2015 Injured Spouse

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    2015 Injured Spouse

    And the madness begins…

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    Hello, I’m feel so good I ask sb for help

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    /리치투자정보/ <>#49884;세 포착] 300만원으로 시작, 수 십억대 자산가. 실제로 홈페이지에 직접 확인해보면 80~90%의 수익률
    /리치투자정보/ <>#49884;세 포착] 300만원으로 시작, 수 십억대 자산가. 실제로 홈페이지에 직접 확인해보면 80~90%의 수익률

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    Last year our tax refund was $10 more than it was this year, and after they allocated the funds my portion (the injured spouse) was $1400. This year my tax return was only $300!!! Why is there such a descrepency between the two refunds? Everything is the same, and I even claimed my son on my portion, and that is at least $1000 for the child tax credit! Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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    I have been waiting for 16 weeks…no word from IRS…no letters nothing. I have called several times..on June 10th they said the would need an additional 30 days..Called today that date isn’t up until the 13th of July. However, I should know something by then? Yeah like I believe that. Anybody else having this problem.

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    can someone help my understand, my transcript is showing 766 reversal of refund applied to no irs tax debt with a negative $(whole amount of refund), after the IS claim received. the reversal date was 4-15-2015, and then a 290 additional tax assessed $0.00, the code on the 290 is 20151805, I have no notice issued or anything after that code. does the reversal mean I am getting that amount back? the Wheres my amended refund shows it was completed 4/24/15? im confused

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    Tomorrow will be 13 weeks for me , my transcript shows they received my injured spouse on 1/27/15 , and I do not see any changes at all on the codes, if they even matter? Is it common for it to take this long? Where’s my refund also shows the offset only but no other information. My husband has past due child support and we both worked so I’m even wondering if I’m getting anything back at all.

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    Wednesday makes week 9 and still stuck at 570 code and still no change on WMR I efiled return with IS form Feb 25 and it was accepted that day feeling really frustrated seeing people who filed the same day as me and some after and they got 846 codes with dd date called two weeks ago and was told they have 14 weeks to process it! The offset is my husbands I’m ready to be legally separated just so I don’t have to go through this again. This is my second year filing IS last year I didn’t do dd and got my refund in the mail one day before the 11th week…..IRS seems to be taking their sweet time this year!

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    Tanya V

    My battle is over! IRS check arrived today! 86 days after e-filing. I don’t think my situation was common (I really hope not) as we e-filed the Injured Spouse form with our taxes, and had to open a claim with both federal and state to re-process our papers to get my refund. If that had not happened, I would have gotten my money the last week of March.

    Really hope the best for all of you!

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    So for the last 3 Friday’s I’ve checked my transcripts, and the date at the top has shown April 27th, then on Monday it reverts back to March 23rd. So today I called since yesterday was 8 weeks, and was told there was a back log, and basically wait another 30 days. I was like WHAT, it is being reviewed, but that was all she could say.

    Any thoughts or insights?

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    I finally got my 846 code today YAY! Says Refund date May 11th, will it be that long or will I get it sooner? So excited lol!! Filed on 2-19 with the injured spouse form since I knew there was a problem going in.

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    Finally after 10 weeks of back and forths my refund issued code 846 displayed on my transcript this morning. My expected refund date is May 11, 2015. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.

    Brief summary

    IS filled with an amended return after offset and received by IRS on Feb 17. Amendment processed on April 6. Reversal codes processed on April 13 and 20. Refund issued code (today) with an expected deposit/ paper check dated of May 11, 2015.

    Wow – This tax season was rough but I will be prepared next year.

    If you owe student loans please call 1-800-304-3107 or your student loan organizations before you file next year.

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    @Carmelia, We have the the exact same codes and dates as you! We are hoping to get our refund soon, but nothing yet!

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    Tanya V

    Well we received an unexpected surprise today – a portion of my state refund came! We filed 1/28, it was all taken mid-March (even with the IS form filed) We filed a claim to have our state (MN) re-process our information March 25, and today we received most of it back! No news on IRS check that was “mailed Monday” yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

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    Opinions please.. I got my 846 code on Friday with a date of may 4. WMR still says it’s processing and my cycle code is 20151505. From the things I’ve read, I’ve got hope of a DD tomorrow. What does everyone think, from their experience, that I will have good news on the morning??!

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    Tanya V

    Press 1, 2, 1, 4, 2, enter your ss#, press 1 when it prompts you, then 1 again to confirm ss#, then press nothing and it will transfer you. It’ll ask if you agree with the amount owed, press 1 – DON’T. You should hear hold music, and if the auto-voice comes back with “We’re sorry…” hang up and try again. We usually do this a few times before we get through, though we are generally calling between 8am – 10am. If you get through, it’ll start rambling on automated information, like filing forms, etc tax topics – that’s good, because you got through! Hold time is usually a half hour, though a few times it was around 1 hour. Good luck.

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    Tomorrow makes 8 weeks….my transcript is still the 570 code…wmr is still saying processing :-( so relay for this to be over…filed everything February 25

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    Tanya V, what number did you call??

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    Tanya V

    My cycle code is 20151501 – which I thought meant this week but new posted forums say I should have gotten it last week (April 17). I called the IRS today and found out they mailed a paper check yesterday for whatever reason (she couldn’t see why it changed from DD, and the six people we spoke to from March 25 to today all said it would still be DD.) So I’ll just be watching the mail now. Hopefully your cycle code is for tomorrow.

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    Tanya V, is your cycle code 20151505? That’s mine and I was hoping it meant tomorrow lol

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    Tanya V

    I’ve read that the date by the 846 is the date you should have you money by, but it usually comes sooner (at least for DD.) My cycle date is set for this coming Wednesday so we’ll see, otherwise my worst-case scenario date is May 4.

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    Had anyone received a 846 refund date and received their refund earlier then that date?? After 13 weeks I finally received an 846 code but the date is for mid-May!!! Any hope? Or is the reality that I will have indeed waited 4 months by the time I get my refund?

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    Tanya V

    Nevermind, I see your previous post says efile. You won’t see anything on your transcript.

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    Tanya V

    Did you efile your IS form with your taxes or did you send it in via paper? Efile won’t show anything on your transcript, paper will give you a code 971 IS form received.

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    My transcript doesn’t have anything on it regarding my injured spouse form. I have seen other people put things up regarding their transcripts and there is a specific “injured spouse form received” date… Does this mean my tax representative did mine wrong and my taxes will go to my husband’s debt now??!! It should have been filed with my taxes the same day I filed ( 2\14)

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    Tanya V

    @ Carmelia
    It never hurts to call and see what’s up. Mine took forever to update past code 570, roughly 2 months. Sometimes there’s an error or something silly on the account and getting a rep to look at it can help move it along.

    @ Chrissy
    Your refund was offset (sent to pay a debt). It shows that the injured spouse form was received, so now you’re waiting for someone to re-open your case and do it again, to see what money, if any, should go to you (or your spouse). It could be another 8-11 weeks from the date the IRS accepted your IS form (general guideline). You should start to see more codes as the weeks pass (generally IS filers transcript update mid-Friday mornings). You’ll be looking for a code that says it’s a reversal of refund applied to non-irs debt (that *should* be the amount of money you’ll get back) and then you’ll have to wait for another 846 (release code) to appear. Good luck!

    @ V Hart
    Any news?! I’m so eager to hear that your refund was deposited today! I was super hopeful mine would magically appear today, as the last time it was released on Friday, deposited the following Wednesday (incorrectly offset, though) but my cycle date is next week so HOPEFULLY :D

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    Hey can someone plz explain to me if i will be getting any money back from my is form . my transcript is as follows

    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding 4-15-2015 – $$$$$$$$$$$
    766 credit to your account 4-15-2015 -$$$$$$$$$$$
    768 Earned income credit 4-15-2015 -$$$$$$$$$
    846 refund issues 2-23-2015 $$$$$$$$$
    898 refund applied to non-irs debt 2-23-2015 $0.00
    971 Injured spouse claim received 3-05-2015 $0.00

    Can someone plz tell me what this all means and if i will be getting any money back form it ??? PLZ

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    I filled my taxes electronically with the IS form on Feb 14. According to my transcripts it was accepted on March 16, and nothing had changed since then… Should I be calling or is it normal that I’m still waiting for any type of movement??! This is the longest I have ever waited and not my first year filling an IS…

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    Tanya V

    V Hart:
    Yay! A date!
    Mine has yet to do anything – hasn’t changed since I first started using WMR beginning of Feb.

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    V Hart

    WMR updated with a date of April 15th! Yay!

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    V Hart

    Mine is 20151405 which is April 16th I believe…

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    Tanya V

    Updated today with an 846 with cycle code for 20151501 – what I can find online says it should be DD by April 23. Finger’s crossed – again :)

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    @V Hart- Great news.

    So my transcripts updated and I finally received a reversal code. I am still waiting for the other student loan offset to come back but i am glad that I am seeing some movement. Maybe next week I will have the 846 code (Next week is 8 weeks for me) and my tax advocate stated that they will be mailing my check in 2 weeks. Finally – I will keep you all posted.

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    So I have been following this forum for some time now…I had to file IS, which was received on 2/26. This information at the top is dated March 23rd. I checked it yesterday, and it updated to April 27th. Initially was wondering how it could update into the future, then I checked it this morning and it is back to the March 23rd date. 8 weeks will be April 23rd, so wondering if anyone else has had an updated like that revert back?


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    Tanya V

    V Hart:
    That is good news! When we got our 846 codes, the account balance went to $0 too – and it’s back in the negative now that we’re waiting for the funds to be released again.

    What’s your new cycle code? Maybe that’ll help figure out when you should see your $$$

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    V Hart

    @tanya V- Yes! I have a code 290- $0 and a code 846- $-XXXX.XX (entire refund amount), my account balance also says $0 now…not sure if this means I get my entire refund amount and when I should expect my money?

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    Tanya V

    No update on my transcript today, so my husband and I both called the irs again. Roughly 20 min hold each, so not bad. My lady said I should get the refund within 3-4 weeks, and if not gotten by the first week of may, to call back. I should also be receiving a notice soon of the new adjusted refund. Husbands rep said that our claim is almost done and we should get the refund very soon, but couldn’t provide an actual date.

    Anyone else get any (good) news? V Hart – anything?

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    Woke up this morning and attempted to get on my transcripts. Haha to my surprise the system was down. I will try to get on there this afternoon. Praying for an update.

    Will let you know tonight.

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    Tanya V

    @V Hart
    That’s sorta good news :) I hope you see some money soon!

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    V Hart

    So… I finally gave up because it’s still stuck on code 570 and I called the tax advocate and told them my college classes will drop me if I don’t pay…they took a look into my account and told me that my refund has been adjusted as of April 2nd and it may take 2-3 weeks to process but my battle should be over real soon and if I don’t have the money by the 13th to call them back. A tax advocate will be in touch with me in a few days.

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    2nd time around

    This year we filed again thinking since I was enrolled in a rehab program for my student loan we wouldn’t be offset but we were. efiled on 1/30 refund date was set for 2/19 when it wasn’t deposited we filed Injured Spouse form. It was received 3/3/15 code 971. 766 code was posted about two weeks later with a 4/15 date. I continued to check every week and received a 971 code for notice issued around 3/19. The next Tuesday received the letter. checked following week and there was a 846 code for refund with date of 4/13 cycle 20151205. I got my check in the mail yesterday! Much faster this year but we are now on the west coast and form was sent to the California branch. Not sure if the speed was due to that or the fact that it was our second time and I was enrolled in the rehab program for my loan. Hope everyones progress is as smooth as mine was this year and for those waiting forever maybe next year will be better.

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    2nd time around

    Last year our taxes were offset for my student loans that I did not know were defaulted because we moved and never received notices. Anyway, after the IRS site said refund deposited 2/12/14 we called our bank to check on our deposit and nothing. Finally was informed of offset, sent in Inured Spouse form mid March and after the 8 weeks we called and they said they were behind and we should contact an advocate. Didn’t receive our refund until mid July, it was the full amount but it took forever! Sidenote we sent it to the Kansas branch as we were living down south.

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    Tanya V

    Wow, more odd news on my transcript. It appears to have updated this morning, with another reversal of refund, additional tax assessed, and another notice sent. New cycle date, appears to be April 13 now instead of April 9. I’m happy that I should be getting money back, but I really have no idea what’s going on or how much longer it’ll take.

    It updated Saturday morning, which I thought was odd. And now it updated again Tuesday morning.

    Congrats!.. kind of :) Sorry they forgot to finish your refund but awesome that you’ll be getting it back soon!

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    If you still have a 570 code call he irs. I filed on 1/29 and still 570 code so I finally got through today and the irs rep said the form was recieved and couldnt understand why the money hasnt been released. Transferred me to the IS department and the person who worked my case just never entered the codes to release our refund!!!! So she reviewed everything with me and released it herself. Thank god I called! BTW they were all very nice!

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    Congratulations @ Tanya V.

    Did you new codes happen last night on Thursday night? I am hoping that they update mine next week b/c we need the money.


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    Just a heads up guys. I have the cycle code of 20150605 and just got my 846 today. We filed on February 4 and got an 846 with a date of 4/20. I hope this helps. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.

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    Tanya V

    I had three transcript updates since yesterday morning:
    766 Reversal of refund applied to 04-15-2015 -$HIDDEN
    non-IRS debt
    290 Additional tax assessed 20151401 04-27-2015 $0.00
    971 Notice issued 04-27-2015 $0.00

    These appeared overnight, after the two 898 codes. I’m hoping I’ll see the money soon.

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    Well I am still waiting for my refund as well. The IRS received it on 2/17/15 and according to my tax advocate (yes I called to get one) it should be sent to me within the next 2 weeks. I will keep you updated but I have not had any movement on my transcripts for 2 weeks. The last codes that I received were 971- Notice Issued – 4/6/2015 and 971- Injured Spouse Received – 2/17/15. At least I know that I am getting something back – they kept his portion for his student loans but it just seems unfair that they can take it the same day that you are supposed to get it but I have to wait 8 or more weeks to get the money back.

    Maybe next week I will have anupdate for you all.


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    V Hart

    @tanya V- I have no clue, they sent me to the IRS even after I complained about not being able to pay for college and being dropped.

    Anyways, after speaking to her she gave me the regular speech on it takes 11 weeks, blah blah blah, she said they didn’t get it till the 5th of feb, that’s the third date I’ve heard. She said that it can take till April 17th and people have been working on it. They worked on it yesterday.

    How hard is it to see I made 100% of the income?

    There has been zero update on my transcripts.

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    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP- what does this mean?

    766- reversal of refund applied to non-irs debt (4/15/2015) -$0.000
    290- additional tax assessed, $0.00

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    Tanya V

    @V Hart
    I’m really sorry to hear that. Any chance a tax advocate might be able to help?

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