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    Filed with TT on 2/9
    Accepted on 2/9
    Pay fees upfront

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    Filed with TT 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Having the fees taken out of my return.
    Was pleasantly surprised to wake up today with a DDD of 2/22

    I know with SBTG they won’t typically release until the day before the DDD at the most, but I’m not worries about it. I wasn’t thinking I was going to a deposit for at least a week from there.

    Those of you who did not get a DDD, I”m sorry to hear it, I know how much this waiting game sucks. Hopefully you will be in the next batch. Fingers crossed!

    See you next year



    E-filed 2/9
    WMR updated on Wednesday (I believe) saying it’s been received and it’s processing
    Checked this morning and still at one bar

    Can’t check transcripts online because there’s some type of glitch.

    Was looking forward to seeing a DDD today.

    When’s the next update? :(



    Filed 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Approved 2/17
    DDD 2/22
    Bank with Chase

    Congrats to all of us who saw action this morning!!



    Filed 2/9 thru TT

    Accepted 2/9

    Approved 2/17; DDD of 2/22

    Getting loaded onto Turbo Prepaid Visa, with TT fees coming out of return.



    Filed and accepted 2/9, cleared path yesterday, Two bars and DDD of 2/22 this morning.

    I use BOA , and do not expect access to funds prior.



    WMR changed to refund approved, ddd 2/22
    Filed 2/9 with both credits



    Filed 2/10 accepted same day, still 1 bar and processing..no path…any one filed on the 10th get their $$ yet??



    Filed & accepted 2/9 with TT (paid fees upfront)
    Been at 1 bar ever since with tax topic 152
    I was able to order my transcripts via mail with my new address
    I have both eic & acct
    I’m hoping for a DD next week or 2/28 the latest. I’m supposed to go to Florida on 3/1 for vacation so it’d be really nice to have my $$ by then.



    @trista …I took your advice and tried to order my transcript online. I got myself locked out!! I guess I’ll just have to go back to impatiently waiting… sigh… :(



    Check your transcripts if you can. I checked mine earlier and poof, 846- 2/22/2018 DD date. WMR is still tax topic 152 with still processing message.




    Filed on 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    WMR updated (02/14) with DDD of 02/20/18

    HOWEVER, he has a definitive offset every year which absorbs his entire refund.



    I’m hoping for an update on Saturday. I don’t have any credits so I don’t see why I should have any issues. I have a High School Senior with all sorts of things to pay for!! Come IRS you’re killing me!!



    Filed with TT 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Having the fees taken out of my return.
    Still one bar tax topic 152 on WMR
    I am a weekly filer (at least I have been the last two years). Doubtful I will see an update this Saturday, but still secretly wishing I do.

    Good luck to all of us



    Thank you for the thread.

    Filed 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    2/10- updated to Tax topic 152, no bars
    Not able to order transcripts
    W2 and a 1099
    Filed at HRBlock Office
    Have the credits holding everything up.

    Is having the tax topic 152 a bad thing? Sorry. I usually file in April but filed early this year for the first time.



    Filed 2/9
    Received 2/12
    Approved 2/15 with DDD of the 20th.

    I was told by tax preparer not to expect the refund until the 1st of March so this is a pleasant surprise. Wishing everyone the same speedy refund!



    Filed 2/9 with TurboTax. Accepted same day.

    Still on first bar on WMF.



    Filed with TT Zero, so no fees to deal with.

    Filed and accepted 2/9, got acceptance message within minutes.

    I have CTC and EITC, had one bar Monday, PATH today.

    I honestly don’t expect my money for another two weeks. I have been efiling with direct deposit for over twenty yesrs, I have gotten my refund in as few as 6 days, buy never more than three weeks.



    Hello!! I’ve been waiting for this thread to pop up!! I filed 2/9 with TaxAct.

    Where’s my refund has 1 bar with tax topic 152. I’m impatiently waiting!! :)




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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.