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    Comments from the the 2014 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    Anyone from Texas get theirs back yet?

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    I figured out how to get our transcripts and it says Return due date April 15th and Processed date March 16th. Does this mean I’m getting my return on the 15th??

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    We submitted our taxes on 2/18 with the injured spouse, I have tried calling the IRS many times to see if they have a date for our return and when I get to the point where it says hold to speak with someone it tells me based on the call volume that there isn’t anyone who can speak with me and to try again later, what am I doing wrong?? Can someone please let me know which number is best to call and what numbers to push to get someone? lol. Also with submitting them on 2/18 how much longer do you think we’ll have to wait? thanks so much!!

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    We filed our taxes and injured spouse form on Jan 30, 2015. I called the IRS last week to get an update as to what was going on and they told me that I should be expecting my refund around April 20th. This is the 3rd year that we’ve filed injured spouse and it’s all the same debt (no new debt). It would be nice if they could process it faster since nothing has changed but they have certain steps that have to be taken with each form. :(

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    It takes 21-60 days to process injured spouse claims. We have had to file it for the last 3 years since I became disabled. You can go to the and check “where is my refund?”


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    Jessica Gold

    I had to file an injured spouse form when my debts took my husband’s refund. I didn’t even work! So, I did an amended return in March of 2014 and didn’t get our refund till August 2014! This time, I filed an injured spouse form with our taxes. We got our state back already not even a week after I filed so I’m hoping our federal will come on time. Has anyone had theirs come on time with the injured spouse form? This is our second year filing the injured spouse form with the same debts so could it come faster?

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    I think the best thing to do is make sure you don’t overpay into your taxes next year so you will receive your money in your paycheck, and not get a refund. :) Then, you’ll just pay them a small bit… on April 15. Wait until the last minute to pay THEM!

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    We filed on Jan 30, 2015. Just posting on here to have an idea of how long it will take to get our refund. Hopefully we don’t have another 2013 disaster!!! And I wish all of you the best and hope they can get these refunds out in a timely fashion.

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    We’re in the same boat. Our Where’s My Refund switched to “21 days for processing” as of 12/17, and the date we were given by a Tax Advocate for our holdup being cleared as 12/18, so… hopefully soon!

    When we were told 12/18, they said that this problem affected every person who submitted an Injured Spouse and had old debts covered by this company — apparently a computer glitch caused the Injured Spouse forms not to be processed, and they have to wait until it’s fixed (and the Advocate’s Office can’t give emergency refunds because when it gets fixed, it’ll direct deposit it automatically).

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    The MRS.

    We filed our return in April 2013…as of January 2015, we STILL don’t have a date. I WISH our wait was 14 weeks. Well, at least we know what to look forward to THIS tax season, lol. Wish us luck!!

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    Hello. I’m new to the forum after waiting over 19 weeks to receive my refund. I’ve been filing an Injured Spouse Return for several years now and this is the longest it has ever taken to receive a refund; most of the time it is within the 12 to 15 week time frame. The IRS website only shows that it is being processed. I’ve tried calling the IRS at the 800-829-1040 number and also the 800-829-1954 number but I just receive the same information that is available online. In the past I didn’t have a problem reaching a live representative, however, this year it appears impossible. Since most every one here on this forum has said that they have spoken with someone at the IRS, would you please divulge what number you used and prompts used to reach a live person? I must admit, I don’t like using prompts that will send me to a person not involved with refunds and then risk upsetting them. Can any one help with this or let me know how long it has been taking others to receive their refund? Thank you.

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    The IRS received my mailed form on 5/21/14 which I filed with an Injured Spouse Form. I called in July and asked the status. I was told (by a very rude person) that they did not receive my refund until 6/21/14 which is not true as I see the delivery date on USPS website. OK, so maybe that’s when the department received it. I asked when I could expect it and was told first of August. I called back the second week of August and was told that I was never told I would receive it the first week of August and it would be the last week of August or the first week of September. This was a bummer as my family was going on vacation the last week of August and I had really expected to use my refund for our trip. Still don’t have it. I called back again and was told September 11th – I am not holding my breath. The bad news is…my husband owed some child support, but we paid that in full so I no longer needed the Injured Spouse Form. I don’t know why it takes the IRS so long, but how much in interest and penalties would we be charged if we owed the IRS and took months and months to provide it??? (Not happy).

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    Hi Nick,
    After all that, have you received your refund? I filled my injured spouse on July 8th. I trying to figure out the status of my claim. Where can I call to get more info? Where did you call to get assistance on this? Thank you.

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    So taxes were accepted on 4/15 electronically. I expected 10-12 weeks so I did not even bother to call until July 15th. Was told it was processing and I would need to call back in 30 days. I waiting until August 13th and called, and was told it had not been 30 days yet. Then I got a letter on August 15th telling me they had not completed and needed another 30 days. Currently showing an account balance in my favor and a code 570. Any suggestions on what I can do to help speed this along. Coming up on 5 months…

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    I filed a stand alone 8379 after I did an ammendment on my 2013 taxes. I was first told 45 days, so I allowed it. After not hearing anything I called back and was told to allow another 30 days, so I waited. After 30 days I called back to get another run around stating to give another 30 days. I got fed up so I kept calling everyday.. Finally I was transferred to the injured spouse department.. I talked to a guy who was really nice and he opened a case in their department, he said allow 2 weeks for my entire refund to be issued.. Suprisingly I called Friday and was told my case was closed and a pending refund is being issued to allow another week or two to receive it… Hoping it comes soon, Ive been waiting for too long for this refund..

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    Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and
    let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

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    Bills backed up and still waiting

    I sent in my Injured Spouse form March 28, 2014 and they received it April 9, 2014. Then they started processing it April 16, 2014. I called at the end of May and they said that there was a credit on my account but they was not done completing my claim. I called back in June and they they said that my claim would take another 30 days and I should call back if I have not received anything by then. I called back on July 8, 2014 and they said my claim was still unprocessed and that i should give then another 30 days to complete my claim. Even though it has been while over the 45 days which was June 15, 2014. And know I have a Taxpayers Advocate to see why my claim have not been processed. So now it is almost 4 mo. in counting. So if you know the word of prayer please pray for me, and if you don’t keep your words to yourself. Thank you.

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    well i talked to 2 different people at the irs last week and they said that my check was mailed out on the 11th and that it would be here today and no surprise its not so here’s to still waiting 19 and a half weeks and counting

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    also my as of date was may 26,2014 reverted back to march 17, 2014.

    people said that when your date goes backwards there is activity. i guess it was true in my case. but still no other codes were found and still no letter in the mail. TA suppose to call on fri lets see what he has to say. *what i already know smh*

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    im still waiting. called the irs today to see if i could get and info. she was very nice and says after all the security questions that i had an adjustment to my account and told me the amount with i thought was low because im the injured spouse yes he made more money but he gets my education credit too. they say split down the middle my butt. im not even getting my ed credit let alone half. i do have a TA which was useless if i had to call the irs myself for updated info. i dont even care anymore its been to long of a wait. im suppose to be release next week sometime she says but didnt give me a date. it was a hour wait to talk to someone in the injured spouse dept i refuse to wait that long. next year if i do decide to work or go to school filing separate i will do he can have to kids finish paying his debt so we will not have this problem anymore. i didnt see any interest either so when it updates on the trannys hopefully i will tell me something. better than waiting on hold..

    4 months
    30 referral ended on 15th of this month.
    filed feb 22 accepted feb 27

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    Glad to know that I’m Not the only one waiting to hear something. 14 weeks and counting and still nothing showing when we’ll get our tax return.

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    I filed my taxes end of March with the injured spouse form, as of June 13th, it was 11 weeks. I called IRS and the lady said because of the work load, they had to reroute the returns. Mine was sent to a different person. She said to wait 30 more days. I was not a bit happy. They said it was a long process. uugh!!!!!! She did make some notes to maybe speed things along. But checked my refund status today and it still says being processed. I need the money!!!! My money.

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    i meant it has code 840 refund issued

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    me and my wife accepted on 2/2 filed IS form and it posted received on 3/9 we waited the 11 weeks then called and they needed 30 days gave them 30 days called back and they said that it has not been touched so they were going to give it to someone else just got an update on transcripts on the 9th that shows interest received and it shows code 870 refund issued but we still dont have any money so my question is how long should it take after receiving code 870 will we get our money they said at the irs it could take up to 6 weeks for it to post but i am hoping somebody can say that it doesnt take that long but let me know and thanks for the advice in advanced

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    Today makes exactly 13 weeks of checking the IRS website and it still shows me Nothing. Some people said it takes up to 14 weeks to process using Injured Spouse. I haven’t been able to get a return date, any codes ect. It still says that “A Refund Date Will Be Provided When Available”. Next Tuesday will be my 14 weeks mark. Does anyone know if I will atleast get a Direct Deposit Date by then or will it take even longer? Thanks

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    Hi there,

    It’s going on 12 weeks and I haven’t heard anything. The Where’s My Refund tool still just says my refund was applied to my spouse’s past due obligations…. I efiled on TurboTax and sent the injured spouse form in when I got the notification my refund was stolen by the government (I had no idea about my spouse’s student loans) about a month later. -__- Is this a bad sign?? Wouldn’t I at least get a letter either way (approved/denied)?? I’m worried and I need the money for my mortgage! :-/

    Thanks for your help.

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    It has been 8 weeks since I filed my tax return electronically with an injured spouse form 8379. When I check my transcript, this is what it says. Can anyone explain it to me?

    150 5-19-14
    806 4-15-14
    766 4-15-14
    768 4-15-14
    570 5-19-14

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    past 16 weeks, help!

    I e-filed 16 weeks ago. I have called the IRSmultiple times and they claim that the return has “reached someone’s desk to be processed.” I am beyond stressed out as this money is used to pay half of my daughter’s private school tuition and topay bills. The last representative I spoke to said I can get interest back aftercomplaining that they charged me interest when I had to pay taxes in previous years. I am worried sick and I am at a lost as to what else I can do. A referral was started and can take 30 days! I can’t wait 30 days. ..

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    I e-filed 16 weeks ago. I have called the IRS multiple times and they claim that the return has “reached someone’s desk to be processed.” I am beyond stressed out as this money is used to pay half of my daughter’s private school tuition and to pay bills. The last representative I spoke to said I can get interest back after complaining that they charged me interest when I had to pay taxes in previous years. I am worried sick and I am at a lost as to what else I can do. A case to have it researched was started and can take 30 days! In 30 days I will lose my car. It’s no wonder the irs is hated.

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    Rachel G

    Filed taxes with the injured spouse form on March 6th. My husband called when it got to 11 weeks and they claim they didn’t get it for a week even though it was an e-file, so to call back “next week”. I’d been reading posts here and as of 2 weeks ago checking my transcript regularly. He called a week ago and they said to give them 30 more days. By Friday, the “as of” date on the transcript updated – June 23rd! From what I’ve read that means we should get it by (or maybe even before) then??

    Still no DD date, or new code. WMR still says processing.

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    We filed March 25th 2014 using Injured Spouse
    Today is June 6th 2014 And still Nothing.
    It would be nice to hear something as long as the wait has been, Not to mention a date a date we can expect it to go Direct Deposit!

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    and i still havent recieved a letter from the irs at all the offset line still says the same so i know that my case hasnt been touched. wmr hasnt changed either.

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    hello to everyone still here.

    no update really i filed on the 22nd of feb accepted in 27th of feb i got a referral on the 15th of may. my 11 weeks was on the 15 of may so i called to see what was going on was told nothing which i expected. i was told give them 30 days which then i asked for a referral and she said thats what the 30 days is. im on week 13 going on week 14 next week with still no change. i gave up and called for a TA yesterday. during that process i was told that IS forms really take five months and that the 11 weeks is really fast to process it. i faxed everything i needed to show hardship to the TA in my area and i will or suppose to get a call in the 4th of june. this is just to much to get money that is owed to you but they can take it so fast or garnish wages to get money from you but can give you whats due on time. i will be back with an update after i talk to the TA or see a change. good luck to all those thats still left waiting like me.

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    I called numerous times checking my injured spouse form. 1st time they said you should have your refund 45 days from when it went into processing, so if you don’t have it call back after ____________. So I call back and they say oh, we actually have 8 weeks from the day it went into processing so wait til ___________. Then I call in after that, please give us another 30 days I am noting 2 different accounts that you have been told to wait 30 more days… Seriously, I called and asked about my money so you automatically get 30 days even though you’ve already taken longer than I was told 2 other times!? I’m in a community property state, that makes it really easy, it is a 50/50 split! Why is it taking so long and why do you get another 30 days for no reason, you’ve already had this money interest free for a long time.
    Sandra- I think you meant to say they will NOT be paying interest.

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    Looks like our transcripts are identical I’ve been trying to find out whether the refund will be by check or by direct deposit I mailed my form in separately as well and transcripts finally show the June 9th date I see someone said it will be by check oh sure hope it’s a receive by June 9th situation rather than issue June 9th lol keep me posted if u receive yours and I will do the same

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    Good Morning to Everyone!!!
    I have a few questions if someone can answer for me. My husband and I filed married jointly for the past 19 years. However, for 2012 and 2013 he had to file with an injured spouse form for the first time. For the 2012 taxes being busy forget to file so we waited to file with the 2013 taxes. The 2013 taxes were done electronically and the 2012 was done paper. Both years had the injured spouse forms. My questions are as followed I been checking with the WMR as of yesterday morning my refund status was approved for the amount and it gave us a day of DD as of May 29, 2014 however there was a topic 203. So the I check with the transcript for 2012 it has refund date June 9, 2014 and no offset of outstanding debt. So, to double make sure I call the offset automated hotline and it does say a offset has been applied to satisfy an outstanding balance on May 29, 2014 this is all my husband not mine and that is why we filed injured spouse. So, with all that said can the IRS take all our refund especially mine I did file the proper form for injured spouse. I need some suggestions in what to do next.

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    WMR changed today saying they received out taxes and are preparing to send the check. I am just still worried they will find a way to keep them again to use on my husband’s student loans. He keeps checking the offset line everyday to make sure he’s still good. I just keep thinking they’ll add some debt the day before they make the check lol.

    #22947 Reply

    Thank you. I sure hope we are getting them. I just hate to get my hopes up and be let down. It’s awful having to wait this long. We need so many things done around the house and we’ve just had to put it on hold.

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    Week 13…..I think I am crying a little…Blasted 570 code still looking at me with a $0.00…..then…nothing, so I called my friends at the IRS, they said….If you don’t receive your refund by July 1st give us a call again…..Blasphemy!

    #22939 Reply

    @ Haley, yes your check should be mailed next Friday if you filed the IS form after you filed your taxes it is always a check.

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    My husband filed our joint tax return back in January (I didn’t work all last year though and we have 2 children) and we were expecting our return on February 6th. Then we found out they were taking for my student loan debt. Well we were told to file an injured spouse form through Turbo Tax so we did then 8 weeks later we found out it had to be mailed in! We hurried up and mailed it in and they got it on April 7. It shows on our transcript that it was received so that is great. We have been playing the waiting game and finally today our transcript updated with a few different codes and a new cycle number along with a date of June 9. It says:

    290 Additional tax assessed 20142105 06-09-2014
    971 Notice issued 06-09-2014 $0.00
    846 Refund issued 06-09-2014 $xxxx.xx (no minus sign so I’m not sure if that is good or bad because I thought a minus sign indicated a credit)
    776 Interest credited to your account 06-09-2014 -$xx.xx

    Does this mean we will be getting a return back? It is just so confusing. We have been waiting for what seems like forever.

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    Good luck on that…if those numbers meant anything I would have had my refund a couple months ago! Did you sign up for direct deposit or check? Your refund date will have a code 846 If that’s not there, no refund yet

    #22808 Reply

    Did you have an 846 code? That means the refund has been released. My transcripts showed code 846 with a date of 5/19. I actually got the DD on 5/7. So may get your DD as early as tomorrow.

    #22803 Reply

    I just saw that my information on my transcript was updated. It says 20142005 6-02-2014. Is this when I should expect my DD or check? How do I know which way they are sending it?

    #22781 Reply

    They told me it should be in my account on wed but was surprised the person working on my case hasn’t given any updates. It shows the money was returned from my wife’s college. All that is left is dd into my bank account. Gosh, I hate they never update or give us status on the case. SMH

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    Nothing may ever show…and you probably won’t hear anything until at least the minimum of 11 weeks

    #22740 Reply

    My 8 weeks will be over this upcoming wed but have yet to receive an update on the wmr page. Is that normal?

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    11 weeks today that my tax return has been filed call Irs and they tell me to give them another 30 days no reason why and the lady said that she didn’t even see that I had a tax debt I did file injured spouse claim because I had that child support she informed me that there was no end in sight she said it is still being processed and the injured spouse Department has as long as it takes to do my taxes she said do keep in mind that I filed my taxes at the most busiest time of the year for them she even said if it takes another 6 months they will be paying me interest Wow how can they get away with this

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    I filed my taxes back on Feb 17th, sent IS after… IRS sat on it then moved it to wrong dept. I spoke to 25 people and nothing was done. Needless to say I finally got a TAS and he expects my refund to be issued by mid june…. SMH

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    Filed an IS form 2/28/14 due to (soon to be ex-) wife’s students loans. I filed the IS form by paper AFTER our refund didn’t come in from the original filing. Checked the IRS transcript and it says that the Refund was issued on 4/26/14. I have been reading many different scenarios in this forum, but none are exactly like mine. From what I have read here, though, it appears that 1) My refund check should be cut and sent to me 14-21 days after the refund is issued. Correct? 2) The check will be made out to both of us since we filed jointly and were not separated or divorced when the IS was filed. Correct?
    Side note: this also happened 3 years ago with my loans. She hasn’t worked in 5 years but still filed an IS form to get some cash. The IRS gave her a couple thousand dollars which I just found out about last month. She hid the letter and must have forged my signature on the check or declared us divorced/separated which we weren’t. Attorney says nothing can be done. SMH.

    #22603 Reply

    On this Mother’s Day I wanted to stop by and check in on all the GREAT people that encouraged and supported me during my first tax season of Injured Spouse! I hope that all is going well and you all have refunds in sight!

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    Sooo been checking wmr for dd and overnight it changed from still being processed and dd will be given when available to recieved your return and it’s being processed. Anyone else have this change? I’m wondering what it means, why it changed.

    #22579 Reply

    Finally after 13 weeks my refund is in sight! Now it just needs to reach my bank and I will be thrilled! Just happy to finally be able to see the end! I really hope a lot of updates are received! Good luck!

    #22574 Reply

    @msj.o Hello I guess we’re in the same boat, I efiled 2/24 with an injured spouse and got accepted the same day, 3/12 I received a letter saying that my refund has been applied to a past due obligation, because of my husband’s school loan, and they ask me to send them an Injured spouse form again, so I did, they received it 4/02.. and I been checking my transcript for 3 weeks and it never updates.
    This is what my codes in my transcript and still the same:
    I called the IRS last week and they said it takes up to 8 weeks from the day they received my IS for me to receive my refund.

    I am so tired of waiting…

    #22573 Reply

    We received our DD in our account on Wed morning. FYI. We filed Feb.6th. E-filed with injured spouse. accepted the same day. Did not hear anything for months. Transcripts updated to release code and the next week our DD was there. WMR never updated. We live in Texas but they gave us a little more than half our expected refund. Also, my name is not on his account but wells fargo let it go through. Good luck to everyone still patiently waiting.

    #22572 Reply

    Did anyone mail their form in and have received a refund?

    #22564 Reply

    Ok so I called today and finally spoke with a nice lady that put in a referral for me. She said it’s just sitting and has not been touched. Awesome…… they said they have 2-4 weeks to either refund or at least provide an answer. She said to give it a week and I can call back in for an update. Hope this helps.

    #22563 Reply

    I electronically filed taxes & injured spouse form and was accepted on 2/14… I had an as of date on transcript of 3/10 and then that changed to 3/31. I have a code of 570 with a date of 3/10. I have had no change in transcript or any further information since then. WMR says the same ol’ “return still being processed, we’ll notify you of a refund date when it’s available” blah blah blah. I’ve called weekly, no further information can be provided. No work has been done on it. Told me to call back. It’s been almost 12 weeks… you would think they could provide SOME type of an update. Quick to take our money, but sure as he** can’t return it in a timely fashion. It’s never taken this long.

    #22560 Reply

    With our old bank, it would be late afternoon before we saw it.

    #22559 Reply

    Ok. That’s also what mine says still. I was told by the IRS last week that they could deposit throughout the day. I just figured it’d be there by now.

    #22558 Reply

    Yes, last Friday it changed to …..Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by May 7, 2014.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by May 12, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.
    I just checked it again, and am still getting that same message.

    #22557 Reply

    14 weeks and waiting. out of curiosity, did ur wmr ever change to sent? Mine still has 2 out of the 3 bars. So i took that as it wasn’t sent yet. my husband hasn’t told me it was in the account. we are waiting on it to finally get a night away from our 4 kids. lol

    #22556 Reply

    It may be your bank. I was told May 7, and mine was in there last night. Finally after 3 months of waiting. Good luck to you all!

    #22554 Reply

    Of course I was given a may 7 ddd. And of course it’s not in my account. Here’s to hoping it gets in there tomorrow.

    #22539 Reply

    @ Somethings got to give, Call this # 1-800-829-1040, press 1 for english, 2 for personal taxes and then 000 it will transfer you to live rep but you may be have to hold, 15-30 min but they should give u some info.

    #22538 Reply

    I called 800-829-1040 and just went on gut with the prompts, aiming for the one that would not lead me to an automated response. I sat on hold for a good 30 minutes, and finally someone helped. I was also accepted on 2/6 and my forms were just sitting on someones desk. No action at all, just sitting there waiting. She pushed through a referral, so now I am back on the waiting game.
    Really furstrating that mine landed on a poor performer. Hopefully this shows up on his/her performance review.

    #22535 Reply

    I can give you what I do, I’m sure there’s a lot of these ways but I know this works.
    Call 18008290922 then press 1 for English, 1 for next option, and then when it asks for social hit 0 then when it asks again hit 9. Then it will transfer you.
    Good luck, I just found out yesterday that my case was done Friday and we were accepted 1/30. They were definitely in no kind of rush this year.

    #22533 Reply


    I filed electronically on February 6th with my injured spouse form and I am still waiting for my refund. I have tried all the numbers and just get rerouted back to the automated system where I get NO help. Any ideas? I have been waiting patiently and have not called or looked but now that I am already in May I would like some information. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    #22529 Reply

    @cmbreede well that stinks, was definitely hoping a little sooner. But better than later, especially since I’ve been waiting since the end of January :(

    #22528 Reply

    @Chaddox your transcript should update this week and your check should mail next Friday the 16th or if dd it should be next wednesday the 14th. At least when mine closed that is how it went and most everyone else I have read about have been similar.

    #22527 Reply

    Quick question for whoever is still around. Found out today that my case closed on 5/2. Typically how long do you think before I see my refund?

    #22507 Reply

    Hey everyone I’ve been watching this forum for awhile now and I got a lot of good advice from here but i’m curious finally my transcripts all changed yesterday and today I have a DD but the refund amount on both is the full refund anyone know if that will change? On the refund page it says “Your refund may be reduced even further if you owe any past due obligations such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax.” but shouldn’t I be able to see if they were going to take more with the injured spouse?

    #22506 Reply

    As of date of 5/19, and WMR updated last night to DD of 5/7 :)
    Good luck to the rest of you still in limbo.

    #22500 Reply

    You are welcome @Christina. For those still waiting their is a closed injured spouse group on Facebook with the most accurate information I have seen, I just ask to join and was accepted last night. After all the diff answers I kept getting about DD dates and etc, I finally got some real answers on their. Thought this might be helpful to someone. :)

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