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    Comments from the the 2014 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    Accepted and filed with is form 3/10
    dates on transcript went from 3/31 to 4/15
    But thats it it still says more action needed
    No transfers to offset yet
    By the looks of everyone else I still have at least a month to go

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    Accepted 2/4; first dates on transcripts codes were listed as 2/24 with no update after 3/31. Called Tuesday and was told it was out of IS department and a credit was issued. Could take 2-3 weeks to see it post via DD. As of today no update to WMR, however transcripts up dated over night to show a release date of 5/12. Hope this is encouraging.

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    Finally good news…..filed and accepted electronically on 1/31, with IS form, 12 weeks today, can’t access transcripts and WMR has never updated. Told me today we are set for a DDD on 4/30…. We will see if it happens, but some news after 12 weeks of nothing, then being told my account was closed on 4/15 with no date…I need the $

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    Well here I am, past 11 weeks. All they can say is wait 30 more days! Ugh!

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    Well here I am, past 11 weeks! And all they can say is give it 30 more days! Ugh!

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    Update/question: quick backstory,me filed IS on Feb 6, accepted same day. Cycle was 20140705. Sat at additional account action pending since 3/3. Last update march 31 until this morning. Now we have code 840 (not 846 that I see you guys speak of) with an amount dated 4/21 and new “as of” date is May 12. WMR has not updated, still says processing. When we filed TT we asked for DD. Does anyone know if 1) we will still get DD 2) when it sounds like we can hopefully expect the amount shown? This ism our first year, sorry for the questions… They don’t make this self explanatory (to. Me at least!) TIA!!

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    @AshleyM 800-829-0922 press 1, then 0 and 9 then you should be transferred wait time yesterday was 10-15 min

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    Ashley can you give me the number you called and how you got ahold of someone? I have been trying for weeks and can’t get ahold of anyone!

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    Well i called the IRS today and today marked 11 weeks, the lady told me it finished processing yesterday and should post to my account in the next few days, transcripts still haven’t updated at all, I’m thinking tomorrow night i will see an update on their. :-)

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    Update.. maybe :) I called the IRS this morning. She says that the IS dept has done my adjustment but there is no date on it. Whatever that means. She also told me that the adjusted refund amount is more like 3/4 of our expected refund but it should have been half because we live in Texas? She stated that now that it has been adjusted it could take them a week for quality control to confirm the calculations are correct and then they will schedule a date of release and confirm mode of deposit. I think I have more questions now than I did before I spoke to them. It’s been over 11 weeks and I still have not received ANY updates or correspondence from the IRS at all. I would think I should have received a letter about my student loans by now? She closed the conversation by telling me that if I have not recieved my refund in 3 weeks to call back then. :) My question is.. am I making any progress at all? Why would they do the adjustment but not date it? is it common practice that after the IS dept does the calculations, they then send it on to a quality control dept. before it’s dated and confirmed to be released? I’m so confused. She could not tell me at all that the IS dept has officially “closed” my case as I have seen others say on here.

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    I just got off the phone with the IRS and I am upset. I called at the 45 day mark they say they put a referral in the system for it to be finished in another 30days. I call back in 15 and verify that the referral went through. No it didn’t. And they keep saying the person advised me to call back after 30 days. It will be 30days on the 2nd. I call today and she asks has anyone ever been in a combat zone. Why would that have anything to do with it? Now she is putting another note in the system and I have to wait another 30 days. This system to be is bogus. All I want to get is my portion back.

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    I have been looking over this site for a few weeks. I filed electronically in February. We got the notification that due to his student loans it would be offset. I then mailed in the IS form which I thought was supposed to be the fastest way and I am still waiting. They received the form 2-18-2014. The funds were dispersed 2-24-2014. Is it that they are waiting to get the money back? This is my first time filing the form so I am a little confused. Our formal wedding is in june and I need this money ASAP to make sure we are good to go. Is there anyone else out there that mailed their form in?

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    Well still waiting! Really beginning to lose hope! Tomorrow marks the end of 11 weeks, Friday is the start of week 12. I called and they said that it showed it was still being processed and that they couldn’t see any alerts or any errors. They said I just have to wait. They said that if nothing happens call back on Monday.
    So that’s where I am!

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    Ok so got the letter saying how much I would get and that it would be sent in a couple of weeks. Then a few days ago the TOP had already taken their portion. WMR never updated, and tranny never updated again. However woke up this morning and checked my bank and it was deposited sometime after midnight. So there is a light at the end. It will end for all very soon. Thanks for being here!!! Many blessings!!!

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    I believe that means that after applying part of the refund to your debt, they DD/mailed the balance to you 2/19. Now, after filing the IS form, if the injured spouse qualifies they will take back what they paid to the debt and issue a second refund.
    That is how our state refund works. They pull the money for the old debt, but actually hold it for 60 days before sending them the funds. It gives us time to file the IS spouse form, and adjustments are made.

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    My tax transcript reads:
    150 Tax filed 20140705 3-3-2014 $0.00
    806 W-2/Withholding 4-15-2014 -$$$$
    766 Credit to Account 4-15-2014 -$$$$
    766 Credit to Account 4-15-2014 -$$$$
    768 Earned Income 4-15-2014 $$$$
    826 Credit Transferred out to IRS debt 3-3-2014 $$$$
    971 Notice Issued 3-3-2014 0.00
    846 Refund Issued 3-3-2014 $$$$
    898 Refund Applied to Non-IRS debt 3-3-2014 0.00
    971 Injured Spouse claim Received 3-11-2014 0.00
    Can someone tell me what they get from this. I got my taxes back Feb. 19,2014 and then I mailed my IS in.

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    To all of those depending on what your transcripts tell you, take my advice, DON’T, because as I stated Thursday 4/17, I called someone in the payments dept. that morning to set up a payment plan for back taxes, I just thought they would come out of my taxes. Oh yeah, I also e-filed tax form and IS form on 1/28. When she was explaining how the fee to set it up works, she noticed that it was on hold to be taken out of my refund, so she sent me to a different dept. The guy there told me that yes it was being deducted from my refund, and even told me the amt. of my refund. It would be a paper check, cause it was done manually. Said if nothing posts for my refund to call back a week from Monday. Said it would be about 3 more weeks. So I just figured, okay, already going into 11 weeks from filing { was told by 2 reps that 11 weeks is from filing }, so what’s another 3 weeks. Checked my transcripts, as of 4/28 and no 846 code. But LO and BEHOLD, check was in the mail that afternoon. So I say anything could happen. GOOD LUCK to all those waiting, I HOPE you get yours soon. And thanks to all those on this site, it’s nice to know your not alone in this madness, I even made a small donation after getting my refund. Thanks for helping me keep my sanity.

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    I found this at Turbo Tax. It gives the DD days and the paper check days…..
    Now, when WMR updates: yes, WMR updates every night. HOWEVER, Those nightly updates are ONLY for acknowleding acceptances. WMR only updates for approvals and DDDs on certain days. Overnights: Wednesday (into Thursday morning) , Thursday (Into Friday Morning) , Friday (into Saturday Morning), and Saturday (Into Sunday morning). These are the ONLY times you should expect to see an update for a DDD. They have been direct depositing 4 days a week – Mon-Thurs. This is they only way it’s being done:

    The Overnight Wednesday Update will give a DDD for the follwing Monday

    The Overnight Thursday Update will give a DDD for the following Tuesday

    The Overnight Friday Update will give a DDD for the following Wednesday

    The Overnight Saturday Update will give a DDD for the following Thursday

    There are NO Friday direct deposits, they issue paper checks on Fridays and do not issue DDD’s for fridays (Though they *may* send a Monday direct deposit on aFriday to ensure bank credits by Monday) You also want to note that the IRS sends you the direct deposit by those DDD’s but your bank may hold them for up to 3 days.

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    @chaddox,AMHT,Arailah and D. LaPrairie
    Thank you so much for replying to my post…..I know everyone here is really stressed and losing patience. This has been a difficult year fro all of us. I hope everyone gets some news…..hell a surprise in their bank accounts. We all deserve it!

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    Well I called the TOP number and the offset portion has already been applied to my debt. So now I am just waiting for a direct deposit or check in the mail for the injured spouse portion. I had gotten a letter in the mail stating the amount and that it would be sent in a couple weeks. So I do not know if I will get a dd or paper check. I did however efile both forms, so we shall see.

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    D. LaPrairie


    Glad to know I’m not alone. My 11 weeks went by Friday the 18th. Spent an hour on hold before someone came to the phone. The representative named John, told me that he was sending a message to the department with the file stating that their 11 weeks are up. He then informed me, that after the message, they have another 30 days to finish it up.

    Is it just me, or in most businesses, if you don’t meet your deadline,don’t you get fired. Only in the government, do you get 30 extra days to complete a job you should have done in 11 weeks. There has been no change in my transcript from the jump. So, I guess we just sit and wait.

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    I was told this morning that the 11 weeks starts the “day they receive your return”. My efile was accepted 2/6, but they say they didn’t receive it until 2/10, so my 11 weeks starts then.

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    I don’t think you will be needing to call back, the 846 is your refund.
    To answer the other question about time frame I’m not sure. I was originally told it was from the day you filed, however now I’ve been told it is from the time the is department gets it. Ie I filed and accepted the 31st, but my 11 weeks started 2/06. Which means times up Thursday, but no change here for me yet.
    @kew sorry went in wrong spot

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    @Kew – I won’t be able to answer the others because I’m still trying to figure out when the 11 week timer starts on my return. But – an 846 means that your refund has been released and will be sent your direction.

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    Hello to all
    I am new and I have actually been visiting this forum for the past 2 weeks for info about the 2014 injured spouse Refund situation. So here goes nothing….
    Filed 2/4/14
    Accepted 2/6/14
    “we have received your tax return and it is being processed” 2/10/14 thru 2/16/14
    “Your tax return is still being processed refund date will be provided when available” 2/16/14 thru 4/18/14
    So now it went back to “we have received your tax return and it is being processed”
    Then went to check my transcripts and so far code 846 refund issued 05/05/14
    Called today….”Well, i doesn’t really count until the full 11 weeks have passed, if you don’t get an update by tomorrow, call us back”
    Okay, so now i am really confused

    1: if you are saying wait after the full 11 weeks, why are you telling me to call the day after tomorrow…wouldn’t that be next week?
    2: Is it true that the transcripts are not helpful?
    3: So is the DDD true on the Transcripts or not?
    4: Why did my cycle date change from 20140605 to 20141605?
    5: is the code 846 a good thing?

    I would really appreciate any feedback/advice or information that you have received from a less rude irs customer service rep.
    This is our first year filing, anything that would put the hope back into our hearts
    Thank you in advance =]]

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    This is my first year filing injured spouse. My tax transcript has not been updated since March 31st.

    Here are my codes:

    150 Tax Return Filed – Cycle 20140705 – Date 03/03/2014
    806 W-2 or 1099 Witholding – Date 04/15/2014
    766 Credit to your Account – Date 04/15/2014
    766 Credit to your Account – Date 04/15/2014
    768 Earned Income Credit – Date 04/15/2014
    570 Additional Account Action Pending Date 03/03/2014

    I filed electronically online on 02/06/2014, I requested a paper check and did not receive anything in the mail from the IRS (except for State, which is a different process)

    I am not sure how long I have to wait before seeing an update or seeing my return. I’m the only income bringer, so my husband’s offset shouldn’t apply since he didn’t have any income last year. I know I have to wait, but I just wish I knew for how long. Does anyone know if it is 11 weeks from the 03/03/2014 date or from when it was accepted originally on 02/06/2014?

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    La Donna

    Accepted 2/6. 11 wks today. WMR has not updated. They’ve given me3 the whole 11 wks bull. I am so stressed out with this. This whole process is absolutely ridiculous!!!

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    no check today what a rip off I am so sick of waiting.

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    My 11th week mark will be on Thursday, Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Are their set days deposits are made? If so what days?

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    I am so irritated. Cycle Date 20140605, filed and accepted 1/31. no updates other than as of since February. Called last week and was told case closed on 4/15. Called back again and was told they needed to place a referral because when the IS department closed case they didnt assign a date to release funds. I am so upset. We expected the $ at the latest last Friday, now to find out it could be another 30 days? I really cant take it. I am hoping that it is going to update soon, she told me most updates are on Fridays, however they can manually update sometimes. It seems like many of us who filed early are getting our back the latest. Makes me wonder if our cases were done really early and they just held them the 11 weeks to not pay us. I cant even begin to understand what type of queue system the IRS uses. Backwards like most government functions apparently.

    Cant access transcripts because they locked me out. Keeps telling me info doesnt match when it does. So all I have been able to do is call….

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    The mailman brought me my long awaited Refund today! I can FINALLY buy me a stove!

    I want to thank each and everyone of you fine folks for keeping my hopes up when I was in the depths of despair, for educating me when I was lost in the lingo, and for just being YOU!

    I will continue to pray for speedy refunds for the remainder of our merry band!

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    Well, good news in that my transcript finally updated with the 846 code with a date of 5/5. If I’m understanding correctly the first code amount is what I’ll get back and the 2nd is my husband’s… but that means the majority of our refund will go to my husband’s debt. The confusing part is I earned the majority of the income and was getting about that amount back before I added his income. I’m guessing I filled something out wrong on the IS form concerning deductions or something. Does anyone have suggestions for the future?

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    Happy Easter as well my friend …. :)

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    Happy Easter everyone!
    I was hoping for an Easter miracle, and would see some changes on WMR or my transcripts….nothing. Praying I am one of those folks that gets the refund before any updates are seen.

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    It will all be good! Hell I have been waiting since January 28th O_O and mine just updated a few days ago…. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there !! :)

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    Getting very discouraged here. It seems like so many have DD dates, and nothing has changed on my transcripts in over a month. My 11 weeks is up next Thursday. Praying for a miracle.

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    My transcript updated overnight, the only that changed was the “As of:” date previously it said 4-28, now it says 5-5, The 846 code still has a date of 4-28.

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    no, I believe it will be a paper check. I had to send mine I last year after an offset for my husbands debt. They sent me a check, even though I did DD. This year I got a check also even though I e-filed both together cause I owed back taxes, and was told it was done manually. Next year I am hoping for a DD, since I have no tax obligation now, and all income earned is mine. I do not live in a community property state.

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    If I mailed in the injured spouse form is it possible that the IRS would still try to DD the funds? I finally got an update on my transcript today but it only had 766, 290 and 971 dated for 05/05/14. No 846. Should I be worried? Will I be getting a refund soon?

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    So does that mean the first 846 refund is mine and the second 846 refund is my husbands? I am hoping to get a letter, but I do not think I will, telling me how much we will get, since there is not code for notice being sent. Hmmm makes me wonder though I am still in the dark a bit… but glad to see they are moving forward…. although the lady told me their deadline for my refund was the 24th and may 5th is two weeks later. Oh another question if anyone knows… I filed for direct deposit and since I efiled I know they will, my question is will my bank accept it…. I have a walmart money card which the account is only in one name, mine. However, my husband is a cardholder as well, so does that count?

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    @deirdre my case closed on March 25 and my transcript updated April 4 then WMR updated April 5th with a DD of 4-9 which was correct until my bank rejuected it because both names were not on my account. So hopefully an update for you next week. I am waiting on my check now should be mailed today I hope. So if yours goes like mine closed one week update the next and DD the following Wednesday if you are getting a paper check it should be mailed the Friday following your transcript update.

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    @ MaryLA028. The IRS WMR site did not update the status. It still said refund processing when I received the refund and transcripts.

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    Still no update this morning on WMR, cant get into transcripts, so I called. Today is 11 weeks. IRS lady says my case closed on Tuesday the 15th, but I wont have a date until system updates, whatever that means. So I see a rainbow. I was also told i get my full refund back because the debt was for my student loans and my husband is the only one working now.

    Anyone know how long it takes after “case closed” to DD?

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    So I got CP21 letter today. Mention of refund 2-3 weeks but not check or DD. WMR still says refund processing.

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    @deveny WMR probably will not update for you. From what I have seen shen you mail the form in seperate once it goes to processing I don’t think it updates again. But with the refund issued date of 4-28 it should be mailed today. You are welcome I know exactly how stressful this is I am the only working and it is his debt. But it looks like the end is near for both of us hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

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    @cmbreede My WMR went from offset to processing but nothing has been updated. It’s the unknown that puts a knot in your stomach that you have to walk around with for months and weeks at a time. I think I have contracted my first grey hair this year.
    Thanks so much for your input and help! I appreciate YOU!

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    @deveney a check should be mailed today. my bank rejested my dierect deposit and my transcript updated to refund issued 4-28 like yours. And now WMR has updated to say a check will be mailed by 4-18 which is today. From what all I have read the checks are mailed on Friday and most people are recieving them on Monday or Tuesday of the next week. So hopefully you will recieve it very soon.

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    I am hoping beyond hope that a notice or even possibly a paper check will be mailed to day. This is the first year my family and I have had to file IS. I have tried to teach myself the ins and outs by lurking and watching forums such as this.
    I get lost in the lingo, so many codes get spoken of that I do not see on my transcripts like 570,571,768 etc. (All my dreams of late are of numbers!!!)
    That I do not see on my transcripts which make me fear that I will have additional delays. The offset is mine, but I made no money, all the income was my husbands, I live in Kansas so there is no community property to tend with. I pray for each of you every night, because one does not understand the stress unless they have lived with it. My hats off to each of you that contend with the process year after year.
    But I am hoping that maybe a few of you can help me decipher the codes on my transcripts to see if I might encounter additional delays?

    Transcripts say a notice issued 4-28, but no idea if that means I should have gotten by now, I am just soooo lost, stressed, and borderline desperate. ANY help at this point is WAY beyond appreciated and helpful!

    150 Tax return filed 20140601 02-24-2014

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014

    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2014

    846 Refund issued 02-24-2014

    898 Refund applied to non-IRS debt: 02-24-2014

    899 Removed refund applied to non-IRS debt 02-24-2014

    898 Refund applied to non-IRS debt: 02-24-2014

    971 Injured spouse claim received 03-11-2014

    766 Reversal of refund applied to non-IRS debt 04-15-2014

    290 Additional tax assessed 20141505 04-28-2014

    971 Notice issued 04-28-2014

    846 Refund issued 04-28-2014

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    11 weeks and one day today. Same as most everyone else. We married at the end of November. I have defaulted student loans. This is the first year filing injured spouse. I don’t work. All our income is my husbands. Filed and accepted both our joint return as well as the injured spouse form using turbotax and e-file on 2/6. Cycle code: 20140705. WMR lost bars shortly after filing and no movement or communication since. It has the usual ” being processed and will let me know when a refund is issued”. No codes or further info. I check my transcripts every morning. :) Normal codes for credits and a 570 code dated for 3/3/14. I have not received any letters. I called one time last week just to confirm they are processing it. Was told it could take 13 weeks from the time THEY (not when the irs accepted it) received it which would be around the end of May. He said they got it 3/15 :( Turbo Tax took the fees outta our checking account the other day because it took so long. We live in Texas which is a community property state so they are already gonna take half the refund to send to my student loans.

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