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    Comments from the the 2014 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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      My refund was accepted with Tax act on 1/26 with the injured spouse form. When i use the wheres my refund tool it used to give me the status bar, not it just says a refund date will be available as soon as it is processed. Anyone seeing this message also? Does it mean anything? i called but they aren’t able to give me any information.

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        Was accepted in late January electronically w/8379 through TaxAct (normally use TurboTax, but they didn’t have the 8379 ready on time). I’m able to order transcripts now, “as of” date is still 2/24, and my 570 code is also dated 2/24. The past 3 years I’ve received my refund approximately 3 weeks after the date of the 570 code; we’ll see if that keeps up this year. WMR just has “still processing” and a call to IRS immediately gave the “11/14 weeks” canned reply.

        Will update you when anything changes.

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          Hey guys, I’m waiting with you. I feel like a veteran at the IS this is year 3 for me. Filed and accepted on 2/7. Just hit week 4. Sure hope it doesn’t take nearly as long as expected.

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            This thread isn’t nearly as active as last years. Does anyone know if there is another one out there that more people are commenting on?

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              Thank you so much for your reply Carrie! We appreciate your help

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                You did the allocation correctly, the injured spouse form is filled out as if you filed seperately. You will need to attach all W2 and 1099 forms to the IS form then send them off.

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                  If I’m married do I always have to file this way it takes forever and I need to fix my car now.

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                    Hello! I am sorry if this question is a little off topic to this thread BUT as you all have filed an IS form I figured you all would be the most knowledgable.

                    Our federal tax returns have been offset, original deposit date was today March 5 before notice of offset, due to my wife’s student loan debt. She is unemployed and did not make any income all of 2013 but we filed a joint return. So the fed gov took all of the refund due to me to pay her debt because we filed a joint return. I have filled out the IS form but want to make sure I have filled out section III (lines 12-18) correctly — it is the section where you list allocation of funds/money. I assume everything is allocated to me & not my wife & therefore I wrote in all zeros in the column of “allocated to spouse”. Did I do this correctly?

                    I would like to mail this in ASAP & would greatly appreciate any help! Also, do I mail in copies of all w-2’s & 1099’s with the IS form?

                    Thanks in advance!!

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                      Hi guys. I’ll be waiting with you. Filed on the 5th or 6th.. Log on today to check the status, WMR unavailable. :-( I don’t know what that means. Or what to do. At first it was 1 orange bar. Then it was just a message to check back still processing. Now the system unavailable. My anxiety is on overload. Sorry for rambling.

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                        This year I was accepted on 1/31. I did some reseach and last year when I filed the injured spouse form my return was accepted on 1/26 and I received it on 3/21. bummer. hopefully it wont take that long this year.

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                          It took 16 WEEKS last year, to receive a refund. HEEERE we go again!

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                            If you file Form 8379 separately, please be sure to attach a copy of all Forms W-2 and W-2G for both spouses, and any Forms 1099 showing federal income tax withholding, to Form 8379. The processing of Form 8379 may be delayed if these forms are not attached, if the form is incomplete when filed, or if you attach a copy of your joint tax return.

                            Where you send it to is based on where you would send your normal taxes to which I believe you can find at It can also be found in the 1040 instructions I think. I did the exact same thing last year and it took an additional 8 weeks to get some of my money back.

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                            Dena Blanchard

                              Hi there, I am new to your plight, just discovered my husbands taxes that I in no way contributed income too, got completely offset due to my old student loans. We got married a few months ago, and frankly I am lost on this.

                              I already efiled, was approved, and money taken, I am about to mail off this injured spouse form but I was wondering what do I have to send with it if I already efiled. Also does anyone know where to send it too, the irs has a few addresses and its just making my brain swim in circles.


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                                Just keep in mind the IRS is a collection agency/department for IMF/Treasury/US of A corporation.
                                Debt collectors are scum bags. They’ll lie, cheat, intimidate, ect.
                                Don’t take it personal, it’s their chosen career to do such.
                                Just thank goodness you are not in their shoes.
                                Imagine being paid to screw people with scum bag tactics.

                                You really wanna get pissed off, watch this movie. Google search for the torrent, use utorrent to download it. ‘ Corporation Nation ‘

                                Check out this site for other ‘What the F*ck’ information. If ya gotz a curious bone.

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                                  Transcripts are a printout of line by line of your filing.
                                  I use them to help me determine whether or not I need a certified copy of that years filing which is $50 each.

                                  ie: did some scum bag file a 1099-c that year without my knowledge & may be fraudulent.

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                                    What do transcripts do?

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                                      You wrote that you filed in Oct 2012 for 2010 & 2011.
                                      I filed in Dec. 2013 for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 amounts extracted for spouses back due student loan.
                                      I as head of household, spouse, 1 child & mainly ~80% of total income was mine per year.
                                      Total extractions were ~500, 700, 1,000, 5000 respectively.
                                      Live in non-‘spouse’ state (? whatever) & legally split May 2013.
                                      >>How does one ‘check’ for status, & how do our buddies figure ‘who deserves’ what amount.?


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