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    Comments from the the 2013 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    This is our 3rd year filing IS. I e-filed it with our federal return through Turbo Tax myself. I filed & it was accepted on Feb 7th 2013…I am still getting the ‘your return is being processed’ message on the WMR site. Anyone else file around Feb 7th & receive their refund yet?

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    Hi has anyone recieved their refund

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    Neena – Honestly, both work; it’s really a matter of luck. We filed in late January and are supposed to get the money on Wednesday. We e-filed, both return and 8379 together, direct deposit. Did the same method last year, had our return in 3 1/2 weeks. The previous year, e-filed the return, MAILED in the 8379…and got the money in 10 1/2 weeks. So it’s with what works for you personally, I guess. Congrats on getting a deposit date!

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    Good morning!

    Just wanted to give some encouraging news to those who filed an 8379. This morning, after “only” 37 days since filing (early), the WMR tool updated from “Still processing” to a deposit date of Wednesday. This notes the first time in years of filing that the WMR tool has EVER actually reverted back to a deposit date after denoting the offset/processing, although last year we received our refund back after only 3 1/2 weeks after filing the 8379 (WMR never reverted back to a DDD or anything). This year will have been roughly 2 weeks longer, but we definitely aren’t complaining!

    …so there’s hope for you yet, they ARE slowly but surely working the 8379’s. Good luck to you all, thought that you could use some good news! =)

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    We electronically files on Jan 30th and accepted same day. I waited one week and personally mailed in my Injured spouse form. I waited two more weeks, called to verify that they recieved it. They had. And they said they already put in for a release of our money that was sent off to XXX. They said five days later that they will be releasing the money on March 11 2013 or before. So this year I’ve only waited six weeks total by mailing in my Injured spouse form. It always and I stress ALAWAYS took the 11 weeks if I electronically filed it with my tax return. Try it out, see for yourself. I am doing it this way from now on!

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    I am sick of this wait. I am still waiting for mine,

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    Has anyone got any good news yet?

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    Hi:) I filed my return and it was accepted on 2/14/13. I was able to order my transcripts about a week ago. This is my first year filing the 8379 and I’m just waiting patiently.

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    Okay, on the injured spouse facebook page there is an IS filer who has received her refund. Maybe they are processing more quickly this year???

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    You can order transcripts on the IRS web site. The theory is that if you can order the return one it is done processing. If you can and then order the account transcript it might give you more info. I have mine and it has a processing date of 2/25. I have been told that is my DD date but who trully believes what the IRS says.

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    I filed 2/11. I have no hopes of getting my refund before 11 weeks. This is my third year filing IS. I have never heard of transcripts. How do I order this? I requested to join the FB group.

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    I talked to the IRS last week and they told me that the date on my transcript was the date that they will release it to be paid. He said that for people without IS forms that is the DD and for us it is the date that it will be released for DD. I guess we will see soon since my date is next Monday and I have seen some that have today as the processing date. Anyone called them yet this week?

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    @Waiting in Nebraska
    I was able to order my transcript but I don’t think that means much. Even after they process the return it has to go through the injured spouse process. I’ve not heard of an injured spouse receiving their refund yet or even having wmr updated past the normal processing message. Who knows if they’ve even began processing injured spouse forms?… For all we know they won’t even start until a later date.

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    Filed on the 2nd. Still waiting… Still have the 21 days message on wmr…

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    A lot of people that filed around 31are seeing a change.in the wmr.it now says a date will be given whej they get one and no bars.is anyone ekse getting this now?

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    It has been said if you can order your transcripts you are closer to getting refund but I don’t think this is true for us.I am on a facebook page just for I s filers and there is some people on thrre that have gotten there transcripts and it tells you a break diwn of your tax refund and coads used and processing date but we haven’t seen yet if this date is actuall date or what.I’m following others on the page so I can see how this all works and we are hoping someone gers there return soon so we can have hope of things moving along quickly.if you have a facebook look up the page. It has helped, me a lot with questions.

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    What does it mean to get ‘transcripts’? Is this something I should try and get as well while waiting?

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    I don’t blame you. Waiting for them to process this thing is ridiculous.

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    This is my first time and I’m going to do my best to make it my last lol

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    I’ll update you guys if I hear anything. Unfortunately I haven’t yet.I was able to order my transcript and did about a week ago but I have not received it yet. WMR still gives the processing message with one orange bar. Nothing new there. This is my second year filing injured spouse. How many times have you guys filed injured spouse?

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    I am in the group in facebook and everyone there is great. My transcript says processing 2/25 but they told me that they have to do something before 2/18. I am not sure that I believe what the IRS says but it cant hurt to hope. We are 2 weeks into our 11 week (hopfully less) wait. I wonder what if going to happen this year. Keep us posted if you hear anything or get a DD.

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    I have tried to order transcripts but can’t. I think its due to my address being different now.I found a great group on facebook just for injured spouse filers.you both should check it out.its nice to follow other people in the same situation and I can’t wait to see one of them get there refund so I will have hope of the irs moving things quickly

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    I’ll wait with you guys. I filed and was accepted on 2/2. I was able to order transcripts tho I am not sure of the date that I did. I’m stuck in processing. I’ve heard nothing as to the status of my refund.

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    I really hope it does not take 11 weeks. I could use the money now. I am a bit nutty about checking to see what is going on but no one will give me any info. I was sctually told yesterday that they can take 20 weeks if they want to.

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    I’m waiting with you!I filed feb 4 was accepted feb 4th and all I see is processing. I don’t know about transcripts as of today.I hope this does not take the full eleven weeks

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