2014 Return Transcript N/A, 2014 Account Transcript all 000's with date 2/16/15

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      TT efiled 1/27/15, accepted 1/27/15, WMR status stuck on “Return Received” with Tax Topic 152. Return Transcript for 2014 says n/a, and account transcript for 2014 has all zero’s with no codes and says no tax return filed, but has a date “as of February 16, 2015”. Does anyone know what this date means? And why is it saying no tax return has been filed if my efile was accepted on 1/27?

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          My return and record of account says na y i filed on feb13. Still at bar one no updates y

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            My return and record of account says na. Y am i under review i filed on the 13 of feb accepted the same day still one bar one no updates help

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              I am in the same boat, Filed through Taxact on 01/13/14 and accepted the same day. Per the first IRS rep I spoke with on Monday I was actually accepted on 1/31. I called again today after seeing others in my same situation and I got a better response.

              Per the man I spoke with I was rejected on 1/15/15 because the IRS did not officially accept on 1/20. That I knew.

              So I was resequence and selected for a random review. As of now my refund status will not be updated by 2/25/15. He also stated that I could get an update between now and that time.

              So I am waiting. I hope this helps. I think everyone that filed before 1/20 was placed in an error queue causing these unwanted delays.

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                N/A means not done processing.

                As to why not done, filing time, resequenced possibility, review, math error, etc.

                I filed 1/22 and when I spoke to a nice rep yesterday he told me that there was an error so it would be 4-8 weeks from 2/2.

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                  In the same boat…I’m thinking update tonight or Friday then DD on 2/17 (2/16 is a Federal Holiday)

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                    I filed and accepted 1/27/15. still have 1 bar and “no return filed” on transcript. wth could be the hold up? transcript says “As of Feb. 16, 2015”. what does this mean?

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                      I hope that’s true for everyone! Tommarow will be a week my transcript has been saying no return filed. Except mine says Feb 23rd. Hoping for updates for us all tommarow

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                        That means you are weekly and will update next thursday night/friday morning. Was able to see mine on the 30th and mine just update with ddd this past friday morning so hang in there you are almost there.

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                          Filed and accepted 1/29. One bar on WMR, an hour ago I could access account transcripts. Has a bunch of 000s, no codes, and bottom says ‘no return filed’. Wage transcript still reads ‘no record of return filed’ still. Any idea?

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                            Update: I was able to view all of my transcripts this morning and everything was filled out. It says my refund will be processed 2/23/15 and I am cycle code 20150505. Maybe that is good news for us! WMR still shows processing, though.

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                              I have been in the same situation. I filed 1/27/15 and was able to view my account transcript 1/29/15 but showed same as yours 0000 no return filed and the feb 16 date. I have no idea what the date actually means but everybody I’ve seen has the same date even my boyfriends transcript says as of feb 16 and he got his refund 1/30/15. But some are saying that our situation is because we were resequenced due to a glitch in the system. Then I read that if you are able to view your blank transcripts on whatever day of the week you should be able to see the whole thing the same day of the next week. Well I was able to view my blank 0000 ones last Thursday and sure enough at around 5:30 central time this morning it was all filled in with a cycle code of 20150504. I hope that helped you

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                                I filed with TT on 1/15, accepted 1/20….no DDD and I’m in the same exact situation as you with the transcripts!

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