2015 Injured Spouse

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    2015 Injured Spouse

    And the madness begins…

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    Tanya V

    I have all the same stuff as you, except I filed/accepted 1/28. From what I could find, you’ll only see the 971 (IS form received) if you paper mailed it. Best wishes for an update for you Friday morning – it’s been a long wait!

    @V Hart
    I live in a non-community state too. When I called my state regarding my refund, I was told that it was just being held up by the IS form (it said it would be done by 3/4, but then changed that day to still processing with no date). We have been in contact with my husband’s student federal debt and they say they aren’t going to take any money, since we’ve been paying. Maybe that’s why our full state refund is expected? We’ll see soon, or at least by the 27, I hope. Good luck to you! I hope we all get good news soon :)

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    V Hart

    Hey @tanya V- I too got my full amount from state and my wages is now showing on mine too, but no change in the code 570 on my transcripts ugh. You mentioned that you got your full amount from state, this is my first year filing IS… I was curious, since I live in a non-community state, and 100% of the income was mine, am I most likely to get back 100% of the refund?

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    Filed 1/29 and accepted the next day. Shortly after bars left in WMR. I am STILL showing 570 – additonal information pending 2/23/2015. Is this my IS form pending? Should I be calling the IRS? I know a few people said that they seen their IS form was accepted. I do not see anything except the the normal two codes then the 570.

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    Tanya V

    My state refund updated today that it was completed with the full amount still listed – said direct deposit by 3/27. I also noticed my IRS transcript Wages is now available – is this good news? Should I get excited for possibly 846 code this Friday?

    Still no changes on account transcript in regards to codes or cycle date.

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    Anyone with a cycle date of 20150605 received anything? My transcript has not updated for at least 3 weeks and I’m getting frustrated. I know this process takes forever, but that doesn’t stop the frustration. This is my 5th year filing IS and you would think they would have something in place for this. I guess that’s just thinking logical and when it comes to the IRS there is nothing logical….

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    Yes, that amount is what you will be getting back, I have been filing IS for a few years now and looked back at my other transcripts and once they are done processing , you’ll see two refunds issued, one with that $ amount and the other that says refund issued to the non-irs debt.

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    Finally some movement on my transcript… it says “Reversal of Refund Applied to Non-IRS Debt” and then it has a (small) dollar amount beside it. Is THIS all I am getting back?

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    Veronica Hart

    This is so freaking irritating! I NEED that money!

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    WMR updated overnight to show a DDD of 3/18. 6 weeks + 1 day from my E-file date. May be the shortest processing time yet.

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    Tanya V


    They say we should update every Friday morning. Some sites say IRS updates during the night, except Sunday and Monday night.

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    how often are transcripts updated. thanks

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    I also have the 290 with the same cycle date. I called the 1-800.. ext.652 today and was told my IS would be completed next week and refund issued the following week. He said to allow 2 wks for the check to come, so… 3-4 wks before ck is received. Not sure how accurate this is but that would be 8 weeks from when my IS form was received.

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    I went from a 971 and am now at a code 290, with a cycle of 20151005 and $0.00.

    Does anyone know what this means?

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    Tanya V

    I don’t think I’ll ever file early again. No changes for me. 20150505 02-23-2015 and 570 – STILL.

    Congrats to those who had an update today! It shows progress and hope for the rest of us. Efiled 1/28 H&R, accepted the same day (IRS confirmed it was accepted 1/28 too, and that they have my IS) but nothing else. Same for state. :/ Maybe next week.

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    Ok so my transcript updated this morning to code 976 – duplicate filed? Did anyone get this code before getting the new refund code or should I be worried? My as of date updated to march 30th also but my cycle code stayed the same 20150405…. I’m excited that something has changed but not sure what it means help!!!

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    UPDATE FINALLY: Filed 1/29 and accepted the same day via TurboTax. cycle code was 20150505 and code 570 for what seemed like forever…..until this morning! Now I have a code 846 (Refund issued 03-30-15) and a new cycle code of 20151005! Booyachasha! It’s about time something gave. Hope everyone else sees changes soon.

    PS. Still no change tho on WMR by the way

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    Finally! Our 846 code, with a date of 3/30/15. WMR still hasn’t changed.
    E-filed thru TurboTax on 2/3. Cycle date has been 2015050 w/ a date of 2/23/15 the entire time.
    Now to wait and see when it actually hits our account.

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    We got our 846!! No change on WMR, but it has a date of 3/30. BUT, now I have a new question, there are two 846 codes on the transcript. Is one going to us and the other to my husband’s student loans, and if so is there any way to tell which is which?

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    Ack! I’m losing my patience! First time I’ve filed IS this year. Transcript updated 2/20 that IS claim was received 2/4. No updates since. I have high hopes for an update tomorrow of any kind. I owe to state & I’m depending on receiving federal refund in time to pay the state out of it. *Crossing Fingers*

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    V Hart

    Idk if you all are noticing a trend, but most of us filed on or around 1/29 and have a cycle date of 20150505 and DDD of 2/23. None of us have seen and update and we are all frozen on code 570…..

    Please tell me that you all are seeing this too? I feel like our taxes are stuck and our IS forms are stuck and held.

    People after us are getting their returns.

    This is also my first year filing and it’s been HELL and a nightmare. I always file the first day I can file…. ugh maybe the couples credit isn’t worth it and I’ll file separated next year…better to have less money than go through this torture.

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    Received an update from the IRS today. since my transcript has not shown any movement. I spoke with a very nice lady – one who could finally help! She looked up my account and told me that the IRS received my IS form on 02/05, even though I filed, what I thought with my tax return on 01/31. Apparently, my software provider sent this form separately from my tax return. She said since the IS form was received separately, it would take approximately 8 weeks from the date they receive it to process my return. She said a letter was sent to me on the 9th of March. The letter was probably in regards to an offset (which I already knew). In all, that I should receive the remaining amount of my refund by 04/02. It could be sooner (sure hope so).

    Today, my transcript is showing cycle 20150505 still, and the 570. No updates to my transcript as of yet. At least I know that things are moving.

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    Just an overall, update….
    The debt is mine, Student Loans, I did not work this year, my husband made all of the money.
    We do not live in a community property state.
    I am not sure if that is the reason our refund came quicker than other participants.
    I did notice a trend on some facebook posts that IS transcripts are normally updates on Fridays… I don’t know if that is actually true, but it seems most I see/talk to on facebook, had an update on transcripts fridays.

    I am REALLY hoping that other participants start seeing forward movement in their refunds.

    Keep the Faith!

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    My WMR did update, Sunday overnight, I saw Monday morning, 3/10, that my deposit was scheduled for 3/11, and that if I hadn’t received it by 3/16 to contact the IRS.

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    This is our first year filing IS and what a pain it has been! We e-filed via Turbo Tax on 1/30 and have a cycle code of 20150505 and processing date of 02/23/2015. I was able to confirm that they had recived our IS form and that it was in the IS department, but was unable to get any additional information and they told us not to call back before 4/27. There have been no changes on our transcript and we lost the bar on WMR weeks ago. I’m not a particularly patient person and this is driving me mad. Hope we start seeing some changes soon as it seems like there have been some refunds coming to those with 02/23/2015 processing dates, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll see some change soon. I know this is just a rant, but it seems like there are a lot of us in the same slow-moving boat!

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    Tanya V

    @deveney – Congrats!!

    I have practically the same everything as you,. except I efiled 1/28.

    Any news from you V Hart? We had similar situations too.

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    My “as of” date on my transcript changed does anyone have any idea what this means?

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    @deveney – cycle code that is….code is still 570

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    @deveney – hmmm i have the same code and dates as u but still nothing. hopefully itll update soon. did wmr ever update for u?

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    Just an update, eFiled with IS through Turbo Tax on 1/29, accepted the same day. cycle code 20150505.
    Stuck on 570 with processing date of 2-23 FOREVER… Last Friday, Transcripts updated with my 846 code with a new code of 20150905.
    Today My refund was deposited into my bank.
    This was only my 2nd year filing IS, last year was paper, did not realize there was an offset until after processing it took 11 weeks.
    This year 5 1/2 weeks.
    I hope everyone else gets 846’s soon, the first round is on me….. Cheers!

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    Sharon, no, my transcript does not show code 971. I’m just stuck at the 570. It shows it was to be processed on 3-02-2015. A relative of mine (who efiled thru turbotax also) is stuck at code 570 as well and it shows hers was to be processed on 2-23-2015. So far, nothing seems to be happening as far as processing goes.

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    Tanya V

    I’ve read that it won’t show the 971 IS form code on your transcript unless you mailed it in after you filed.

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    Lmc, I am with you, I filed though turbo tax and efiled my IS as well through them. On my transcript it is not even showing the IS form. Is yours?

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    I talked to a person yesterday and i was told that i have to wait 45 days from the date they received my IS form which will be the end of this month. I maid it to Kansas City so i guess like everyone else i have to wait

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    Just so everyone knows I had a 846 .cycle code was last thursday. I got a letterrible monday saying I will get the money in a few weeks. It was supossed to be DD in bank but we received a check in the mail today. WMR never updated either. Just thought I would let everyone know

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    Like most of you, I am stuck with the 570 code. I efiled thru turbotax on 1/29 and included the IS form. This is my 6th year having to file the IS form but my 1st year efiling it. With mailing it in, it always took 5 weeks to get a DD. 5 weeks has come and gone and I don’t think I will ever efile it again. I don’t understand the order in which the IRS processes these forms as others who filed after me have already received their refund.

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    miss a

    i had to let you all know my story with this I.S form i found out they took my money the day i was going to get my dd so i mailed it in to my local irs office (on 2/4)which they say online so my local IRS office is in Memphis Tennessee I’ve waited two weeks called the phone number they said they have not received it yet so I waited another week called again they still haven’t received it started checking my transcript nothing I decided to go to my local IRS office waiting in line for 4 hours only for them to tell me we do not receive mail at this location we do not process mail here if we have gotten your papers we would have sent it to Kansas City omg so yesterday I called and asked them have they received it again she said no I told her about the situation and then she said well you could send another paper in butt I can’t tell you what to do so i said i am going to send another overnight fedex she gave me the address mailed and I tracked it they got it today at 11 o’clock now ill see if anythung changes

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    Tanya V

    Nothing from us either. No new cycle, no new codes – just nothing. :/

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    @chrissy I guess where on the same boat I feel like that’s all I been doing to checking on everything every single day it’s so stressful I will keep u posted if I learn anything good luck to everyone this whole process is very stressful

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    Had anyone that send their IS form to the Kansas City office got their return yet?

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    It took a week to get the letter. I’m getting super impatient for sure. I don’t understand why they won’t let go of the money if everything is done. Makes no sense. WMR still hasn’t updated for me either. I guess I’ll just wake up checking everything every morning until I get it. :-(

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    @Christy so I filled on 2/6 got a 846 on Fri 3/6 with a date of 3/23 next to it I checked wmr it’s says still processing no ddd yet I hope I don’t get a letter stating it’s gonna take a couple more weeks I really need the money as I bet u do to I don’t understand stand it’s done so just give us are money

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    ryan vogt

    Wow, how do you reach the injured spouse department? I have been trying all day and keep getting the run around.

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    Last Tuesday I looked at my transcripts and had a cycle date of 20150805 with code 846. Still no money. Today I received a letter in the mail saying everything has been approved but we will not get our money for a few more weeks. Has anyone else got this?

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    Reading some of the past few comments, I think I got overly excited :(. I filed 1/29 and just check WMR and transcripts….no change on either…..still same ole crap..570, 20150505, processing….ugh

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    Just so people know there is hope.

    E-filed my IS claim with my return on 2/2.

    My transcript has a cycle of 20150905 with an 846 refund issued code.

    WMR updated today stating my refund should be deposited 3/11.

    Just some background on my WMR status. It had changed a few weeks ago from showing the status bar to just having a statement that I would be notified when the refund was sent.

    Today I have the status bar back showing approved and giving me the refund date.

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    V Hart

    I spoke with some guy yesterday from the IRS, he told me that my taxes were accepted on the 29th of January as well as the IS. That’s the day we filed our taxes and submitted the IS. The rude lady before that told us it was accepted the 2nd. So we will see our taxes from the 13th-20th sometime.

    I don’t live in a community state, so I’m assuming I get all of my taxes back. I made 100% of the income.

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    I don’t understand the method they use to process these forms. I know it depends on who processes your claim, but how do they dole them out to the processors? Is it by state, social security numbers, last names? Is it computerized or do they get the actual forms handed to them? I have nightmares of our form being on the bottom of an in box somewhere, and all the new forms get heaped on top of it.
    One would think that it was computerized. And as an agent finished one form, the next form in line would pop up, but I don’t think that’s how it’s done.
    I have seen so many people on here that submitted everything after us, and who have already either seen refunds or at least the 846 code.
    I looked back 4 years, and every single one of ours was completed on the last possible day in the 11th week time frame. Almost as if they held it to that day.
    My return was accepted on Tuesday February 6th. I efiled thru turbo tax, and included the IS form with it. I’m stuck on Cycle date 20150505 and -2/23/2015.

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    emma morales

    Hey there fellow IS filers! So my husband filed via turbotax on January 26th and then on February 4th his whole refund(9k) was offset to pay my unpaid student loans(i haven’t worked in 2 years) from before we were even married. So after some research we found out about the injured spouse form so on February 9th he went down to our local IRS office and filled it out without attaching anything(w2…) and turned it in that same day. After 1 week he found out you can check transcripts online and there was nothing on there about the IS form even being received so on February 23 he called and spoke to an IRS agent who said yes it had been received 2/9 and give it 6-8 weeks. Then on 2/27 the transcript finally updated to 971 IS received. On 3/6 the transcript gave code 846 refund issued cycle 20150905 they did keep around 1800$ which i am assuming from what we have read is minus the married tax break but at least we finally know money is coming this way thank God lol. We do live in California a community property state

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    Nicole- Google IRS transcripts. It will take you to the IRs website to order your transcripts. You can either view them online or have them send you a copy in the mail. If you click view online you can either view them as a guest or create a username so that you can sign in to check your transcripts. In order to create an account it will ask you some questions to verify your identity.

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    Hi there – my husband and I files Injured Spouse and it was accepted on 2/6/15. I keep seeing people looking at “transcripts” but not sure how to do that – can anyone give advise please? Would like to know whats going on with our return since its been a month now.

    Thank you in advance.

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