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    Comments from the the 2013 Refund Hunt by taxpayers who filed with Injured Spouse Form, Form 8379

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    InDiana Girl

    I filled IS also on 2/1 every time i called irs which was once a week i was told to wait my 11 weeks to call back finally today i called again and a very nice rep told me that my return was accepted on 2/1 and my IS form started processing as of 2/7 so almost 7 weeks this week, he also told me that it usually takes only 8 weeks to process so they should be done this week or next week after the IS form was done i should be put back to the DDD processing system which should take less than 10 days, total time frame before i get my refund would be about 2-3 weeks from now, i was so happy to hear that considering 2nd time i called i was also told i wouldn’t be done till lastweek of april…hope this help you out and good luck

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    No luck yet

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    I am still waiting as well. A little frustrated!

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    My husband and I filed injured spouse, but it was in error. He thought that because he was my spouse and that he is a disabled veteran (injured) that he was supposed to file that form. This was our first year filing on our own and we paper filed. It’s crazy because now we are waiting 11+ weeks and we really shouldn’t have to. I have asked many tax experts and they cant help. This is a burden.

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    Not yet

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    Injured spouse refund status update?

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    I filed and got accepted on 2/25 still nothing…. I really want my refund!!!

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    I filed 1/30/13 accepted 1/30/13 and still waiting.

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    Filed jan 31st and still nothing

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    I’m having trouble seeing the forum? All I can see is the original post. HELP!

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    I filed injured spouse on 2/15 and I am very confused as to what is going on.

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    Any updates?

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    I filed Feb. 1… still waiting :(

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    Injured spouse

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    Been waiting 6weeks

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    for some reason I can’t view this forum anymore, it only pulls up the reply page.

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    I’m still waiting…. :(

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    Tired of this BS

    Why can’t you get any information when you call about your refund?

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    I Filed 2/1 and I’m still waiting for my taxes after filing injured spouse :(

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    Still waiting

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    How are some of you who didn’t even get your injured spouse form turned in until after others have filed getting your returns so fast? I still haven’t heard a thing. :(

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    Well i sat on hold for about 30 mins or so talked to a rep she said that the case is closed and its set to give me a refund date on monday when it processes in there system. so i hope when i get a refund its sent next week but i will still plan for 2 weeks on it so at least i know that by next week i will have a date again Filed: 1-15 Accepted: 1-24 when i get a date i will post it Good luck to everyone waiting

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    Well I Filed on Jan 15th was accepted Jan 24th been watching this thread for about 3 weeks now. I ordered my Transcript from the IRS on March 12th and just got them today now I’m totally lost online it says still processing my Cycle date is 20130505 and it says my Recieved date is Apr 15 2013 but i have no hint or anything on a a refund what does this mean PLEASE HELP :( i need to pay off bills.

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    I don’t use facebook so if you guys get any updates don’t forget about me over here at IGMR :) good luck on your refunds!

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    Any news with you guys?

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    @ella there is a number to speak w/ a human on the green tab that says contacts..when you call don’t say anything about inj. Spouse just say you are trying to find out the status of your return since its been over 21 days.. They will transfer you to an agent that will be able to pull up your return and make sure it was received..

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    I filed my last week after receiving the paper work. I am just waiting to a few weeks to call the IRS. Is there a specific number to call.

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    Hey just to give you guys a heads up someone named @YooHoo2013 received his refund today ..he filed his on 1/30 was accepted 1/31 and got it today just shy of seven weeks he says, so just to give everyone waiting some hope..also I heard there is supposed to be a big update tonight..let us know if any of you guys hear anything or get any updates please :)

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    still waiting

    Thank you, Whatthebleep . I will keep you guys updated.

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    @still waiting your cycle date is march 28 so maybe you will see something? Stay positive I’m sure it will come soon :)

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    still waiting

    I was accepted on 01/25/2013, and had to wait till 2/14 due to the 8863. I ordered my transcripts on 2/22/2013 had processing date of 03/11/2013 and cycle date of 20130805. I called IRS last week and they told me it will be awhile before I see a DD date.

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    Oh I really hope you see something soon @t..if it goes by whats trending I think you will get a dd next week..but it’s injured spouse…and it’s the irs…so you never know..but I’m crossing my fingers for all of you guys :)

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    I hope so. It seems like those that filed theirs after being offset are getting done first. I have seen a few with cycle date 0505 getting their DD for the 20th. I am a cycle date of 06/05. Maybe that means soon but not going to bank on it.

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    Stephanie Ramey

    We filed Jan 17, excepted Jan 30. Got intercepted Feb 8.mailed injured spouse and was received the 13th of February. Was told since already filed initially that my wait time should be 8-10 weeks instead of 12-16 still nothing on it or what happening with it.

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    Thanks for the info @Charlie..I was wondering has anyone ordered transcripts? And if so, what was your processing date and cycle date? my processing date is march 18, and my cycle date is 20130905 which is 9 weeks after jan 30th and the 05 means a Thursday .some people are getting deposits on their cycle dates..so if that’s the case I should hopefully be getting a deposit on April 4th..just wanted to see if we could all compare ? Thanks :)

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    Filed electronically on 1/28 and my $ was taken due to federal student loans for my wife on 2/4. I mailed in an injured spouse form on 2/6. Called yesterday (3/18) just to make sure they received my paperwork and the lady from the IRS (who was very helpful) said they did receive my paperwork and I have a DD date of 3/26.

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    there is a great group on facebook, a closed group, injusred spouse tax filer group

    some great info and a great resource

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    I filed and was accepted 1/27, today is 7 weeks, called today and they said it is still being worked on, that I can call back every week to see but that it would probably be April 12th as my DD. we need our return for car repairs so we are ready to get it, and it would be nice to know exactly what we were getting back :/

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    I filed the same day as you. Haven’t received a thing. Called this morning and was told not to even bother calling until 11 weeks were up. This is the first time I’ve ever had to file because I just got married this past year and I had no idea it would take this long. I have bills due that I planned on paying this month with my tax return because I am switching jobs. :( I hope that we get a refund soon!

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    K thanks @t hopefully we hear something soon

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    Nope. Same old, same old!

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    Hey everybody still no updates here just wondering if anybody has gotten a dd yet

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    We e-filed through turbo tax on Jan 28, accepted the 30th. My bars dissapeared in the middle of February. I sent the injuried spouse form in BY ACCIDENT, electronically, because Turbo Tax carried it over from last year (which we didn’t end up needing it and had our taxes within 4 weeks last year.)

    Last week I finally got someone to look up my account and said that it was approved on the 12th of March and would take 2 weeks to be released into the system to be paid, so March 26th. At that point it’s only how long it takes to get DD or mailed. It should be DD so I am hoping a week after that. As long as I get it by April 6th.

    SOOOOOO mad when I saw that the stupid form carried over. I was told last year, even though some student loan stuff was fixed, to still file the form because they didn’t think it would be out of the system by tax time. I filed on February 20th and Recieved my refund in my bank by March 21st. Did not need the form. This year, even though there are no offsets it still needs to be processed and sit in the stupid department.

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    Any updates??

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    Tara Cook

    So I have been looking ALL over Facebook for the INJURED SPOUSE FILERS, can’t seem to find them. I e-filed my taxes this year through Turbo Tax online for free, I also sent the INjured Spouse form along electronically as well. Sumitted it on Feb.16th and it showed in WMR it was accepted Feb.18th. Then I lost all orange bars March 4th and now it is STUCK in Still Processing. I am still watching this site closely to see if ANYONE has received their REFUND this year that filed form 8379 with their taxes? I will check her daily for any update and if anyone can direct me to the Facebook page for INJURED PEEPS that would be great!

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    Nothing on my end either. Filed the second, accepted the second. I have been told it was accepted on the 31st of January (rolls eyes) and the fifth. I was able to order both return and account transcripts and know it is in the IS department. First year it took 8 weeks (paper return). Second year efiled and that was only six weeks. Still in processing and have called once a week for the past 3 weeks.

    On another note – I did file an amended return which included a Injured spouse form. The IS department received it on the 14th of February. On Monday I received a letter stating they increased the refund amount and I should get it within 2-3 weeks. I did call on this one to find out if that included the IS returns date. Was told it was set to be release on March 27 by 1 rep but it said it was in open control which implied IS still had its hands on it. So she sent me to IS department who said he only tells you if you qualify and it will take 11 weeks from the date on the letter. Called back the next day and to try and get a valid answer. The rep i could barely understand and was impatient and did not look anything up. Just said I would get it within 10 business days of the letter date. So I called again and the third rep was a little helpful but still no valid answers as to the actually date on that one.

    If I hear anything on either I will make sure to post. Some hope is better than no hope and I do keep hoping I will see more getting their returns filed.

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    I just waited on hold for an hour today and was told “no update, it takes 11 weeks.” My return was accepted on 1/27, so I’ll let you know if I get it before mid April.

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    Hi @jennifer we didn’t file until the 23rd so it’s going to be a while for us I dunno if you read @jaxguys info but he has been super helpful and gave us some hope of receiving ours a little quicker than the 11 weeks the irs says it will take and from what I have been reading injured spouse is going a lot smoother than the 8863 folks :(..hope you find out something soon

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