2015 Injured Spouse

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    2015 Injured Spouse

    And the madness begins…

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    V Hart

    This is so freakin irritating, I am about to be dropped from my college classes due to inability to pay for this semester!

    I filed January 29th and was accepted the same day.

    Still stuck at code 570.

    My husband has to pay for his classes by May 26th or he will be dropped.

    We have five kids so it’s not that easy to just give money to colleges.

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    Tanya V

    Still no news. I called the IRS today, as instructed to do last Friday – and they couldn’t provide me any information besides that the claim to get my portion of injured spouse that they incorrectly offset is pending. We both waited well over an hour on the phone, my husband was told it should be reviewed and reprocessed soon, and mine said it could take 3-4 weeks. Funny how you could issue and release the refund last Wednesday and the debt was taken immediately, but giving back my portion due to IRS error is taking more than a week! /Rant

    If it helps:
    Efiled w/ IS form 1/28 (accepted too)
    Transcript updated 3/20 w/ both 846 codes
    Both Fed refunds taken 3/25
    File claim to get my portion back 3/27
    Transcript did not update anything this Friday, here’s to hoping for news next Friday. Best of luck to everyone else waiting for their $$$ :)

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    So i have been following this page for some time now, it has been one of the only thing to keep me sane during this whole ordeal! So far i have had the reversal code of 766 with our entire refund amount beside it and the 290 code with 0.00 beside of that. NO 846 code yet !! My cycle codes have changed to 20151105 and the dates for the 290 and 766 codes have 4/6/2015 beside them as well. My IS form was originally received on 2/12. The offset is mine for defaulted student loans. i did not work any last year and the entire income was that of my husbands. So with all that being said can someone give me some insight i have seen other people with the same codes and cycle dates receiving refunds. Up until yesterday every time i have called in to the irs i have gotten nothing we have all we need nothing is wrong just wait blah blah blah! I called yesterday and all of a sudden this not so pleasant or knowledgeable lady says that there is a 4 week hold on my account until April 17th. when i asked her why she said that’s just what the computer does and that my claim was completed therefore there was no “real” person to speak to as that there is no one handling my claim anymore. So i called back today spoke with a mr coleman and he said there was a split refund he could see but it was still my entire amount. he wasn’t able to explain any further what that meant only that i should possibly call the bureau of fiscal services. So I asked about a tax advocate and he told to contact one. So i did… never got to speak to an advocate per say but was told that there was “RO” on my account which meant rolling???? was told to call back next friday of there had been no change that means it may be unpostable?? I know this is long but someone PLEASE HELP!! Does this sound familiar to anyone or has it happened to anyone else?? Im trying to be patient but getting the runaround is getting old very quick!

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    @ Jamie

    You can call (800)829-0582 ext. 652. That is the number I just called and you have to hold for awhile (15-30 minutes) but you should be able to talk to a person that way.

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    I figured out how to get our transcripts and it says Return due date April 15th and Processed date March 16th. Does this mean I’m getting my return on the 15th??

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    We submitted our taxes on 2/18 with the injured spouse, I have tried calling the IRS many times to see if they have a date for our return and when I get to the point where it says hold to speak with someone it tells me based on the call volume that there isn’t anyone who can speak with me and to try again later, what am I doing wrong?? Can someone please let me know which number is best to call and what numbers to push to get someone? lol. Also with submitting them on 2/18 how much longer do you think we’ll have to wait? thanks so much!!

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    When should I call the tax advocate helpline? I have been trying to reach a person for days and every time I call it says the call volume is too large and they cant accept my call at this time and to call back at another time.

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    @Tatiana Kimberley

    If you sent the first two copies of your 1040, then you did file a duplicate return. When you send the IS form in you are only suppose to attach your W-4 and or 1099 forms to it, not any part of your 1040 return. I would give them a call. Explain what happened and ask what, if anything you need to send them.

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    Just wanted to post an update… Great news, I got my refund check in the mail today!!!! I filed my original return on Jan 28th excepted same date. Original refund was supposed to be dd on Feb 3rd, but my husband had a debt that took all of it. Files IS form and it was received on Feb 9th. Last week I was told my check would be ailed on Friday March 27th. Got it today on March 31rst……Good luck everyone…

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    Tatiana Kimberley

    Hoping someone can help me out!!!!! I filed my IS form by regular mail and now my 2014 transcript is not showing up, the prior years have a little star next to them but on my return transcript for 2014 I just got a new code that says “duplicate return filed”. I’m a little confused because I didn’t submit a duplicate just the IS form and I believe what they asked for was the first 2 pages of my 1040. Has this happened to anyone else? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Just a final update ..I received my check in the mail yesterday, which is exactly 7 weeks from the date my IS form was received by the IRS. All of my transcript info is listed below in a post from 3/23, in case it helps anyone. Good luck to everyone still waiting on their $$.

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    @Jamon April 2, will be two months since they received your IS form, which means at least eight weeks. They have eight weeks to process the form once it is received, when you mail it in. I would call if you don’t get an update to your transcripts by Friday. I mail my form in every year and have had it take anywhere from 4 1/2 weeks to 11 weeks to get my refund. The 11 week timeframe was when the person working on my form just neglected to release the refund, they didn’t finish the process, so you really should call soon.

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    So I efiled and found out my wife’s student loans were gonna offset our refund. She made no income this year so I filed an injured spouse forum through the mail. My transcripts show up with a 971 Injured Spouse received on 2/2. This has been the only activity on my transcripts in two months. Is this normal? Also, why is it that other people are getting it before me if they have received dates later than me? Does anyone know the order method? Should I be worried that I did something wrong when filling the form out? Thanks in advance.

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    Tanya V

    @V Hart
    I hope you get good news soon!

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    V Hart

    @tanya V- Nevermind I see where you made most of the money. That is horrible they took your taxes.. I don’t think they should be able to do that at all.

    I received 100% of my State Taxes because I made 100% of the money, I was hoping the same was true with the Federal Taxes. Still waiting though.

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    V Hart

    @tanya V- So, did you and your husband both have income?

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    Tanya V

    Woke up to some icky news this morning. Both the 846 amounts that posted last Friday were updated today to be towards the offset. With losing all of my state refund, I didn’t let this one slide. My husband and I both spent over 2 hours each on the phones, calling the IRS, Dept of Edu, and the debt collector. FINALLY got to a gentleman who told us that the larger of the two 846 amounts was supposed to be refunded to me on March 25 – but both actually posted to the Dept. of Edu as payments. He was rather upset at their mistake and now has to re-open and process our taxes to get us our refund. Maximum of a 3 week wait, but heck, I’ll take that for a few grand back. Also found out I can file a claim to get half of my state refund back too, since we’re a non-community state and the only debt is for my husband. So, good news kinda.

    Best wishes to all others waiting for update. My WMR has not updated once since losing all bars beginning of Feb.

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    V Hart

    So, I received a paper from Turbo Tax stating that they did not have enough funds to cover my charges for tax preparation so I need to pay them before April 3rd. It said that I had an offset and after the taxes were applied to it there just wasn’t enough to cover it.

    I then called the irs because I do not live in a community property state, my husband did not earn any of the income and they told me that it was sent to the IS department and at someones desk t be worked on.

    Still a code 570.

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    after my 766 reversal refund code my account balance came back with a (-)X,XXX and after they entered the 846 refund issue code it went back to 0.00. SO it is my understanding that your refund was approved and it is what they owe you, or need to release to you. Once you get the 846 code it will go back to 0.

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    @ Pam

    I just looked that up and by the account balance it has a (-) sign and then what my return should have been. But I am sure she is exactly right. They already got my payment for his student loans on his account. So they will have to get that money back from them. I am really hoping that next week I get the code to where they will send the check the next week. But when all of this first started and I called his student loan place they told me that once they were informed that they would have 3 weeks to send the check out. I thought they meant that when they got the info that I was supposed to get it that the student loan place would send the check out to me. But the next time they said that the check would be coming from the IRS. So, I may still have a 3-4 week wait. I checked myeddebt.com and it still shows the payment from my taxes, but does not show them sending it back to the IRS yet. I hope all of that makes sense and I will check the student loan stuff again tonight when I get off work. Good luck to everyone waiting for good news today!

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    Oops sorry Amy! Reading too many posts.
    TY for info. I am glad to hear that it’s been processed and will EVENTUALLY be on its way. Have a great day!

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    @Pam- I am not Tina, but my tax advocate said that the reason it is not issued the same day is if the debt was already intercepted. It was in my case so they had to get that money back first before it could be issued as a refund. I had that negative amount for a week. Today I updated to the refund issued.

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    I just got the same codes as you today. Up in the top left corner is says “account balance” with a -$0000.00 amount. Does yours say the same? Do you know if that means that that amount is what’s definitely going to be issued soon? Not sure why it wasn’t issued same day as most other peoples were.

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    @ ALJ

    I did get some of my other codes today when I checked. I got the 766 reversal of refund with the date of 4-15-15, the 290 additional tax assessed and 2nd 971 notice issued dated 04-13-15.

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    Well I did not have a reversal code as of 6:45 AM this morning but my amended return has been adjusted and I was told that the notice issued – just a letter telling me hey now you owe us money but she stated that my injured spouse should be completed within the next 2 weeks (8 week countdown from Feb 17). Anyway I am still waiting just don’t understand why it takes so long to determine who paid what -credits etc…

    Maybe next week I will have the reversal code and refund issued statement.

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    Thank you, I have been reading this page almost every day to see how fast it is going but wasn’t sure if it was from the date you sent it or they posted that they received it. I just looked at my transcript this week. Let us know if it updates. I will check on Friday and post again.

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    Well still nothing. I know when I filed the IS form that it would take 8 to 11 weeks but now that people are slowly getting their money I am getting annoyed. Filed the 29th and accepted the day after. I efiled the IS form with my return. Bars left mid February. I have been stuck with a 570 code for weeks now!! What number can I call to check on this?

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    I was told to count 6 – 8 weeks from when they received your injured spouse form. The IRS received my Injured Spouse on Feb. 17 and my transcripts show the 971 code received 2-17-2015. I am now on my fifth week so hopefully I will see code 766 – reversal of refund applied to non-irs debt and code 846 – refund issued on my transcripts this Friday March 27, 2015.

    I will let you know on Friday if there was any movement on my account.

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    This is my first year filing the IS form because our refund was offset for my husband’s student loans. All of the income was mine. I efiled the 10th or 11th of Feb. When I realized there was going to be an offset I mailed the IS form on Feb13th. My transcript says that the IS claim was received 3-12-15 with the 971 code. So my questions are: Is that the date that I count 6-8 weeks from? Or how long should I expect it to take to see my refund from there? And has anyone received theirs faster than the 6 weeks from the claim received date? Sorry I am so confused, I have tried figuring this out but this is rough with it being the first time to do this.

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    I finally have a date for when my refund will be sent! I discovered this forum this year and am glad I stumbled upon it. Good luck to those still waiting on their refunds and just in case it helps anyone, I am posting my info below …

    I live in Texas and have been filing IS for the last 4 years. The first year I filed the form via mail , the next two I efiled with my return and this year via priority mail separate from my return. Prior to this year I have received my refund anywhere from 9-11 weeks after filing. Last year a “1800# Irs rep” told me it took longer when you file with your return because it has to be sent to a separate department for processing so I mailed it the day after I efiled my return.
    Efiled return – 2/5 via TAXACT; return accepted 2/6
    IS form mailed priority mail @ post office 2/6
    Transcript :
    150 tax return filed: 20150605 3/2/15
    806 w2 withholding etc. 4/15/15
    766 credit to your acct. 4/15/15
    846 refund issued 3/2/15
    898 refund applied to non -irs debt 3/2/15
    971 IS claim received 2/9/15
    766 reversal of refund applied to non irs debt 4/6/15
    290 addtl tax assessed -$0- 20151005 3/30/15
    970 notice issued 3/30/15
    290 addtl tax assessed 20151105 4/6/15
    846 refund issued 4/6/15
    **i called the week of 3/9 and was told the reversal was applied 3/9; the “notice issued ” was the letter advising me of the amount which was received this weekend ; the last 846 was updated last Friday and when I called today they said my check would be mailed 3/27 …every year I efiled with my return I received refund via DD; separately has resulted in a paper check**

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    Can someone explain what this means

    PROCESSING DATE Feb. 23, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150505 02-23-2015 $0.00

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 02-23-2015 -$hidden
    766 Credit to your account 02-23-2015 -$hidden
    768 Earned income credit 02-23-2015 -$hidden
    896 Refund Applied to non-irs debt 02-23-2015 -$hidden
    846 Refund issued 02-23-2015 – $hidden
    898 Refund Applied to non- irs debt- 02-23-2015- $hidden
    898 Refund Applied to non- irs debt- 02-23-2015- $hidden
    971 Injured Spouse Received- 02/17/2015- $hidden
    766 Credit to account- 04-15-2015- $hidden
    765 Reduced or Removed earned income credit- 04-15-2015- $hidden
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$hidden
    290 Additional tax assessed-04-06-2015- $0.00
    971 Injured Spouse Received – 02/17/2015 -$0.00
    971 Notice Issued – 04/06/2015- 0.00

    At least there is movement but are they going to reverse the debt since I reported additional income (mine) or will his student loans keep all of the money (my W2 holding,my student loan payments, our child credits). Very frustrating

    I just know that from now on I am filling the form with my taxes.

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    @Jeff, I’m certainly not an expert on this since this is my first time filing the IS. But if yours goes like mine you should receive your 846 refund update on your transcript next Friday morning. Then you can call and they will tell you the date the check will be mailed. Hopefully your wait will soon be over…Good luck…

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    I efiled my return and then found out the after i was supposed to get my refund that it was offset so i filed out an IS form and mailed it in it was received on feb 11. so it the 21 of march and as of yesterday i got the 766 code for reversal of non irs debt so now i guess it still the waiting game on when they will let me know when they will release the money

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    I am just posting my experience with filing an IS for the first time. I first filed on Jan 28th and was accepted that day. My original refund was supposed to be deposited on Feb.3. Instead they took it all for my husband’s debt. I faxed my IS form on Feb.2. I called the IRS and was told that you couldn’t fax the IS so I sent in another one by mail. After I waited about 3 weeks my transcript updated to IS form received on Feb 2. The following week it updated again to IS form received on Feb 9. So I found out that they had indeed received my faxed IS form on Feb. 2nd. That day I called the IRS to find out if sending the second form would put my refund behind any , I was told no at the time. This was not true. First lesson, you can indeed fax an IS form. At this time the WMR was saying that my refund had been applied to a non IRS debt. I checked my transcript on March 13th and it had updated to 766 reversal. Then I checked again on March 20th and got my 846 refund code with an as of date of April 6th. I called the IRS ad they told me that a check would be sent out on March 27th. I just checked WMR and it had updated to your refund is being processed with the original amount of my refund. So I am very happy. I was the only one who worked because my husband is disabled, so I get it all back…. Just wanted to let everyone who is waiting for news on their refunds know how it went for me so far. My fingers are crossed that my check comes to me rather swiftly…LOL, just glad hat this wait is almost over.. Good luck to everyone else out there.

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    Tanya V

    I’m not exactly sure what 290 means but it seems to be a normal thing for IS filers to get. 971 means you’ll get something in mail – possibly – which might request additional information or to inform you that they’ll be an offset. 570 means that they are processing your return – usually the IS form gives you the 570. I’ve seen that this code can pop up for so many reasons, sometimes at times where nothing special is really happening. Did you eFile you return/IS or did you mail them?

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    I got the 290 additional tax assessed code with a cycle date of 20151105 with 0.00 what dose that mean anyone know? Also i got a 971 Notice issued what will this notice talk about? I still have no 570 code. Do i have to have the 570 code to get my refund?

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    V Hart

    Congrats @tanya V.. I did not get my codes at all.. It’s still a 570 for me…UGH so frustrating. I did get my state taxes and I received all of them because this is a non-community state…so I’m hoping for the same as far as federal and wish this would just hurry up.

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    Tanya V

    Yes, all three codes (270, 846, 846) came today. I’ve been at a standstill with the 570 since beginning of Feb.

    I have no idea. I think the date is when we should have it by?

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    Tanya, I got the same thing on mine, but the last update on the page is this:
    290 Additional tax assessed 20151105 04-06-2015 $0.00

    And there is no 846 Refund issued at this time. Did both of those codes, 290 and 846 come for you at the same time, or were they different days? Thanks!

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    I have the same date as you do for my refund issue date. Do you know if that’s when they will physically send the check or is it possible they’ll send it before?

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    Tanya V

    Movement on my account – YAY

    150 Tax return filed 20150505 02-23-2015 $54.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$HIDDEN
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -$HIDDEN
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$HIDDEN
    570 Additional account action pending 02-23-2015 $0.00
    290 Additional tax assessed 20151105 04-06-2015 $0.00
    846 Refund issued 04-06-2015 $HIDDEN
    846 Refund issued 04-06-2015 $HIDDEN

    Fingers’ crossed I actually get those two refunds – just something would be great :) Hope everyone else who filed the end of January gets some good news this morning too! No update on WMR.

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    Tanya V

    It is! I don’t live in a community property state either. I wasn’t given any explanation, just that I could file a claim to have the IS dept of the state recheck our return. I’m hoping they can give me something. We both made income last year – I made way more than him, since I worked the full year vs him working around half year.

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    @tanya V

    That is really scary! My husband made all of the income this year, and 3k of the return went towards my student loans, we don’t live in a cps so I have been assuming we would get back some if not all of the return. I REALLY hope this doesn’t happen, was there an explanation given at all as to why they took all of it? Did you both make income this year?

    #4110481 Reply

    Tanya V

    Not sure. I called to ask about it, and the rep couldn’t tell me why. I explained our situation so she put in a claim for the actual IS dept of our state to re-check our return. I thought I’d at least get my portion back.. isn’t that the point of filing IS?! I hope your wait isn’t too much longer.

    Looks like your IS is still processing – that’s what the 570 code means. All the other codes are normal. The processing date and the cycle code don’t really mean much when you file IS (at least from what information I can find) but generally those are the dates you should expect your refund to be done. Right now you’re waiting for a 971 (if you mailed in your IS form) or an 846 (refund issued) code. I think there is another one for what portion your offset will be.. but I don’t recall what that one is. Check you transcript online mid-late morning on Fridays, as that’s when it appears that our transcripts are updated.

    I have no idea – hopefully someone else here has some knowledge of that issue?

    What codes are on your transcript? They mean something, but it’s not always the same as what another person’s means, even with the same codes. They can give you an idea of what’s going on.

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    Someone please tell me what all this means??!!!
    PROCESSING DATE Mar. 16, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150805 03-16-2015 $0.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$hidden
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -$hidden
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -$hidden
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$hidden
    570 Additional account action pending 03-16-2015 $0.00
    This Product Contains Sensitive Taxpayer Data

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    My story

    So we efiled with Jackson Hewitt – accepted same day 1/28/2015. Went home realized all income was not accounted for so we had to amend return(which I had to mail in). We had a DDD of 2/11/15 but I was shocked (nice word) to find out that all of our refund would be sent to my husband’s student loans. So instead of just filing an amended return (which caused us to owe money back to the IRS) I also had to file the injured spouse.

    I am being patient but it has been 8 weeks since we Efiled and 5 weeks since the IRS in California received my Injured spouse claim and amended return. I called the other day and I was told that it would take 12 – 16 weeks (LOL) before all of my paperwork is processed but I called back and a different representative told me 6 – 8 weeks. We will see who is telling the truth but I am praying that we will see a paper check in 3 weeks.

    I live in Ohio – not a community property state so hoping that they only keep his “portion” to pay back on his loans.

    Tanya, why did they keep some of the return if the loans are you husbands?

    #4110475 Reply

    Tanya V

    Bummer :(
    I received a letter today that even with the IS filed, that they will be taking the entire state refund towards my husband’s student debt. I was so excited last week when it updated online and said we were going to be issued our entire amount, because I spoke with the state at the beginning of the month and they said it was taking longer because we filed IS and that they were processing how much, if any, to take out for his debt. :/ I guess that’s just under $3K less that we have to pay back now, but I wouldn’t have paid someone $300 to file for me if all my refunds would be taken anyway. Praying for good news tomorrow – and for all of you!

    #4110463 Reply


    My transcript updated to code 976 – duplicate filed Last week. Did anyone get this code before getting the 846 refund code or should I be worried? My as of date updated to march 30th also but my cycle code stayed the same 20150405…. At least something has changed but not sure what it means help!!!

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    DD was in our account late last night. I think this was the quickest ever, usually we stretch into the 11 or 12 week range.
    Good luck to the rest of you. Hopefully you all will have good news on your transcripts this Friday.

    #4110406 Reply


    This is my first year filing IS and I’m completely confused by what all the codes mean. If it wasn’t for this page I never woulda had a clue what was going on with our refund. Can someone please help me understand.

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