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    Comments from the the 2014 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    @Patrick- Your Awesome! Thanks so much I’ll check it out and keep on waiting :)

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    @JDobb – If you’re very lucky, you may get an IRS rep on the phone who will look to see if your 8379 has been filed in the system, rather than just rattling off the “11 to 14 weeks for processing” line and hanging up on you. Otherwise, when you are able to order your account transcripts (You can click that under the Tools heading on the irs.gov main page, as “Get transcript of your tax records”) you should see the date that the form was received into the system on your transcript.

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    @cmbreede Yes, I received my refund on Tuesday (the 11th).

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    Hi! Ok so this is the first year me and my husband have had our return taken because of my student loans. I am a stay at home mom have been for 2 years now and a military spouse, budget is always tight here. The Day I found out our refund had been applied to Education Department blah blah blah, I went down to an H&R Block, paid $20 to have our injured spouse form done and mailed it before I got home so it could go out that Friday morning. This was Feb 20-21. I’ve been waiting patiently, the only thing I have received in the mail so far is the letter telling me your return blah has been deposited to blah for blah blah blah. Now! I’ve gone on to the IRS website everyday since and I have been checking for an update on Wheres My Refund. Nothing. The same thing they have had since I found out it was being taken. I tried calling my local IRS office were we sent it, can’t get through to anyone. I already know it takes about 8 weeks, my question is when will I see that they have received it. Because I’ve heard of things getting lost or them not starting on it until late so on and so on. But to make sure I’m not getting put behind in the system I’ve been cyber stalking the IRS to make sure they are handling business with the return. I feel bad enough as it is with me being the reason my husbands hard earned money is being taken because of my student loans. I just need to know how do I go about checking on the status of my form. I wasn’t kidding about stalking them everyday :)

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    I efiled my IS this year and have not seen any updates as of yet. the date on my 570 code was 2-24-14. and so far all that has changed is the as of date at the top which is now 3-31-14. I am hoping to hear something soon. Patrick I was wondering did you recieve your refund? I filed on the 1-30-14 and was accepted that day. Any updates would be great.

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    I efiled my IS this year and have not seen any updates as of yet. the date on my 570 code was 2-24-14. and so far all that has changed is the as of date at the top which is now 3-31-14. I am hoping to hear something soon. Patrick I was wondering did you recieve your refund? I filed on the 1-30-14 and was accepted that day. Any updates would be great.

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    I pulled my transcripts online on 3/1/214 and unless you work for the IRS I don’t know how you can tell what they mean. I printed the last four years, plus this year and compared. I only had this 570 code on one year of transcripts. I do know that any April 15 date refers to the date you have to file your return by. That date is the same every year the only thing that changes is the year. This is the deadline for all to file their taxes with the IRS. Every year of transcripts looks different for me. The credit transferred out and then back in always shows the same date, even though I know they didn’t happen on the same day. I do know that once they credit the transfer back in, the refund should be coming soon. I called the IRS today because I thought I made a mistake on my IS form and was transferred to injured spouse dept. My case had been assigned, but was not worked yet. I go online to check my transcripts at least twice a week, no change yet.

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    Thank you! I have a 570 of 3/10/14 . Interesting that Patrick mentioned the DD date is usually 3 weeks after this. That puts me at 3/31/14 and at the top of my transcripts that is the date next to the any incrued interest or penalties portion. I wonder if that means anything? The other date listed is 4/15/14 next to the 806, 766, and 768 codes.

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    I go to the WMR website and enter transcript in the search box and it take you to the link…. get the account transcript it’s the one with the codes….

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    I’m sure this is answered somewhere in this forum but where do you download your transcripts?
    Thank you for the information! This forum is always so helpful and respectful. A far cry from dealing with the IRS!

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    @Carrie… this is my 3rd year filing…. the first i mailed it and i can’t remember how long but it didn’t seem longer than 6 weeks…. last year i efiled my 8379 and it took over 16 weeks…. so this year i mailed it in…. i am so hoping it goes faster…. it’s already going on the 4th week since they have got my IS form…. i have tried to download my transcript for the last two days and it keeps locking me out… im hoping that means they are working on it!

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    I always mail in my form and have received my refund in six weeks or less. In 2012, for the tax year 2011 I efiled my return around 1/24/2012 My IS form was received on 1/29/2012 and my refund check was in my mailbox on 3/1/2012. One month and a day, from the day they received it. I have also had to wait longer than the given eight weeks, due to computer issues at the IRS but it usually takes eight weeks or less.

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    @TreeStone: The 8379 shows up in their system as soon as they receive it and scan it in, as “received”. It is then put into a queue until worked.

    Directly from my own transcripts, my own experience filing the 8379 individually a few years ago resulted in a 971 code on January 26th, stating the the 8379 form was received, and the actual refund was issued (by check) on April 11th. So it took approximately 10 weeks from the time the form was received to receive my refund. That said, the IRS has made improvements the past few years in their processing, so hopefully yours will go faster. The biggest hindrance is that there has to be an actual reversal of funds applied to other debts before your refund can be issued; this does not occur when you file the 8379 electronically at the same time as your taxes.

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    @Rachel – Unfortunately, the “fine print” on that is that it’s 8 weeks from the time your regular taxes are done processing. That said, the IRS “wait times” are and have been WAY off for years now. The average total time, this year and the past few years, for filing it together electronically is right at 6 weeks from acceptance to DDD. I have not heard of anyone receiving their refund back that quickly when mailing in the form separately; my own took roughly 11 weeks when filed that way several years ago. Please do update us when you receive your refund.

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    Rachel Garcia

    I efiled my taxes online. I decided to file the injured spouse form separately b/c the IRS website states that it take 11-12 weeks if the form is efiled along with your taxes. Well I need my refund sooner so I chose the quickest method and I mailed the form injured spouse a day after I filed my taxes which was 02/10 they received my form on 02/15. The lady took a look at my account and stated that I could possibly receive my refund anywhere from the end of March, but no later than the first to second week in April. This is my very first year ever doing this form. I will try and update as soon as I am issued my refund. However, the remaining balance of what was intercepted was direct deposited into my account it wasn’t much but at least it was something. Now i’m waiting on the bigger, & better portion of my refund! Also, you need to attach a copy of your w2 forms when mailing your injured spouse form separately if yoy chose this method. I chose to file it separate b/c it processes quicker this way!

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    i am wondering if the 971 code saying they received my injured spouse form is any indication of how much longer? i have and 846 2/24/14 then 898 2/24/14 then 971 injured spouse claim received 2/18/14… i mailed in my form on 2/14… i was impressed it showed up 4 days later… is my 971 where they stopped everything for review???

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    Patrick mine is just like yours. I got the 570 code on February. 24 and my wmr. Is still saying a date will be given when available. Im so confused. This is the first year i have done this.

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    @Ashley: If available, your codes will be listed under “transactions” towards the bottom of the first page of your transcript.

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    @patrick where would the code be on my transcripts, I don’t see it anywhere.

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    Update: My WMR updated to 2 bars and a 3/12 Direct Deposit Date around 4 a.m. this morning.
    That time frame falls right in line with the past 3 years; about 6 weeks total.

    Let me STRONGLY advise people to file their 8379 electronically along with their return, rather than mailing it in separately. I know that the IRS wording makes it appear that mailing it in separately will get it worked faster; but I also know what I see, year after year, as the fastest method.

    Good luck to all of the other 8379’ers!

    @Treestone: The 570 code is a freeze on processing; in your case, for the 8379 to be worked. It should appear on your transcript, once you can view them. Based on my own experiences, you should have your refund about 3 weeks after your 570 code date…assuming there is nothing else wrong with your return.

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    i am also wondering about my transcripts… not sure of what the 570 code is and where it is located?

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    @Charlotte – Not if your husband had all of the income; we claim 0 and 6 every year. Any way around it, don’t mail in another IS form or amend your return in any way until the first one is resolved, you’ll just start everything over again.

    @Ashley – Don’t worry about the cycle date if you filed an 8379. The part of your transcript you should be concerned with are the codes shown; the date next to the 570 is the date the IRS should work address the 8379 by, and if you have an 846, your refund has been scheduled.

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    I just received my transcripts in the mail and it has a cycle posted#20140605. Does anyone know what this means?

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    I think we made a mistake on our IS form — my husband the “injured spouse” claimed 4 exemptions & I (the other spouse) claimed 0 exemptions. It should have been 3 & 1 right?

    How do I correct this — we already mailed in the form. Should I mail in another IS with correct exemptions? SO mad we made this mistake.

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    In the exemptions row of IS form, can the injured spouse claim all exemptions (husband, wife & 2 children)? Or would the injured spouse only be able to claim 3 exemptions & then other spouse 1?


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    My refund was accepted with Tax act on 1/26 with the injured spouse form. When i use the wheres my refund tool it used to give me the status bar, not it just says a refund date will be available as soon as it is processed. Anyone seeing this message also? Does it mean anything? i called but they aren’t able to give me any information.

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    Was accepted in late January electronically w/8379 through TaxAct (normally use TurboTax, but they didn’t have the 8379 ready on time). I’m able to order transcripts now, “as of” date is still 2/24, and my 570 code is also dated 2/24. The past 3 years I’ve received my refund approximately 3 weeks after the date of the 570 code; we’ll see if that keeps up this year. WMR just has “still processing” and a call to IRS immediately gave the “11/14 weeks” canned reply.

    Will update you when anything changes.

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    Hey guys, I’m waiting with you. I feel like a veteran at the IS this is year 3 for me. Filed and accepted on 2/7. Just hit week 4. Sure hope it doesn’t take nearly as long as expected.

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    This thread isn’t nearly as active as last years. Does anyone know if there is another one out there that more people are commenting on?

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    Thank you so much for your reply Carrie! We appreciate your help

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    You did the allocation correctly, the injured spouse form is filled out as if you filed seperately. You will need to attach all W2 and 1099 forms to the IS form then send them off.

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    If I’m married do I always have to file this way it takes forever and I need to fix my car now.

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    Hello! I am sorry if this question is a little off topic to this thread BUT as you all have filed an IS form I figured you all would be the most knowledgable.

    Our federal tax returns have been offset, original deposit date was today March 5 before notice of offset, due to my wife’s student loan debt. She is unemployed and did not make any income all of 2013 but we filed a joint return. So the fed gov took all of the refund due to me to pay her debt because we filed a joint return. I have filled out the IS form but want to make sure I have filled out section III (lines 12-18) correctly — it is the section where you list allocation of funds/money. I assume everything is allocated to me & not my wife & therefore I wrote in all zeros in the column of “allocated to spouse”. Did I do this correctly?

    I would like to mail this in ASAP & would greatly appreciate any help! Also, do I mail in copies of all w-2’s & 1099’s with the IS form?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hi guys. I’ll be waiting with you. Filed on the 5th or 6th.. Log on today to check the status, WMR unavailable. :-( I don’t know what that means. Or what to do. At first it was 1 orange bar. Then it was just a message to check back still processing. Now the system unavailable. My anxiety is on overload. Sorry for rambling.

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    This year I was accepted on 1/31. I did some reseach and last year when I filed the injured spouse form my return was accepted on 1/26 and I received it on 3/21. bummer. hopefully it wont take that long this year.

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    It took 16 WEEKS last year, to receive a refund. HEEERE we go again!

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    If you file Form 8379 separately, please be sure to attach a copy of all Forms W-2 and W-2G for both spouses, and any Forms 1099 showing federal income tax withholding, to Form 8379. The processing of Form 8379 may be delayed if these forms are not attached, if the form is incomplete when filed, or if you attach a copy of your joint tax return.

    Where you send it to is based on where you would send your normal taxes to which I believe you can find at http://www.irs.gov/uac/Where-To-File-Addresses-for-Tax-Professionals. It can also be found in the 1040 instructions I think. I did the exact same thing last year and it took an additional 8 weeks to get some of my money back.

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    Dena Blanchard

    Hi there, I am new to your plight, just discovered my husbands taxes that I in no way contributed income too, got completely offset due to my old student loans. We got married a few months ago, and frankly I am lost on this.

    I already efiled, was approved, and money taken, I am about to mail off this injured spouse form but I was wondering what do I have to send with it if I already efiled. Also does anyone know where to send it too, the irs has a few addresses and its just making my brain swim in circles.


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    Just keep in mind the IRS is a collection agency/department for IMF/Treasury/US of A corporation.
    Debt collectors are scum bags. They’ll lie, cheat, intimidate, ect.
    Don’t take it personal, it’s their chosen career to do such.
    Just thank goodness you are not in their shoes.
    Imagine being paid to screw people with scum bag tactics.

    You really wanna get pissed off, watch this movie. Google search for the torrent, use utorrent to download it. ‘ Corporation Nation ‘

    Check out this site for other ‘What the F*ck’ information. If ya gotz a curious bone.

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    Transcripts are a printout of line by line of your filing.
    I use them to help me determine whether or not I need a certified copy of that years filing which is $50 each.

    ie: did some scum bag file a 1099-c that year without my knowledge & may be fraudulent.

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    What do transcripts do?

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    You wrote that you filed in Oct 2012 for 2010 & 2011.
    I filed in Dec. 2013 for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 amounts extracted for spouses back due student loan.
    I as head of household, spouse, 1 child & mainly ~80% of total income was mine per year.
    Total extractions were ~500, 700, 1,000, 5000 respectively.
    Live in non-‘spouse’ state (? whatever) & legally split May 2013.
    >>How does one ‘check’ for status, & how do our buddies figure ‘who deserves’ what amount.?


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