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    Comments from the the 2013 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    I pray none of you used the H&R Block. They are going to get sued up the WAAAAZOOOOOO!!! There is already a class action suit being started.
    Read this article.. This may be part of the problem:

    H&R Block CEO Offers Apology For Education Credit Fiasco
    Julia Oldham Agreed. Perhaps H & R Block’s biggest mistake was the way they handled- or more appropriately mishandled the situation. To let customer’s learn of such err […]Nikki Hogan I am one of the 600,000+ affected and this apology is too little, too late. I would expect nothing less than a partial refund of our preparation fees from […]Janet Novack, Forbes StaffI think H & R Block should give those affected a partial refund of their fees. An apology alone just doesn’t cut it.David Fazio E.A. Coming to HRB’s defense is something I rarely do. In fact, I’m often their most outspoken critic. But there is too much blame to go around and while HRB is […]Candi Hulett I think our preparation fees should be waived! Why should we have to PAY hundreds of dollars to H&R Block if we aren’t getting our return until God knows w […]32 comments,

    CHICAGO, IL – DECEMBER 28: A sign marks the location of an H&R Block office on December 28, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
    As tax season heads towards the home stretch, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer refunds have been delayed. While taxpayers expected minor glitches associated with a late start to the tax season, the magnitude of the delays, especially those involving the form 8863 for education credits, took the tax world by storm. Angry taxpayers have been complaining about unusually long wait times and, perhaps most frustrating, a complete lack of information about the delays and the next steps. The form was delayed for processing initially by two weeks, a wait time that Forbes writer Janet Novack suggested could have been avoided.

    Last year, the IRS opened tax season early, on January 6, 2012, and accepted e-filed returns as early as January 17, 2012. Since April 15, 2012, happened to fall on a Sunday and Emancipation Day in Washington D.C. was marked on April 16, 2012, tax season was pushed all of the way out to April 17, 2012. Adding yet another day? It was a leap year. The result? An embarrassment of filing riches. The tax season was officially open for 102 days (the season for e-filing was open for 91 days).

    Contrast that to 2013. Tax season didn’t open until January 30, 2013. No leap year, no holiday. The due date for returns remains April 15, 2013. The result? Tax season is open for 75 days. Same number of returns (more or less). About 75% of the available time.

    Once tax season opened, almost immediately, the IRS noticed problems with some tax returns claiming education credits and issued a series of alerts. The problem didn’t get better, however, and taxpayers continued to report problems with the credits. Most of those problems appeared to be related to returns filed with H&R Block. H&R Block, for its part, remained quiet throughout much of the controversy, offering statements and updates to taxpayers on its Facebook page. This weekend, H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb issued the following apology:

    Let me set the record straight about the Form 8863 issue that has affected you, our valued clients: we made a mistake when the tax return was sent to the IRS. And you deserve an apology, an explanation, and to know what we’re doing about it.

    Here’s what happened: this year’s tax season started later than any in history (January 30th), followed by a further delay in form 8863 not being accepted until February 14. Not good for everyone. When the IRS began accepting the form, we immediately sent your returns, with the intention of getting you your refund as quickly as possible. In our zeal to move so quickly, we missed a step. Specifically there was a disconnect in the transmission of form 8863 from our delivery system to the IRS E-file system, and this caused the delay many of you are experiencing. We fixed the transmission issue right away, but couldn’t undo it for those that had already been sent.

    I want to make it clear that this was absolutely not the fault of your tax professional; your return was prepared accurately. This was an issue with the form transmission. This was our mistake — and I sincerely apologize. I want you to know that we hear the frustration of those impacted by this issue loud and clear, and we’re working every avenue we can to get your refund to you as fast as possible.

    We have been and remain in daily communication with the IRS, who are doing everything they can to speedily process all returns. We know that clients are beginning to see progress, funding dates are being communicated and refunds are definitely being funded. But we also recognize that in an already delayed season, it’s still not as fast as we want, and we’re not letting up until every client has his or her refund.

    We are also committing to more frequent and regular updates with you as we have news to share, and we know we can do a better job here too.

    Finally, I know an apology won’t put your tax refund in your hands right away, and many of you still have questions. But right now, our singular focus is to get you that refund, and we have all hands on deck to help make this right.

    So, no update, but an apology. Will it be enough to satisfy taxpayers? You tell me.

    and this….

    H&R Block error delays thousands of refunds
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    James Dornbrook
    Kansas City Business Journal

    Email | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ H&R Block Inc. made a mistake related to educational tax credits that will delay thousands of refunds for as long as six weeks.

    IRS spokeswoman Michelle Eldridge confirmed the problem with tax returns in a story published Tuesday on MarketWatch.com. The IRS said 600,000 returns were affected, but wouldn’t say how many of those are from the H&R Block.

    H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) spokesman Gene King said that the company is aware of the problem and that it will not be an issue for additional tax filers. He said the company is working with the IRS to expedite a solution for the people who were affected and to find a way to keep this type of situation from occurring in the future.

    I wonder if Turbo Tax had the same 8863 for glitch that H&R Block had.

    My heart goes out to everyone that had a tax return with forms 8863 and 8379.

    I suspect that the IRS is stalling for time. We must fight for our money!

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    Well, I’m still here too. Filed 1/30, accepted 2/14 due to ed. credits. I ordered transcripts finally, I’m in the 0805 group…whatever that means. No updates on WMR or offset hotline. The most frustrating part is that I’m fighting my debt right now to prevent this next year, some sort of error made when I separated from the military put me in the offset system. So I’ve been on the phone about that all week. I haven’t called the IRS about the IS claim…from reading all these posts it seems like a waste of time. I figure they will get around to it when they do, so I just keep waiting…
    Congrats to those who have gotten theirs, to the rest of you don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

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    I have been stalking this forum for months now, praying that I wouldn’t be waiting as long as some of you folks. Not so surprisingly, here I am. Waiting a bit over 8 weeks now. We desperately need this money so I got a TA last week and faxed my paperwork over last weekend. She called me today to tell me that the case is closed but she couldn’t give me a DD until the computer updated and that shed check on kn me on May 17!?! MAY 17!!!! That’s all she could tell me. I’m not sure if she really helped me out or not. She can’t seem to tell me anything and May 17 would just about be 11 weeks. Unbelievable!!

    Hang in there everyone… it cant get much worse. Right?!?

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    Well I too have been following for some time now and decided to join. I filed my return with TT and my IS form electronically with it. It originally was accepted 2/8 but the ed. Credit made it 2/14. So i have been waiting 12 weeks actually. I call the IRS once a week and get the same go around. There seems to be no problems but it’s still processing. From what I see the whole problem lies with that ed. Credit and the IS. It looks to me like all those who filed IS and had the ED credit in that time frame are still waiting. That is just so frustrating. You would think that they would get those out first. But everyday i still check the WMR to find no change. I can’t help but think it’s so very close but my heart just can’t take all this waiting. So please know how good it’s been to see others with the same situation and feeling the same way. Thank you guys for at least letting me know I am not alone.

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    @cervetti74 so far they have always sent a letter notifying that they took out so much money for the offset. Yet, this year they still haven’t. So you might find out why they haven’t ever sent one to you.

    @brokeandfrustrated this is bull crap. I am sorry but the Feds have got to get their act together… This is stupid. Let me know if they do send one to you and I will do the same…

    Thanks, everyone….

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    @purple33: We haven’t ever been notified of an offset this year either. The offset line gives no information other than our return is subject to offset. We live in Ohio. I haven’t asked to speak to our TA’s supervisor yet, I want to see what the congressman is able to do to help first. I haven’t heard from him since I faxed the authorization form to him Wednesday morning. I am getting ready to email him to ask if he received the form.

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    I’ve been sitting back reading the replies here for a few weeks, so I figured it was time to chime in. Our tax return/IS were both filed electronically by H&R Block and accepted 2/8. Today is the 12 week mark. We’ve made quite a few phone calls, and up until this week got nowhere. Each time they told us they had no information, and to call back . WMR still shows the same message it has for months, that our return is being processed.

    Imagine my frustration when the woman I spoke to this week told me that there were NO notes on our account, and that it had not even been LOOKED AT yet! We know there are no issues with the return, this is our second year filing IS and nothing has changed. She claimed “they must really be falling behind over there” and then proceeded to tell me that she would file a referral. She then said “hopefully” we’ll get a call from them in seven business days.

    I could scream right now…they have had our return for almost three months and it hasn’t even been looked at. How is that possible???

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    @brokeandfrustrated WTF?! Seriously WTF?! I’m so so sorry that this is happening to you? What a shit tastic TA you have! Hopefully tomorrow brings better news.

    @tiredofwaiting99, I filed 1/30, f/a 2/14 b/c of the ed credits, shipped to IS 2/18. So yes, our true 11 weeks was up TODAY.

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    @purple33 I don’t think we have EVER gotten any notices from the Treasury Dept except for one time a few years ago which actually came about 3 weeks after the fact!!!

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    Also I have no proof that the Dept of Treasury actually took out anything from my husbands debt. I haven’t even got a letter or notice about any offsets this year. Is anyone else in this boat?

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    @brokenandfrustrated I am so soryy you have a crappy TA. That just sucks!!! Have you asked to speak with her supervisor. Also which state do you live in? I hope you guys get help soon. Sorry about not being around everyone. Hang in there!

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    I have an update for everyone and it’s not a good update. Our TA called a bit ago and had a really bad attitude with me on the phone. Said she got our documents and would send them right over to the IRS and then would call me on May 14th to update me on the status of our refund. She was trying to rush me off the phone but I wouldn’t let her. I said I have a question, since we were never notified of a problem and there obviously was a problem all along are we now going to have to wait another 11 weeks and she said no not that long, but of course couldn’t tell me how long. Then she tried to tell me that the reason we weren’t notified of a problem is because it wasn’t a math error, that if it were a math error the system would have caught it, but since it was a different kind of error it wasn’t discovered until the return got to the IS department and they started to manually process the injured spouse claim. I am sorry but I am not buying it and I told her so. She didn’t like it much but oh well. Then she got snotty and repeated “well all I can tell you is I will call you back on May 14th unless I need something else from you before then. I sure hope my congressman can move the process along. Maybe the TA is aware the congressman is involved now and that is why she had such a crappy attitude with me on the phone. Who knows? I wish I could call an IRS rep just to see what other lies I will be told, but I guess once you have a TA they won’t help you. All I know is that the IRS is a huge boil on the butt of humanity!!

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    @katmill2369 what are your dates again I filed 2/8/13 it was accepted by the IRS 2/14/13 cycle date 20130705 3/4/2013 I forgot what that date means. I remember you saying that you dates were close to mine. So you are saying here that the May 2nd date which is today is our true 11th week. Did you call the 1040 number and got this information? I can’t believe they are lying about putting you on hold.

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    No update on anything. Not WMR, not the offset line, not the 1040 number.

    So, hubs talked to a VERY helpful rep (must have the magic IRS touch IDK) and was told that yes, are dates are right, ours funds should have been released TODAY. She put in an “unofficial” inquiry (an email to someone she knows) and took our number and said she would call us early tomorrow morning. She also told my hubs that A LOT of ppl working there don’t give a s**t and will say anything to get you off the phone. They are getting a lot of calls from angry IS filers. She also told him that if anyone is putting you on hold to “check your account” they are full of shit. They are picking their butts.

    So basically, call back until you get someone willing to help you. Be proactive and bug the crap out of them. This was our 3rd call today.

    @tiredofwaiting99, I don’t want a TA or my congressman involved for the same reason. It seems to delay things. Or it’s really hit and miss and depending on who you get it will help or hinder you!

    I hope everyone gets their money soon and gets some damn help from these ppl!

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    @katmill2369 I feel ya, I love the fact that your hubby is going to rip them a new one! LOL love it. I think that I am going to change my W4 now and bring my money home now. I will aim to break even so won’t get a cent out of me. Just bought a new house last year. I pray that they don’t take the mortgage interest deduction from us.

    I called last night and the rep. at 1800-829-0582 told me that they get an update only once a week and not daily but that the wmr is more recent. Liar He saw that I called this past Monday and said that he had now new update it is still being processed. This was strange he said that they can only “see” when it was received and if there was an Offset they can only “see” that date. Funny I never heard that one before. I really don’t want to get an TA because they will use that as an excuse to prolong giving us our money. Try not to stress anymore because it is not good for you. BTW have you checked wmr? did you see any update?

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    Mini-update on me, called back as I was clearly not happy with the woman I talked to. The second rep was much nicer but told me the same “new” story of my 11 weeks being up next week.

    I have now sicced my hubby on them. He is calling back w/every intention of ripping them a new one and getting a supervisor on the phone. I don’t know if it will do any good but it might make me feel better.

    I just feel as IS filers we are treated as second class. Lord help you if you had kids and qualified for EIC, or went to school to better your situation and had those god damned ed credits that WE HAD NO CONTROL OVER THE ACCEPTANCE DATE. I am so, so angry with how this is being handled. It is like because we have a debt of some kind we can be pushed to the side and ignored. My case, as has many, many others, been reassigned countless times, we’ve been lied to repeatedly, misinformed, straight up rudely spoken too and generally treated like garbage. I wonder if the agents handling our cases are being judgmental and their “decisions” to reassign a case is because they feel as if we are undeserving in some way of our refund? I can’t afford to pay back my student loans right now, my family being provided for comes first. I shouldn’t have to justify having qualified for EIC, a tax break THE GOVERNMENT offers me.

    Sorry for the rant guys. I just find it all so shitty. Having really gotten to know a lot of your stories and life issues this year, it really hits close to home.

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    just an update: called irs today since today marks 11 weeks. was told it wasnt done and got a referral and was told to give them 30 days to call back….ridiculous…

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    Let me remind you why all of this is going on. Thanks to the fiscal cliff. I had no idea that this would delay everything, that the IRS started accepting returns 8 days later than usual because of Congress they had to get certain forms update…

    Our tax dollars at work. Read the following article:

    Fiscal cliff debate delays some 2012 tax refunds
    John Waggoner, USA TODAY3:02 p.m. EST February 5, 2013
    The IRS will begin processing tax returns on Jan. 30 this year, 8 days later than usual.
    The IRS says tax refunds will be delayed due to the fiscal cliff debate.(Photo: Thinkstock)
    Story Highlights
    More complex returns may have to wait until February or March
    E-filers will still get processed faster than paper return filers
    You might get your tax refund later than usual this year, and you can thank the congressional debate over the fiscal cliff for that.

    The IRS says that it will begin processing individual tax returns on Jan. 30 this year, eight days later than usual. The reason: Programming IRS computers and printing forms and instructions were delayed by congressional wrangling over the fiscal cliff — a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that briefly became law on Jan. 1.

    About 120 million individual taxpayers will be able to file Jan. 30, the IRS says, and most people will get their refunds on time. “We have worked hard to open tax season as soon as possible,” IRS acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller said in a news release. “This date ensures we have the time we need to update and test our processing systems.”

    CHANGES: Tax preparers say they’re prepared for changes

    IMPACT: Deal means taxes will rise for most Americans

    The issue was not higher tax rates for wealthy individuals, because those go into effect for the 2013 tax year. But tax rules that Congress had to extend for 2012 stalled the IRS, because it has to program its computers for those changes. Congress didn’t reach an agreement until Jan. 1.

    “There was not a lot of acrimony on large pieces of the tax packages,” says Gary Schatsky, a New York financial planner. “If Congress could have come to grips with them early, people would not have had uncertainty about what large portions of the tax code looks like, nor would people have had to put off filing as soon as they desire.”

    Those with the most common “extenders” — the Alternative Minimum Tax patch, and deductions for higher education, state and local sales tax, and out-of-pocket expenses for educators — will be able to file by Jan. 30. TurboTax says it’s accepting e-file returns and holding them until the Jan. 30 filing date.

    But some people won’t be able to start filing until late February or March because of the need for more extensive form and processing systems changes. This group includes people claiming residential energy credits, depreciation of property or general business credits, the IRS says.

    Because filing season starts eight days later, will the April 15 filing deadline be pushed back eight days? Not a chance. You’ll still have to have your return postmarked by April 15 to avoid late-filing penalties.

    We are paying more taxes (payroll taxes up 6.2% from 4.2%)and we have to wait longer for our money. Go figure. I really had no idea that the fiscal cliff would hit us this way.

    Just to remind you again:

    Read this:

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney)
    Hoping to get your tax refund soon? Don’t hold your breath.
    Congressional dithering over a fiscal cliff fix could force the Internal Revenue Service to delay the start of the filing season. So those expecting to file their returns in mid-January, when the agency usually begins accepting them, may have to wait several weeks.

    If Congress doesn’t approve a patch for the alternative minimum tax in the next few days, then up to 100 million taxpayers will not be able to file their returns — or collect refunds, if owed — until late March, said Steven Miller, the agency’s acting commissioner. (The AMT itself would hit nearly 30 million filers with higher tax bills, and returns of the others would be held up while the IRS reprograms its systems.)

    Filing and refunds would also be put on hold by the uncertain fate of a dozen other provisions, including the deduction for state and local sales taxes and the $250 tax break for teachers who buy their own school supplies.

    This isn’t the first time the IRS has had to deal with this. Two years ago, it took until mid-December for President Obama and lawmakers to reach an agreement on many of the same issues. That delayed the opening of the tax season by four weeks to mid-February, affecting some 9 million taxpayers.

    Most of them were likely owed refunds, since that’s who files early, said John Lieberman, managing director of Perelson Weiner, an accounting firm in New York. They are often folks whose income is just from wages and who take the standard deduction, making their returns fairly simple. Many are low-income families who file for the earned income tax credit.

    “They need that money back to pay Christmas bills, for a downpayment on a car or a security deposit on an apartment,” said Lieberman.

    Related: Fiscal cliff confusion on Form 1040

    This year, the situation is even more dire since we are only days away from the start of 2013.

    While the IRS has published the Form 1040 for 2012, several lines are listed as “reserved.” The designation is a “placeholder” for provisions that have yet to be passed, an agency spokesman said. The IRS has yet to publish an instruction booklet for filling out the tax forms, leaving tax preparers in a holding pattern.

    “How they are going to handle this?” said John Roth, senior federal tax analyst for CCH, a tax services company. “We are in virgin territory.”

    The IRS spokesman declined to answer questions on how the Congressional delay will affect taxpayers, but said more information would be available shortly.

    First Published: December 28, 2012: 4:44 PM ET

    I was one of the millions of Americans who did not take this seriously and foolishly believe we could trust those we put in office to resolve this matter.

    Don’t cha ya just love your old unc sam?

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    Just wanted to let y’all know that there is at least one more family waiting….
    Filed tax return 1/30, accepted 2/14.
    Filed IS, Educational Credit, EIC and filed Schedule C (we own/operate a small business) but did not itemized, because of delays.
    WMR & Auto-attendant both say that return has been received and is being processed. Today is the start of the 11th week.
    Had to file IS last year, return received on the 8th week.
    Can’t get live person on the phone….

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    Update. I got a letter from my TA stating the case es closed. The check I got was all I will receive. I expected $4000.00 more than I got. The letter stated that she sent the TA report with this letter but it wasn’t in there, I’d like to know why she got that amount for me. I will right her to receive it.(the letter stated the best way to reach her is by writing her).

    So there is my story, closed. Put in a good fight ladies and gents but beware that you may not get it all. The amount I did get helps me out of a bad situation but how disappointing.

    Now to think about next year…let them keep it? I have adjusted my exceptions but I don’t want to owe them either.

    Oh last thing WMR has not updated it still says it was received and is processing. Just letting you all know so you don’t rely on WMR being accurate.

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    They sure do like to keep using that 11 week line on everyone, don’t they? What is the IRS’s problem, do they think 11 weeks is some magic number or something? Well we are all painfully aware that it can take up to 11 weeks to receive an injured spouse refund, but that doesn’t mean that it will, or even that it should, (and it shouldn’t in my humble opinion!!) I have a really big problem with them telling everyone to call back at the 11 week mark. They use that as an excuse to take the whole 11 weeks to process and get refunds out. Basically stalling tactics so they can sit on their behinds and not do the job they are paid to do. Inexcusable!!!!

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    Nothing here again. Called and talked to someone, as today ismy11weeks. Of course was told that NO May 9th is my 11weeks. WTF? Over it. Just over it.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Hi everyone.

    Just checking in. I don’t have anything to update. No changes on WMR. I just called the offset line and it still just says that we may have an offset from the Dept of Veteran Affairs, but no amount or anything. Hopefully in the next week or two we will start to see some changes. Next Thursday will be 11 weeks since filing. I still have to call the IRS to find out exactly when it was received by them and when everything finally made it to the IS dept. I’m just waiting until the 11 week mark so I dont just get told to call back at 11 weeks.

    I’m glad some of you are starting to see your returns. Hopefully our time will come soon!

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    @tiredofwaiting99: Great job!! Thank you for doing that! :) I don’t have anything new to report this morning. My husband and I went and faxed everything to the TA and the authorization for our Congressman yesterday morning. I left a message for the TA both yesterday and this morning asking her to please let me know if she received the documents. She has not called back of course, which doesn’t surprise me. I emailed the Congressman’s office this morning also to ask if they had received the authorization form so they can proceed with an inquiry with the IRS on our behalf. So now we wait I guess. I just pray that it is not a long wait and something can be done to get us our refund quickly. Good luck to all of you still waiting. Praying for everyone!

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    Yay @charbelle!!! Hopefully we will all be getting money soon!

    #18457 Reply


    Yeah Charbelle that is good news! Good for you!

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    quick update….my WMR status changed from ‘your return has been received and is in processing-a refund date will be provided when available’ to….’we have received your tax return and it is being processed’…….I called the automated offset line & was told that such and such an amount has been applied to your outstanding debt on may 3rd….
    I read up on some comments via fb & was told that may 3rd would prawly be our DDD…so here’s hoping!

    Filed via TT 2/11 (along with IS form) accepted 2/13. No EIC, no education credits, married filing joint. Cycle 0705. Called in 5 times & always got a polite reps-they just never really had any info. Good Luck to Everyone still waiting! (4/29 was our 11 weeks)

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    Hello, I have been reading this for a while now. I am at my 12 week mark tomorrow, so I called today and was transferred right to the actual department where they process the claims and finish the process. The people I spoke to were very pleasant, I have not had such good luck in the past however. So she sat there with me and went over every single box on the form i had checked 1 box incorrectly and that’s what set the whole thing in motion. The woman fixed the problem and finished my refund right there on the spot. She gave me the “wait two weeks to see the funds” speech and with a click of the mouse finished my return!! I have had to file it IS form for 4 years now and NEVER have I had to wait this long, I did however mess up this year so maybe that’s why it took so long. I am very sorry for all of you who have not had such nice people. But I have had to call back a few times in 1 day to get a person who actually cared or knew what they were doing. So now I have 2 weeks or less until I get the money, my husband is active duty military and we are on the verge of losing our only vehicle we have to park it in the garage every day in hopes that they will not come to repo it. I am disappointed in how this whole thing has played out, and how not only the men and women who server our country are being screwed but normal everyday tax payers as well. It’s sad to see how the government repays my husband for missing his sons birth, countless Christmas’, Birthdays and anniversaries, just so he can put his life on the line for them.

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    Woo hoo @tiredofwaiting99!!! Good job!! Well written and inspires me to send one as well! Hope it brings some attention to this issue!

    #18452 Reply


    Just sent this to my local congressman in Cali!
    Please go to this website and look at all of the people waiting for their injured spouse tax return allocation, people have been waiting for weeks, with little or no cooperation from the IRS Reps. Some are very rude. We have been waiting the 11 weeks that Congress has said we must wait. But for some people the 11 weeks have come an gone with no help in sight.

    I can’t believe that is where some of our tax dollars are going. We are tax paying citizens and we deserve better than this. If we owed money to the IRS they would not hesitate to get it from us.

    Please go to “I GOT MY REFUND GRAPEVINE FORUM” or to “FACEBOOK” Injured Spouse Forum. There are over 2000+ people on facebook with this problem. You will read heartbreaking story after story from tax payers all over the United States. I am from Los Angeles, CA. I hope we can get some help. Even the Tax Payer Advocate Service. Only delays the time by doing a inquiry to which they do not have to respond for an additional 30 days.

    Please Help.

    Please go to this website and look at all of the people waiting for their injured spouse tax return allocation, people have been waiting for weeks, with little or no cooperation from the IRS Reps. Some are very rude. We have been waiting the 11 weeks that Congress has said we must wait. But for some people the 11 weeks have come an gone with no help in sight.

    I can’t believe that is where some of our tax dollars are going. We are tax paying citizens and we deserve better than this. If we owed money to the IRS they would not hesitate to get it from us.

    Please Help.

    BTW Maxine Waters has done a GREAT JOB IN CONGRESS!!!!!

    This is off of the website I Got My Refund…

    Story #1

    agree @tiredofwaiting99. I think we should all send this site and the 2000+ member FB page to Congress. It’s ridiculous. That and the lack of consistent, relevant, helpful, KIND service by the IRS reps. Not ok. We pay these people. We should at least not get the run a round.

    I did call back, this rep said my 11 weeks was counted from the 21st when IS received it (BS) and to call back Tuesday if there is no refund by Monday. I did specifically ask if someone was working on it. He told me “it’s bounced around a bit but it’s in someone’s hand, they are manually working on it as of now. They were assigned the 25th of April.” I know this is the case with a lot of IS forms this year and I kind of want to know why? Why are they essentially being refused and re-assigned? Then we are told bs stories and “well, you have to wait the allotted time.” Why? So lazy IRS workers can’t put off doing their jobs until the last minute? The we basically get our refunds AFTER the “allotted time?” I don’t get it.

    Anyhow, everyone have a good day. I will try and be happy despite the SNOW again here in CO LOL.

    and another sad story:
    Story # 2
    am sitting here angry and sobbing. Our TA did call back today at around 4:30 and told me the IRS needs more information from us. Are you kidding me??????!!!!!!!! I was told by an IRS rep that there were NO PROBLEMS at all with our return two weeks ago when I called, and was also told by the TA last Monday that there were no problems and that it was finished processing and just sitting there. Now she tells me the IRS needs more info? And why didn’t the IRS bother to let us know that there was a problem? She didn’t have an answer for that or for why she told me last week that our return was finished processing when it obviously wasn’t. We have gotten no letters from the IRS whatsoever. I am livid!! Apparently the woman who prepared our taxes forgot to check a box on my injured spouse form. So she wants me to check the box and fax a copy to her, plus a copy both my and my husbands 1098T forms for our education credits. The tax lady also forgot to include my husbands 1098T when we e-filed. And because of the unchecked box on my injured spouse form they need to see my 1098T again to to figure out how to allocate the education credit. Personally I don’t think the TA or the IRS have a clue as to what they are doing. TA said she needed all this faxed to her within three days. Well we can’t fax it until Wednesday because we don’t have the money to fax it. It will cost four dollars and we only have three dollars in the bank and won’t have any money to fax it until I get my small check on the 1st. So yeah, I am sitting here crying my eyes out. We are in such financial hardship, and need our refund, and now that the IRS needs this information it will be God knows how long now before we receive it. I asked the TA how long did she think it will take for us to get our refund after she gets the information from us and she said she won’t know until she has the information and sends it over to them. Then she can give us some idea of the time frame but I have a feeling it will be another six or eight weeks. She did say that once she has the information and gets it to them she can push the refund through but at this point I don’t believe a word she says. We have been lied to by the IRS and the TA and I am talking to my congressman tomorrow. We need this money so badly. I am heartbroken. :(

    If there is any thing else you can tell us to do to expedite the releasing of our money please advise.

    Thank you!

    We will get the message out!

    #18451 Reply


    Hello all! I just read through all the posts and glad to see some are getting refunds. I called the IRS yesterday, one day after the magic 11 week mark. The nice lady said our IS form was processed on April 26 and to call back in 2 weeks. Does anyone know what the next step for the IRS is after the form is processed and why I should call back in 2 weeks?

    #18450 Reply


    I agree @tiredofwaiting99. I think we should all send this site and the 2000+ member FB page to Congress. It’s ridiculous. That and the lack of consistent, relevant, helpful, KIND service by the IRS reps. Not ok. We pay these people. We should at least not get the run a round.

    I did call back, this rep said my 11 weeks was counted from the 21st when IS received it (BS) and to call back Tuesday if there is no refund by Monday. I did specifically ask if someone was working on it. He told me “it’s bounced around a bit but it’s in someone’s hand, they are manually working on it as of now. They were assigned the 25th of April.” I know this is the case with a lot of IS forms this year and I kind of want to know why? Why are they essentially being refused and re-assigned? Then we are told bs stories and “well, you have to wait the allotted time.” Why? So lazy IRS workers can’t put off doing their jobs until the last minute? The we basically get our refunds AFTER the “allotted time?” I don’t get it.

    Anyhow, everyone have a good day. I will try and be happy despite the SNOW again here in CO LOL.

    #18449 Reply


    I’ve been following this blog for quite some time now and i really thought I’d have my return by now! We filed 2/13 with IS form and were accepted 2/15. Our 11 weeks is this Friday. I called the irs a week ago and she said it was STILL processing but our 11weeks was May 3. Called today and she Said it could take up to 14 weeks . But i thought that was only for people who mailed theirs. She said its looking more like mid May. I really am so frustrated with this!

    #18448 Reply


    @brokeandfrustrated good for you I hope you get some satisfaction.
    @katmill2369 tomorrow is our 11th week, give them hell! I am with ya, I too hope tomorrow will bring a change, however I don’t have any confidence in the wmr because last year I finally got my refund and wmr was never updated it still said “still processing…blah blah. I stopped checking after a couple of weeks.

    Can you really imagine how many people are really out there going through the same thing. It is just a few of us who responded to this. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon this site. But I know this sight should be given to someone in Congress to look at. I am in California and will probably try to send it to our Congressman today.

    @mikeisajerk please let us know when you get your refund.

    #18447 Reply


    He y guys, called the IRS last night, got a wonderful rep who said that my 11 weeks is this week, and weny ahead and sent an inquiry. He also said that he did see a request for the release of the hold from 2008, since we did not owe anything that year. He said once the inquiry is sent that the IS has 30 days to contact me, but he told me to keep calling back. He wad very helpful, or as helpful as he could be with the information. He also encouraged me to contact the main office of my TA department if my rep didn’t call me back.

    On a funnier note, he mentioned that some of thr IRS reps were lazy and didn’t want to look information up, and that if I got one like that to keep calling back. Too bad we don’t get the extensions of these nice people, would sure make it easier….

    #18446 Reply


    Hi all! NOTHING here. Nada. Tried calling the offset number this morning, talked to a rep, was told they have no info as the IRS hasn’t released anything yet. Called the IRS, talked to a bitchy, rude rep who told me I had to wait my 11 weeks (duh) to which I responded well, that’s tomorrow hunny, she put me on hold and was like yes it is so call back tomorrow. I asked if there were any updates on my account she said the last update was April 25th. I asked if that meant that was when they started working on it, as I was told it was finally assigned last week, she told me “I don’t know, we can’t see that kind of information.” Then hung up on me. Ugh.

    On an interesting note, I don’t know if ya’ll remember my once a week on your cycle date theory, but April 25th was a Thursday and my cycle date is a Thursday….so I’m hoping tomorrow will be an update on WMR. If nothing else I’ll call back and hopefully get a nicer rep.

    Refund dust to all!! @brokeandfrustrated I hope you get some good news today!!

    #18445 Reply


    @tireofwaiting99: Yes I have the TA’s name and ID number and have included it on the authorization form I am getting ready to fax to the congressman. Also faxing the documents to the TA that she claims the IRS needs. The documents that we were NEVER told that they needed because there was NO problem with our return. Lol :) Heading out to do some faxing, have a great day everyone!

    #18444 Reply


    Hi y’all. I have been following this post for awhile now and figured i would share my story. my husband and i filed our taxes with h&r block on jan 31st. we sent in the injured spouse form with it (this is our first year). the injured spouse department did not get a hold of it until feb 14th, but was also told that it wasnt assigned to someone until feb 19th. was told 2 different things…that the 11 weeks was counted from feb 14th and also from feb 19th. i have been calling pretty consistently for a few weeks now. i called twice last week and this past monday just to get all the same answers “its still being processed they have untilt he 11 weeks to finish”. then i called today because i got very angry haha. i did however receive different info today. the lady told me that its in the final stage as of april 25th and that a check is usually mailed out 7-10 days from that date. why no one else could tell me that the other times i called i dont know. lets hope this is true….

    #18443 Reply


    @brokeandfrustrated do you all of the TA’s names and numbers anything from them? Especially the TA you spoke with that said there were not any problems. I would give that information to the congressman too!

    I am so fed up I may never vote on a national level again (Emotions Talking Here).

    It is our tax dollars paying their salarys.

    #18442 Reply


    @tiredofwaiting99: I think the media should know about this website and do a little bit of reading here and see how the IRS is just flat out lying to people and hanging on to money that does not belong to them. So many people here have posted about the different stories they have gotten from the various IRS reps and TA’s that they have spoken with. I totally despise dishonesty! People that work for the government make very good money for the most part. They don’t get paid to sit on their behinds and lie to us!! I heard back from a rep in my Congressman’s office a bit ago and she emailed the consent form for the Congressman to be able to make an IRS inquiry on our behalf. So I will fax that to his local office tomorrow along with the documents I have to fax to the TA. I am praying that he can help. It is totally inexcusable for the IRS to tell us two weeks ago that there is no problem with our return and we should have our refund soon, then the TA to tell us last week that it’s processed and just sitting there and she will expedite the refund, then for TA to call us back a week later and say that there is a problem. They need to get their stories straight!!! Ugh!!!

    #18441 Reply


    Thank you so much @brokeandfrustrated for being our Champion! I am tempted to tell CNN about this.

    #18440 Reply


    Thank you @purple33!

    #18439 Reply


    Hi Everyone. I contacted my congressman this morning. We will see if he can help. I told him everything, dates of calls, what we have been told, etc. I pray he can help us. I also let him know of all the people on here on this website who filed way back in January and still haven’t received their refunds and how our local news actually reported on how “smoothly” the IRS said tax season is going this year, which all of us here on this website know is a lie. I really appreciate everyone’s prayers for those of us who are having serious financial hardships. Your prayers mean a lot. Thank you. God bless all of you!

    #18438 Reply


    @tiredofwaiting99 I would wait on the TA and call your congressman or senator. They may be able to help you with out a TA or if they think you need a TA assign one to you and get the ball rolling faster than you applying. That is just mho. If you read my post yesterday you can see why I say that.

    @brokeandfrustrated & aoldenburg83 & tat2dmusicgurl heart felt prayers for you and your families. The only advice I have is don’t give up! Call everyone, who cares if you annoy them this is your life and it’s bs that they can’t get you at least some of your money to get you out of the situation. Tell the TA, congressperson, or senator that you need at least some of the refund to be able to live.

    @purple33 Congrats!!!!

    @waiting13 my check was mailed from San Fransisco on Friday and was in the mail yesterday (I am in Arizona). Hang in there it is coming. :)

    #18437 Reply


    @ whatthebleep and everyone. I would be happy to do so.
    I was having a great deal of problems with the IRS. The second to last time I called them I told them that I was having financial issues (my gas was going to be turned off). The IRS person started the process for a TA including filing out the TA forms and put in an order for a TA from St. Louis to call me with in 5 days that was on a Friday. That following Monday a TA called me and asked me about my situation, gave me a fax number to send the shut off notice to, and told me she would start having the IRS expedite my account and that they had 5 to 7 days to finish. I sent the notice. The TA then called me back that day and confirmed that she got the notice and was having the IRS process my account as fast as possible. That all happened around the 15th of this month. I kept contact with the TA she would call me back with in one business day. On the 19th I called and she said the next Monday or Tuesday the account would be finished and the system should DD into my account. She told me to call if the DD didn’t show up? I called her Monday and said the DD did not post. She then returned my call on the 24th and said that a check was cut and would be sent. She explained to me that the check was faster because a DD would take up to 2 weeks to process and she wanted me to get relief sooner. My TA said that it should only take 2 to 3 days to get to me since the check was processed in my city (Kansas City, Mo), but she had to tell me to wait 7-10 days. I waited and the check didn’t come in 2 days so I called the IRS. The IRS did confirm that a check was cut on 4/23. I looked on the internet and found that the IRS neglected to tell me that the check would not be mailed until that Friday the 27th. I got my check this Monday the 29th.

    The best I can say is be your own advocate and also I was very lucky. My TA was helpful and compassionate. I am afraid that many may not be. I hope this helps. I have posted a link regarding finding the local TA office in your state last week. If that doesn’t help you, please let me know. I will try to find phone numbers for you. Hang in there. Also if you live in a community state their may be a great more headache. I am lucky I live in Missouri, which has a faster processing time…

    #18436 Reply


    @brokeandfrustrated, I am so angry for you, this is ridiculous, I have lost all confidence in our government, but not in God, I am praying for a miracle for you. I can’t believe this, one excuse after another. This is beyond ridiculous. Those TAs just saying anything to get you off of the telephone. I am happy for all those who have recently received their refunds. Is there a local IRS office in your city that you can go too? and fax your information from there? They will do it free I am sure if you explain what is going on.

    I am livid about this @brokeandfrustrated call who ever you need to call and give them HELL :-(

    @whatthebleep it is very noble for you to hang in there and be concerned with everyone else getting their refunds and getting information for everyone. God will bless you for your efforts and your compassion.
    I don’t know what to do at this point, I don’t know if I should get a TA after this or not. I don’t want anymore delays either.

    No confidence in the IRS.

    #18435 Reply


    @purple33 since you had a successful TA experience would you mind giving everyone a recap of your stories process including your dates and correspondence between you and your TA? I think it might be of great help to those that don’t really know how the TA process CAN go.

    #18434 Reply


    @purple33 ok thank you I will wait patiently :)

    #18433 Reply


    @tat2dmusicgirl Hang in there. I know how you feel. That’s what we are here for so rant away…. now that you hit 11 weeks be a thorn in their side! Good luck!

    #18432 Reply


    @waiting13 you probably want a check. Believe it or not the check is faster this year. My TA insisted for me to have a check because a DD would take an additional 2 weeks to process in the system. The checks can be cut at an office close to you and send to you within 2-5 days. It makes no sense so make sure they send you a check…

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