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    Comments from the the 2013 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    My story…Submitted taxes through TurboTax on 01/30/13. Finally accepted on 02/14/13 due to Education Tax Credit delay. Checked WMR for a few weeks and it stayed on processing. Checked again on 03/11/13 and received the dreadful notice that refund has been applied to past tax obligations. Filled out form 8379 on 03/13/13 and mailed it in. Form recieved by IRS on 03/15/13. Waited patiently until 05/10/13. I called on 05/10/13 and sat on hold for 1 hour. Finally spoke to an agent and he said that the system shows that all needed paperwork has been received, my case just hasn’t been assigned to anyone yet. He said that he’d go ahead and assign it to himself and take care of it that night or Monday. I called back on 05/31/13 and another agent researched my case and all paperwork that is needed is there but it hasn’t been assigned to anyone >.< He took my number and put in a referral. However, I’m not holding my breath since he said “they” have up to 45 days to call me back.

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    Called TA for a referral and was contacted last Friday. We we’re told our money was “stuck” in the system. TA put a code in to force our refund to post back to the IRS from Financial Management and that it had to be done by June 4. Hoping it won’t take to much longer to be direct deposit to our account. TA said our injured spouse was assigned to someone over 6 different times. This has been a very frustrating process!!!!

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    Hi All,

    I had filed electronically form 8379 by accident and did not realize this until I was told by IRS rep that I had this form which would take 11-14 weeks. My accepted date is March12th – It is close to 12 weeks and still waiting. Please let me know what actions I should be taking, not sure if I should order any transcripts and done by others in this forum – My IRS refund status shows as still being processed. rgds, prithvi

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    Hello, I thought I’d share my latest IRS drama and see if anyone has some advice.

    We mailed our tax and injured spouse end of Feb. Injured spouse however didn’t show up until 4/4. Not quite sure how that happened but we we’re told that it was being processes as being received separate and was given an 8 week time frame. Called today and spoke with someone in injured spouse and was told that in the beginning of may our last names kicked out a red flag since they are different…..keep in mind we have been filing this way for 7 years. Then we are told that our 8 week wait will actually start today. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Time and time again we have been told that there are no problems with the injured spouse……time and time again we are told that we should have our money today. Does anyone think that the tax advocate service might be of some help?

    We don’t live in a community property state and my spouse is the only one that works. I just feel like we have been given the run around time and time again and it is soooooo frustrating!!!!!

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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been lurking for about a week now. We filed 1/29, accepted not long after (I’m blanking on the date I think it was 2/3) and on 2/17 WMR changed to say it had been intercepted and sent to debts.
    We filed IS 2/18. A week later we received the letter that basically said they had what they needed, don’t call unless you have a question, we’ll be in touch etc.

    We’ve been semi-regularly checking WMR but not obsessively because we expected we’d get a letter from the IRS. Randomly I checked on 5/19 and it changed to “We have received your tax refund and it is being processed.”

    I called the offset number and it still says it’s been allocated to debts (totally the entire refund).

    We’re going on 16 weeks from when we originally filed our return, 14 weeks from filing IS.

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    @lisa120484 I dont know your situation but you might want to try what I did because I am horrified to say they had an error in calculating my numbers! Read entire story below!

    @KissMyAsthma thank you for your advice and I think my husband was on the same page as you although I had given up the idea of spending another hour or two on the phone with IRS.

    Got home from work Tuesday and hubby was already on the phone with IRS for 45 minutes, he had already been transferred once. He said its best I talk to the next operator cause I prepped our taxes and know our numbers better. The operator was extremely rude and semi racist. She told me several times “I will repeat this one more time since you dont understand english well” “That is not a proper sentence” etc. I have an accent but most people around me assume I have been raised in the US since I am fluent at speaking English, so this was new to me. I think that was her strategy to make me feel bad and hang up. She kept throwing three numbers at me (which I realized probably appear on her computer screen and that is all she knows about my account) I kept repeating “the math doesnt add up!” how can someone who earned 89% of the income get less taxe refunded to them than someone who only made 11% of the income. She said its the education credits. I said we already subtracted that and it still has over a grand missing. She kept subtracting the education credits TWICE! Eventually when I said lets work the sheet out together she said she will transfer me over to another department “the ADVANCED Injured Spouse”. But she continued snickering and laughing saying “trust me you are not going to get a dime more. You owe a debt and you must pay it”
    My luck at the other department was much better. The lady on the phone was really nice. She said she doesnt trust other people’s math and will do it all over again. She also had access to all my documents. Within 2 seconds of looking at it I kid you not she said “you have been underpaid, there is a mistake” She tells me I am getting well over a grand that was taken by mistake. Now here is the issue they need to fix something in their system IT related which will take 3 to 4 weeks. Then they will reenter my numbers and send me the difference. The lady was kind enough to give me her name and ID number and said she will put enough notes in my account so people will know what is going on.

    Sorry for the long story but you can see how horrible it is that someone is rude to us and mistreating all of us and guess what they don’t even know what they are talking about. Their basic math is messed up and they cant add up numbers! I’ll say everyone please rework and verify your numbers!

    Also the old nice lady said they didn’t touch most of the Injured spouse cases till May! So there you go it is confirmed that they just didn’t touch them! So much for telling us to wait 11 weeks! Might as well say we dont touch them instead of us making us wait on hands and knees everyday!

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to update… I checked WMR and it stated our refund was processed and we would be receiving our refund today and if it is not received by the 27th then to call our bank. I called the offset line after checking WMR to see how much was offset to the VA on my husband’s behalf and it gave two amounts… the amounts totalled our entire refund! So I guess it’s safe to say we wont get anything back. So depressing! Has anyone else experienced this or is there still hope we might get something? This was our first, and hopefully last, year filing injured spouse. In a way I guess it’s good if they take our whole return, though we could have used it definitely, but at least the debt will get paid off quicker (just trying to think positive), but were still pretty upset about it.

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    @s_m i would call them. ask for them for the following be. this is straight from their website. if you want to google it i typed in ” irs irm” then select “refund offset”. its like a manual for their people to follow. good luck

    When the taxpayer disagrees or does not understand the injured spouse allocation by the IRS:

    If you work at a remote call site, and you don’t have access to CIS to view the Form 8379 Allocation Worksheet or do not work injured spouse allocations, transfer the call to 92035 Application 35 if it meets the criteria in paragraph 8 below.

    If you work injured spouse allocations, verify the Form 8379 Allocation Worksheet. After verifying the allocation is correct, send the taxpayer a copy of the Form 8379Allocation Worksheet. The Form 8379Allocation Worksheet should be on the CIS case file, if not pull the Form 8379 Allocation Worksheet.

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    So I got my refund!!! The date vanished and two days later it was in my hand which was Friday 17th of May.

    Now I have to ask you all’s opinion on this one. My husband had education credits and his income was only 5% of our total income. I was expecting a certain amount after they take away the entire education credit. Turns out they took the same amount of refund away as the amount that got refunded to me. My confusion is how can someone who made 95% of the income gets the same amount as the person who made 5% and gave up their share to the govt? Am I being insane here? I am planning to contact IRS and ask them for an explanation but a part of me wants to just give up. What do you all think?

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    Thanks for the hope KissMyAsthma I have been thinking the same thing myself but cant hardly bring myself to wish too much… I just don’t understand why they do things so many different and confusing ways….????

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    TreeStone, from what i have heard when that message about refund date… is nolonger there you should be getting ur refund in a matter of days. it seems some people will be getting DD tomorrow. hopefully u will be part of that group.

    FYI the irs will be closed this friday, their call center and all their agents. no returns or anything for that matter will be processed that day.

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    Yesterday was 2 weeks that my case was closed. I called last thursday and she told me that it was closed 5/6 and then sent to the computer 5/7 so today will make it 2 weeks today that it was in the computer. It was supposed to give me a DD date by today. Saturday my WMR changed and the italics about the date will be posted when available was gone and it said my return was being processed……. STILL NOTHING!!!!!!! Has anyone else dealt with the WMR not changing right? What does it mean?

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    Efiled & accepted: 02/28
    IS form mailed: week of 03/11
    WMR changed from offset info to “processing”: 05/11
    Rcvd letter from IRS stating new refund amount: 05/16 (letter also said check would arrive in 2-3 weeks)
    Check rcvd from IRS: 05/20

    WMR is still showing “processing” and was never updated again. I had originally asked for my refund to be DD but received a check instead. Good luck to all of those still watiing!!

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    Well, at some point over the weekend, or Friday, the offset line is now showing the amount being sent to the DOE, and a date of the 22nd. I am hoping that that means that we will also receive our portion of the refund on the 22nd. Here’s hoping! So glad to hear that the battle is over for many of you, and I am still fighting with those of your who haven’t seen anything.

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    Hi, I have been reading the post on this thread for a few weeks. We E-filed with H&R block (with 8379 form) on 02/16 …..the IRS accepted 02/20. We are now past our 13 th week….called and called. We got a letter from IRS yesterday with the refund amount we will be getting. Letter states give the payment 4 to 6 weeks to be sent. They must be nuts. This our first year filing IS so it has been a hot mess. Please let me know if anyone got same type of letter if so how long did it take to get refund sent to you. thanks in advance

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    Very nice!!!

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    My WMR changed too! It says DDD on the 22nd! Woohoo!

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    Update, finally! :)


    Filed electronically and accepted 2/8
    Referral requested at 11 weeks
    WMR updated 5/18 with a DDD of 5/22

    A few tips for those hitting the 11 week mark:

    When you call the IRS and ask for a referral, make sure you tell them you are having a monetary hardship, and give them examples (behind on bills, overdue on rent, etc.) …if they document these hardships with the referral, you will get a call back within 5 business days. If they do not document any hardships, you could be waiting 30 days for a TA to return your call. Once you do speak with a TA, as long as everything seems fine with your return he/she should tell you that they are giving the IRS a deadline to complete processing, along with a follow up date that they will call you back on, and another date that everything should be wrapped up by.

    As others have said, if your TA doesn’t call (or is a slacker like the IRS person handling your return) call your local congressman. Sometimes that’s just what it takes to put a boot in their arse.

    Anyway, a bit over 14 weeks but it looks like we’re all set. Hoping that the money shows up earlier than the DDD, like it did for a few last week.

    Hang in there everyone!

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    I have been reading the posts on this thread for weeks now and just waiting for my return, but got tired today as it’s been 14 weeks since my return was accepted and no news. I called the irs through one of the numbers and ext listed above and the very rude woman told me that my refund with IS form had been processed on Monday and that I would see my return in 2-3 weeks. I tried to kill her with kindness and she was still irratible and short with me. Anyway, my question is has anyone been told the same thing, that their refund had been processed and they had to wait 2-3 weeks and it actually was true? I hate to get my hopes up only to be let down. Thanks.

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    I started lurking around this forum a few weeks ago and am quickly growing concerned and intimidated as I read all of your “horror” stories.
    Let me preface that this is the first time I have ever had to file an IS Form. Our tax situation has some less than common elements and I thought a letter and supporting documentation might make my Injured Spouse claim that much stronger. As such, I **MAILED** our joint tax return along with the IS Form and supporting documentation on March 8, 2013. About a week later, the WMR tool updated with the standard message about my return being processed.

    I am wondering if there was anyone else crazy enough (I claim ignorance) to have paper-filed their return and IS Form and can tell me how long they had to wait or continue to wait for a refund.

    I have yet to make a single call to the IRS but after reading so many comments, I suspect I need to get on the bandwagon. What has been the most successful phone number that everyone has been calling?

    Thanks to everyone for their advise and support.

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    Well, spoke to my TA earlier. He said the IRS rep handling our case processed it by the deadline he gave them (5/8) but that he couldn’t see anything more, as it was “tied up” in the system. He said most things post between Wed-Fri each week, so he’s hoping to see an update with a DD soon. Unfortunately, he said it could takes weeks though for the system to release a date. Tomorrow is 14 weeks, he said he’d call us back on the 30th of this month, which will put us at 16 weeks since the return was accepted. He makes no guarantees that we’ll even have a DD at that time, it could take another few weeks beyond that point. So we may be looking at 20+ weeks for our return, which he assured us was error free and simply being held up because “the IRS is behind.” We’re not holding our breath anymore. Right now, we’ll be suprised if we get it by the end of summer the way things are going. This is complete nonsense.

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    Hi everyone! Like others, I have been following for some time now. Your comments have been such a help to me! I have decided to tell everyone about my story and hopefully some of you will be able to lead me in the right direction.

    We filed on 2/6 but had the education tax credit so it was subbmitted to the IRS on 2/14. However, they didn’t accept it until 2/28. This being my second year filing IS, I knew it would take around 8 weeks…as it did last year. After not hearing from the IRS around 8 weeks, I decided to call them. THye gave me the same old “11 weeks” crap. That being said, today, 5/16 would be 11 weeks from 2/28. I called on 5/14 to make sure there weren’t any issues. THe rep I spoke with said on 5/12 someone was in my account and I sould receive my refund in 2-4 weeks. Say what??? You’re kidding right? So, I called back on 5/15 because I figured I could talk to someone more helpful. No such luck. They said to wait an additional 4 weeks. Thinking my check would be in the mail to today, it was a total let down when it wasn’t. I was like a little girl in the window waiting for our mailman. So I call the IRS again. The rep was so rude to me!!!! He said, “ma’am what did they tell you the last time you called?” Ummm…excuse me? I’m pretty sure my tax dollars are paying your hourly wage, so you work for me right? I was so frustrated that I hung up and tried to keep the tears from rolling down my face. I don’t want my 4 year old to see me this upset. As of right now, my checking account is in the negitive, we’re about to get evicted, and my sons birthday is on the 19th :(

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    Per the IRS and IS Offset they received monies yesterday which is strange because I have heard that the IRS only mails checks out on Fridays which I assume they will do this week. The Offset line say they received monies 5/15/13. I am not sure how the monies are disbursed to those debtors i.e. Student Loans are Child Support agencies if it is by wire or check. I have been told that the IRS sends out checks once a week and only on Fridays which means that they will mail out my check this Friday which is the 17th. I don’t understand how the offset place said a dollar amount was “applied 5/15/13” and the IRS Rep told me my IS portion was released 5/15/13. Totally confused as to when it was mailed. As of yesterday there was nothing in my mail but I am hopeful it will comes ASAP :-)

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    Thanks @tiredofwaiting99. I agree we should not have to go through this crap. I don’t plan on ever filing an injured spouse form again. I will do married filing separately from now on….Have you gotten your refund yet?

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    I am so happy for you @brokeandfrustrated you had to go through so much to get your refund. We are taxpaying citizens we should not have to go through this crap. It is no wonder that the IRS is catching hell now.

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    Good news finally! :) Our refund was in the bank this morning, as the TA told us it would be. Not that I am praising our TA, because she wasn’t doing crap until we got in touch with our congressman. Only then did she do her job. I highly recommend getting it touch with your congressman or senator. Had we not done that, we would not have even been aware that there was a problem with our return that the IRS didn’t bother to tell us about and it would still be sitting there untouched. Thank God this long wait is over!! Praying that everyone gets their money soon! God bless! :)

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    Congrats to those that have gotten their refunds!

    Friday will be 14 weeks here. The WMR has not changed, and our TA is supposed to call tomorrow with an update. He gave the IRS until last Thursday to “wrap it up” but apparently the woman assigned to it is still painting her nails or something along those lines. Hopefully our TA has some good news for us.

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    UPDATE: I called the IRS yesterday and spoke to a nice lady named Mrs. Walker she told me that we should be receiving a DD on 05/15. She also told me two amounts, one is coming to us and the other is going to an offset amount. I explained to her why we filed the IS and that we have payment arrangements set up with the school loan department. She said that’s a misconception that people have. She said even though we have arrangements set up there is still nothing stopping them from taking the refund. She said there is a debt indicator attached to my SSN and if I can get them to take that off then they will not take our refund anymore.

    This morning I looked in my bank account and the money was there :) FINALLY! But the wired thing is before I checked my bank account I checked the WMR website and it still said WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR TAX RETURN AND IT IS BEING PROCESSED. Which is a complete lie because we have our money!!!!

    So I called the offset number to find out where the other part of our refund went. And of course it went toward our school loans like Mrs. Walker said. So I then proceed to call them and told them that we are set up on a payment plan every month but our refund was still taken. The rep said that she will send us a financial hardship form to fill out and we may be able to get part of our money back. She also look at our account and said that she see that we are making payments and that will work in our favor. So I have another battle coming up. Hopefully we will get a portion of that back. Me and my husband talked about it last night and even though we should let them keep it so that can go toward our loans but will need some of that money back to pay our bills.

    Filed electronic taxes: 02/20/2013
    Taxes accepted by IRS: 02/21/2013
    Called the Injured Spouse # to have them process: 05/06/2013
    Taxes Received: 05/15/2013

    I would suggest that you keep calling them to get a answer because apparently the WMR site is not updated every night like they say its suppose to be!

    I want to wish everyone out there GOOD LUCK and hopefully you will receive you taxes as well!!!!!!!!!

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    excuse my typos I mean then you know your portion is coming!

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    @brokeandfrustrated have you been checking the offset number daily? 1-800-304-3107. When they receive the date the IRS will issue the allocation for the offset, you will also have a date available for your portion too. I called this Monday and got the information on the offset number that will receive $$$$$ May 15th. I also called 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 or 462 number yesterday and they told me my portion amount and a date of May 15th that it would be released. I am assuming checks are mailed Fridays right.

    Keep checking the offset number. Until you hear “we have received an offset for” then you will not your portion is coming.

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    Our TA called yesterday and gave us a DDD of May 16th, so hopefully our money will be in the bank tomorrow. I am not counting on anything at this point, I will believe it when I call the bank in the morning and the money is there. After all the lies we have been told I don’t believe anything the IRS says, but it seems getting in touch with our congressman did help move things along, because the TA wasn’t doing crap until he got involved. Praying hard that our refund will be in our account tomorrow morning! Good luck to all of you still waiting.

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    I had a very similar situation as @atozmom.

    I mailed in my injured spouse form after the tax return was submitted. According to the IRS, it was in their system as of 03/10/13. I called once which is when I got that date and didn’t bother after that after reading these posts.

    I got a check in the mail today for the exact amount I was expecting. “Where’s my Refund” did change from “your tax return has been offset for past debt” to “your return is being processed” (which it still says). I am not sure when since I had given up checking a week or two ago.

    So, I think that may be a good sign when it changes!

    Good luck everyone who is still waiting – hopefully money is coming your way any day.

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    UPDATE: Since I last talked to the IRS on May 6 the WMR site changed our status to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” on Saturday. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing……I just hope we get some type of answer this week. More than likely I will be giving them a call on Wednesday!!! I am really tired of all the B.S. the government is putting us through!!

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    Anybody else with a refund date of 5/15 get theres today? @liedtoagain did you get yours too??

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    Got my full refund today. WMR updated Saturday and gave me a DDD of 5/15. Money was deposited 7:30 this morning. Good luck to you all

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    I just called the offset number, and got the same message as always, that our refund is subject to offset. That’s all it says, no amount or anything. I find it strange that child support doesn’t have their share yet since the congressman’s rep told me we will have our refund by this Friday. My husband is on a payment plan for his child support arrearage, is it possible they are not going to intercept his part of the refund because of the payment plan? I don’t know what to think now. I guess when the congressman’s rep calls me today I am going to have a lot of questions for her. She told me she would have the amount of our refund for us today, so that will tell us whether they offset it or not.

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    Well they closed my case last Monday, still nothing on WMR and frustration is at an all time high…. I am hoping there is a chance they will mail a check… the person i talked to last Monday told me it would be resolved in 4 to 5 days…. then i called back Thursday last week and that lady told me 3 to 4 weeks…. ugh…it’s even worse knowing that it is all done and STILL not here yet… i am going on 14 weeks now… Prayers would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    called the offset number and it told us the amount taken away and to expect our refund by 5/15!!

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    Got an update! Finally! I have orange lines saying May 16th, Woo Hoo :) Never even thought to check it on a Sunday… So now my question is does it or will it come sooner than that??

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    So you have had updates on the WMR site on the weekends? How often is the site updated I wonder?

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    Just got a ddd. Been following this forum since the beginning just didn’t have anything to say till now. Filed on 2/7 accepted on 2/14. This morning woke up to a ddd on 5/16. On my 11 week I called and had a referral put in and it will be two weeks since referral on the day I get dd

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    I had a change on WMR this morning just like @jfsphotos. The italics telling me a refund date will be provided when available is gone. It still says return is being processed and the amount is still there. Is this a good sign? It is the first change since early March.

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    Just wanted to give an update on my status. Filed first week of March and then received the offset notice on WMR. Mailed IS form on 03/11. Not counting the week that the form was mailed, this is just the end of my 8th week waiting. Today WMR changed from the offset notice to simply say “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” All o the offset information is gone, yay! I hope that means that WMR will actually update again with a DDD. I also did receive the offset notice from the Treasury Dept in the mail shortly after filing.

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    A little update, today the italics in wmr telling me about a dd date where gone. Is that good or bad?

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    Filed and Accepted 2/10 WMR updated this morning supposed to be deposited may 15th. It says I’m receiving full amount. The debt is from my wife’s student loans and she had zero income. I seen some others were in similar situations and I thought I’d share.

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    Update !!! Wheres my refund has my Orange Bars back and says My refund will be deposited On May 15th. And I could not be happier !!!

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    Still no update here but the congressman’s rep said the IRS told her we would have our refund by May 17th. I would think that WMR would have given us a DDD by now though so I am kind of worried.

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    Called offset number today 1-800-304-3107 they got the offset date and gave me the amount. I know my chedda is on the way yipppeeeeee!

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    UPDATE !!!!
    I called the IRS And asked about the New York Times Article Today by Jonathan
    Weisman Titled: ” I.R.S. Apologizes to Conservative Groups Over Application Audits”
    The article States,
    WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service is apologizing to Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations for what it now says were overzealous audits of their applications for tax-exempt status.
    Lois Lerner, the director of the I.R.S. division that oversees tax-exempt groups, acknowledged on Friday that the agency had singled out nonprofit applicants with the terms “Tea Party” or “patriots” in their titles.
    “We made some mistakes; some people didn’t use good judgment,” she told reporters on a conference call. “For that we’re apologetic”
    How would the IRS know what our political affiliations are ?
    In IRS internal Revenue service manuals state that the 4th amendment doe not apply to email and admits to reading our emails . (if you dont believe me please simply google it)

    I wrote a script of the exact statement and question that I asked and here it is…
    feel free to use it, if it helps you.

    “I filed my tax return approximately 13 weeks ago and I was reading in the New York Times today that the IRS had apologized to conservative groups over application audits based on the political beliefs of those organizations.
    My question is, Is My individual return being delayed because it is subject to additional review based on MY political beliefs?”

    The Rep I spoke with then took my information put me on hold, when she cane back her reply was.
    ” Thank you for holding I do appreciate your patients, I don’t show that your return is being reviewed I actually show that your return is going to be deposited on the 15th of this month ” ….I then thanked her and politely ended the phone call.

    I had called the day before and was treated like a bothersome piece of garbage..
    I will update on the 15th when she said my deposit was due!
    Good luck too all !

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    i found this forum couple of days ago and just got around to register. my wife is behind on her school loans and had no other choice than to file IS form since we opened a small business and have our second little girl on the way. this is our first year filing the form with out return. it got accepted 2/25 and our 11 weeks should be this monday so here’s me crossing my fingers.

    thank you all for sharing all this info that has allowed me to set realistic goals as to when we might see the money.

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