 20150505 to 20150905.
    Hopefully many more of us that were stuck in the 20150505 cycle date will receive movement today as well.

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    Injured spouse completion is still running about 6 to 9 weeks to get it.I called on it recently.Mine was received on the 9th of February.Expected they said between 4/9 and 4/30.There ‘s pretty much nothing else you can do.Problem is with they IRS, they dont care if you owe the debt or not.Ours was set off for back support, but it was not owed cause I had it modified last year.So see they still took it anyway, now I have to suffer for their mistakes and failure to investigate the issues or owed debts.

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    Tanya V

    I was wondering about the tax advocate too… I’ve read other forums where it really helped people to receive their state and/or federal refund a lot faster.

    I called the IRS today and fibbed a little to get them to actually check my account. They accepted my return 1/28 as I expected, and apparently my refund has been processed and approved, just waiting on IS to figure out if and what amount they are taking. He said everything looked okay on our account and no notices, but that it could take around 11 weeks from 1/28 – and to call back if no word or deposit by then. So kinda good news.. right?

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    MaryR- When did you mail in your injured spouse form? I spoke to an IRS rep earlier this week about my status as well. My refund was taken on 2/4. He stated once the return was completed and you mailed in the injured spouse claim that they had 8 weeks to process it. I had inquired about a tax advocate. He was trying to convince me not to call them. He said something about they wouldn’t want to work with that deadline, because it would have to be done within a month and probably wouldn’t want to expedite it for just a cycle or two. I haven’t called them, because I wanted to see if my transcripts updated tomorrow. I could have sworn that the admin Stargazer had an injured spouse form and a TA, so I think they do help with injured spouse forms. I don’t know as this is my first year ever having to file as an injured spouse.

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    http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-utl/6209_Section%208A_2014.pdf this is a link that explains codes on your transcripts

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    My husband and I are in the process of dealing with the IS situation. We are currently facing foreclosure (and our refund will help avoid that). When we called the advocate to inquire about expediting the IS claim due to hardship, she said she had no idea what we were talking about and that she can’t help us. She said “things have changed” and they can’t help us or accept an application due to “external debt”. They’ve already offset our refund. According to another person at IRS, we are eligible for IS, but the advocate says she can’t help us. Anyone else ever in this situation?!

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    Tanya V

    @v Hart
    Well that’s some good news! I hope you receive your state refund very soon and I hope the federal as well!

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    v Hart

    I haven’t gotten any updates with the codes on my transcript and no update on WMR. Haven’t been able to get help through the IRS. I think I will call the tax advocate line tomorrow again and see if I can say I have a hardship because we do have 5 kids…idk if that matters. I doubt it.

    As far as my state return, I am getting it back after emailing the states advocate advising them that I have 5 kids, I need my money and it’s not fair that they are trying to keep my money a bit longer to draw more interest on it. The same day he emailed back advising the funds have been released and will be sent this week. Kansas Dept of Rev. updated their site today and I get my full amount back (offset was applied to that too but the debt is my husbands).

    Now, it’s a waiting game with federal and I need it before June.

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    Tanya V

    No news today. Our state refund said ever since 1/28 that it was accepted and being processed, that it should be complete by 3/4 – today it switched messages to just saying processing and to call a number if help was needed. I called and was told the refund was fine, no issues or notices sent, just that it could take up to 90 days (and our state refund usually always takes around 2 months anyway).

    Regarding our federal return…
    Called the Offset # 800-304-3107 and instead of entering a SS#, we were transferred to a rep who said they have no paperwork or anything from the IRS yet stating an offset or any amounts – NOTHING. If you follow the prompts and enter your SS#, it will generally tell you to call US Dept. ED at 800-621-3115 and we did that – nothing from them either; seems like the IRS might not be working on our return. We even went as far to call the actual debt collection for the fed. student debt – they haven’t heard a peep either.

    Tried my luck calling the IRS too, again, and had both ladies refuse to look at anything since “it hasn’t been 11 weeks so we are still working on it, no, we can’t look it up and tell you anything yet…” Looks like filing early is biting us in the butt..

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    @Cathy – dang, i filed and was accepted on 1/29 and have yet to be assigned to someone….lucky u lol

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    @jared, sorry I just saw your question. I filed on 02/04 and it was submitted on 02/07.

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    V Hart

    @tanya V-

    I’m frustrated because it isn’t my offset, I expect that they will be giving the entire refund back, if I made 100% of the money? Yes, mine is mostly from our dependents and EIC…and my income. He hasn’t had a job at all this year due to other issues.

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    So has anyone with a cycle code of 20150605 gotten any kind of update? I’m showing the following codes and dates
    150- 3-2-2015
    806- 4-15-2015
    766- 4-15-2015
    768- 4-15-2015
    570- 3-2-2015

    Can anyone shed any light on what might be going on?

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    No real update on my account except that our IS form was received 2/13. Beyond that nothing on my account. I did speak to a woman at the IRS that told me that if a decision is made that ends in getting some of the offset back the IRS only has a certain amount of time to pay up or they have to pay you interest. We filed our form by mail after e-filing the 1040. For us the amount of time before interest will be due is 56 days if I remember correctly, and I assume they mean only business days and not weekends or holidays ( they have 8 weeks from when the form is received).

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    Tanya V

    @V Hart:
    I completely understand your frustration. I finally got through to a lady last week and she absolutely refused to check my return until the 11 week mark. I’ve been looking up things and other forums online a lot, and it seems most people still can’t get an answer after 11weeks – they are told to try again in 30 days – I really hope that isn’t the case. How hard can it be to check for offsets, take whatever money necessary and refund the rest?!

    I’m stuck on my husband’s federal student loans as an offset, but we set up a payment plan last year and have been paying on time each month. Most of our refund is from having three dependents and my income, as I claim less for taxes on my pay checks.

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    V Hart

    So, I called the IRS like 1000000000 times this week and I kept getting the run around with the stupid robot…and it kept saying they couldn’t handle calls for my tax issue, no matter what I pushed. Ridiculous, really.

    Well, I finally called the tax advocate who got me a direct line to an IRS lady, that was very rude, saying they wouldn’t have any information until it hit 11 weeks.

    I filed my taxes 1/29… it’s been up for processing since 2/2. I am in Cycle 20150505.

    Well, she informed me that right now it says it will be processed on 4/20! What the heckkkkkkk! I have had a code 570 for years now….By the time I get taxes I’ll hit the lotto!

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    @Cathy – when did you file and get accepted? i’m trying to figure out about when I will be assigned to someone.

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    So I got sick of getting no answers and called, I went to a totally different area than the IS area and got a super nice lady on the phone. She put me on hold and checked into my return and said it was assigned to someone in the IS department on 02/12/15. So that’s a start…

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    @Everyone With A Spouse That Has Student Loan Debt

    I’ve noticed this is plaguing many of your returns. You should all consider having your spouse consolidate their student loans. That would take them out of default and no longer be an offset. Afterwards you can either get a forbearance or deferment to postpone payments, or even just send them what you can….if you send them even $10 a month….they can’t do anything. It shows you are making some sort of effort. Just a thought.

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    Well that’s always an option but you would be missing out on tax breaks designed for married couples, that being said it is super annoying waiting for a refund your due but ive always heard better late than never. But you really gotta tell your hubby how you feel maybe he can get a job and pay his dues… In my case my wife owes about 60k in student loans but what can you do she looks great in a thong lol

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    It’s just not right, I understand they have to make sure we aren’t getting any money someone else is owed but I make 100% of the income for our family. I am honestly thinking of divorcing my H so I don’t have to file IS anymore.

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    Hey Cathy I too have 20150605 you and I are stuck in the same predicament usually about 12-14 weeks (from date accepted) go by before you get the 870 refund issued code,that being said i expect my refund around April but some years I had to wait till May will see how this year goes

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    Finally got into my transcripts today and saw this, tax return filed 20150605 03/02/2015, can someone help me decipher this please?

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    @will have you called and been told anything? I just spoke to an agent and got the speech that my form was received and to give it until 04/06 before I call again. Not what I was wanting to hear :(

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    Hey @Chris I seem to have the same information as you with the offset saying it happened on the 16th but it happened on the 4th and i have no update of it even being received yet even though i filed injured spouse as soon as i was notified about the offset which was on the 31st of January. Have you heard anything more or had any luck? this is my first year filing injured spouse beings i didn’t know i had to until after i had already filed.

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    This is just an update for everyone. My transcript updated a few days ago after I called the IRS and badgered them about it (although they will try to get rid of you by telling you to wait 14 weeks to call, I don’t have time for that we have bills to pay). I got a code 971, IS received 2/18/2015. From what I am seeing here, the IS is updated every Friday on the transcript. The WMR has no update and I don’t expect one since they seem to be so crowded this year. Hopefully I get the refund back soon, or at least I get regular updates.

    BTW my “as of” date on the transcript changed, does anyone know what that means?

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    V Hart

    Yup, same thing here, Tanya. Exact same code 570, expect date 2/23/2015 and same cycle: 20150505. I filed mine 1/29 and was accepted that day.

    It seems that we are all stuck if we’re in that cycle.

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    Hey guys coming back to my favorite hope site seeing people get their refund makes me smile so I checked my transcript today 20150605 with is 03/02/2015 so If I remember correctly I should get it after the 870 code which is mysteriously missing he he he so I’m stuck at 570 the date next to it is 03/02/2015 can some one let me know if my math is correct or a ball park figure of when I should expect my refund thanks guys

    *’**** sorry for the triple post I put an emoji on the post and it erased everything after

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    Hey guys coming back to my favorite hope site seeing people get their refund makes me

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    Hey guys coming back to my favorite hope site seeing people get their refund makes me

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    Tanya V

    I’m still stuck with a 570 code and nothing else. My cycle was 20150505 and that has passed with no new updates. My 570 has 02-23-2015 next to it, but nothing changed this last week. We e-filed everything 1/28 accepted the same day. Hoping other people are having better luck. Before needing to file the IS, I always got my return back within 3 weeks.

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    As long as the IRS is sticking to the same cycle code format as last year the codes can be broken down using the info below.

    The 1st 4 #s = year, next 2 #s = cycle week, last 2#s = day of the week

    Cycle weeks begin on Thursdays so the 1st Cycle week started on Thurs. Jan 8th, the 2nd cycle week would be Thurs. Jan. 15th, the 3rd would be Thurs Jan. 22 and so on.

    The days of the week are only business days starting with Thursday as the 1st day of the cycle week and ending with Wednesday as the 5th day. The last 2 digits will always be one of the following depending on the day of your deposit.
    01 – Thurs

    02 – Fri

    03 – Mon

    04 – Tues

    05 – Wed


    year – 2015

    04 – 4th cycle week (beginning Thurs. Jan. 29th – Fri Jan. 30th – Mon. Feb. 2nd – Tues. Feb 3rd – Wed. Feb 4th)

    05 – 5th day of cycle week 4 is Wed. Feb 4

    20150405 = 2/4/2015 direct deposit date.

    Sorry for this long winded explanation. Hope it helps.

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    Hey everyone.

    I’ve never filed an Injured spouse form before this were. My husband and I were due back several thousand dollars this year. Apparently, it was all kept for a student loan debt that I was unaware of (my parents told me they “handled” it years ago). My husband made every dime of income this year. I haven’t worked since August of 2013.

    We filed it through the mail (tracking number confirms delivery on February 8th, 2015).

    How long do we have to wait before we hear ANYTHING? I’ve read it’s a minimum of 8 weeks before we can even get an update. How long do these usually take to go through?

    Thanks in advance. Good luck to all of you!

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    Will, what if it’s a paper check? Do you know when that will be sent out? My wmr has never updated.

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    Chaddox, your cycle date is 3-5 for ddd. Mine is the same. WMR updated this morning to say expect the ddd to be sent by 3-4.

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    Hello all My name is Jeff and this is my first time filling IS. I have been watching my transcript for about a weeks and a half now. and Just yesterday i got that 971 saying they received my IS form. Normally how will it take from being received to refund? And since my wife made no income last year and the debt was in her name should i receive the whole refund?

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    I have a new cycle days today, 20150805 and all my choices are present including the 846. I have looked everywhere for the breakdown of cycle dates. No luck. Can anyone here break down my cycle date?

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    Jess – still no acceptance code :-(

    My return was offset on the 4th of February. ..transcript lists it as the 16th. Still holding at the offset code!!

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    I have a question, feel I finally have somewhat of good news. I checked my transcript this morning, and I see the 846! But there’s another tc that I’ve not seen. Here’s what shows:

    Code Explanation of Transaction Cycle Date Amount
    150 Tax Return Filed 20150505 02-23-2015 $x,xxx.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 Withholding 04-15-2015 -$x,xxx.00
    570 Additional account action pending 02-23-2015 $0.00
    290 Additional Tax Assessed 20150805 03-16-2015 $0.00
    846 Refund Issued 03-16-2015 $x,xxx.00

    The 846 is my full amount \. I did file Injured spouse, my spouse had no income, and she had the debt. What is the 290 Code? And am I correct thinking my DDD is 3-5-15? Is this final now?

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    I efiled my taxes along with injured spouse form and got accepted on 1/29. I’ve been stuck with a code 570 for weeks now, and when I call, all they tell me is my forms are waiting to be reviewed by the injured spouse department! I’m getting so frustrated seeing others who have filed after me get movement and me nothing! I made all the money last year, and my husband is the one with the debt…. =(

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    I don’t understand how people that filed IS after me is getting their money already. My transcript has not updated in weeks..

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    V Hart

    Since I made 100% of the income I was thinking I should receive all of our taxes back? But when I look at the Injured Spouse Form it has #15 Standard Deduction split between the two? Is this going to be an issue?

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    my transcript updated today with injured spouse received 2/9 hoping that’s a sign things will start moving.

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    Just posting this in case it helps anyone – my transcripts updated this morning. It is my understanding that injured spouse transcripts are updated every Friday morning. I have a refund code now, and I am getting the full amount back with a direct deposit date of March 5th. I e-filed my taxes on 2/2 with my IS form together. This was my first time doing that. Last two years I sent in a paper form separately and it took 3+ months. I will update back here once it actually gets deposited.

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    Quick question, I have a 898 refund applied to debt and then I have an 846 refund issued both are dated 2/16. Anyone have any clue what that means?

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    Update…. Got my check in the mail today…. Date on check was the 2/23. Date treasury said it was mailed out was 2/23. Filed 1/11 accpted 1/12 Injured spouse received 1/20. Trans updated on 1/30 2/6 and 2/13. Goodluck all. Donating soon as i get this money in the bank.

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