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2014 Injured Spouse

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    Comments from the the 2014 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    My refund was accepted with Tax act on 1/26 with the injured spouse form. When i use the wheres my refund tool it used to give me the status bar, not it just says a refund date will be available as soon as it is processed. Anyone seeing this message also? Does it mean anything? i called but they aren’t able to give me any information.

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    In the exemptions row of IS form, can the injured spouse claim all exemptions (husband, wife & 2 children)? Or would the injured spouse only be able to claim 3 exemptions & then other spouse 1?


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    Patrick mine is just like yours. I got the 570 code on February. 24 and my wmr. Is still saying a date will be given when available. Im so confused. This is the first year i have done this.

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    @Ashley: If available, your codes will be listed under “transactions” towards the bottom of the first page of your transcript.

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    @patrick where would the code be on my transcripts, I don’t see it anywhere.

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    Update: My WMR updated to 2 bars and a 3/12 Direct Deposit Date around 4 a.m. this morning.
    That time frame falls right in line with the past 3 years; about 6 weeks total.

    Let me STRONGLY advise people to file their 8379 electronically along with their return, rather than mailing it in separately. I know that the IRS wording makes it appear that mailing it in separately will get it worked faster; but I also know what I see, year after year, as the fastest method.

    Good luck to all of the other 8379’ers!

    @Treestone: The 570 code is a freeze on processing; in your case, for the 8379 to be worked. It should appear on your transcript, once you can view them. Based on my own experiences, you should have your refund about 3 weeks after your 570 code date…assuming there is nothing else wrong with your return.

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    i am also wondering about my transcripts… not sure of what the 570 code is and where it is located?

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    @Charlotte – Not if your husband had all of the income; we claim 0 and 6 every year. Any way around it, don’t mail in another IS form or amend your return in any way until the first one is resolved, you’ll just start everything over again.

    – Don’t worry about the cycle date if you filed an 8379. The part of your transcript you should be concerned with are the codes shown; the date next to the 570 is the date the IRS should work address the 8379 by, and if you have an 846, your refund has been scheduled.

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    I just received my transcripts in the mail and it has a cycle posted#20140605. Does anyone know what this means?

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    I think we made a mistake on our IS form — my husband the “injured spouse” claimed 4 exemptions & I (the other spouse) claimed 0 exemptions. It should have been 3 & 1 right?

    How do I correct this — we already mailed in the form. Should I mail in another IS with correct exemptions? SO mad we made this mistake.

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    Transcripts are a printout of line by line of your filing.
    I use them to help me determine whether or not I need a certified copy of that years filing which is $50 each.

    ie: did some scum bag file a 1099-c that year without my knowledge & may be fraudulent.

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    Just keep in mind the IRS is a collection agency/department for IMF/Treasury/US of A corporation.
    Debt collectors are scum bags. They’ll lie, cheat, intimidate, ect.
    Don’t take it personal, it’s their chosen career to do such.
    Just thank goodness you are not in their shoes.
    Imagine being paid to screw people with scum bag tactics.

    You really wanna get pissed off, watch this movie. Google search for the torrent, use utorrent to download it. ‘ Corporation Nation ‘

    Check out this site for other ‘What the F*ck’ information. If ya gotz a curious bone.

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    Dena Blanchard

    Hi there, I am new to your plight, just discovered my husbands taxes that I in no way contributed income too, got completely offset due to my old student loans. We got married a few months ago, and frankly I am lost on this.

    I already efiled, was approved, and money taken, I am about to mail off this injured spouse form but I was wondering what do I have to send with it if I already efiled. Also does anyone know where to send it too, the irs has a few addresses and its just making my brain swim in circles.


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    If you file Form 8379 separately, please be sure to attach a copy of all Forms W-2 and W-2G for both spouses, and any Forms 1099 showing federal income tax withholding, to Form 8379. The processing of Form 8379 may be delayed if these forms are not attached, if the form is incomplete when filed, or if you attach a copy of your joint tax return.

    Where you send it to is based on where you would send your normal taxes to which I believe you can find at It can also be found in the 1040 instructions I think. I did the exact same thing last year and it took an additional 8 weeks to get some of my money back.

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    It took 16 WEEKS last year, to receive a refund. HEEERE we go again!

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    This year I was accepted on 1/31. I did some reseach and last year when I filed the injured spouse form my return was accepted on 1/26 and I received it on 3/21. bummer. hopefully it wont take that long this year.

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    What do transcripts do?

Viewing 17 replies - 526 through 542 (of 542 total)
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