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2/9 and still being processed

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      I filed and was accepted on 2/9. I updated last Saturday, the 19th, to still being processed on where’s my refund. My transcripts are still N/A and it shows no record of return filed. Also, my address changed, and it still shows the old address. Do you think it updating to still being processed so much before the 21 days means there is an issue? Or just that they are behind? I do owe some federal tax from last year, but it is just a small portion of my refund this year. I don’t have EITC or CTC. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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        Accepted 2/5, One bar since 2/5. Transcripts are still N/A. Now today I have the WMR “Delayed” message. This is ridiculous. Im over it. People filing 2 weeks AFTER me, celebrating deposits this week.


          I filed early and was accepted the day they opened up for returns (was that 1/24?) Exactly at 21 days from there I went to the processing message. And that’s where I’m at. I’ve seen people on here that have already gotten their damn deposit and i just don’t get it. I’m always early and somehow always get paid late. Really hoping for this week.

          Sammie McCoy

            @stillbeingprocessed… same except I filed and was accepted the same day on the 13th… It hasn’t been 21 days but by now would have seen movement. Lets see what tomorrow holds. I will be praying for all of us just so we can stay sane.


              2/7 here and nothing


                I was accepted 2/4 and nothing.

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