2/7 Filers! A thread for us :)

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    Hey all! Just though I would put up a thread for us!

    Filed: 2/7
    Accepted: 2/7 (very shortly after)

    Just tried to order my transcripts and it worked! Yay! Should see a change soon I hope.

    Happy Filing season to all! :)

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    I ordered my transcripts last week and got them last night. They also say no return filed….but on WMR I have a DDD scheduled for 2/23. You’ll get an update soon.

    This is the 2017 tax year…it’s never the year we are in its always the year before :)



    What tax year are we in?I see an option to order my 2017 transcripts,but I don’t know if this is for last year.



    Filed and Accepted 2/7
    On the 1st bar on wmr
    EIC and ACTC tax topic 152
    ordered transcripts last week, and they came in the mail today saying n/a. No return filed. wtf is going on? I’m going to wait until the 28th to call and see what’s up. Last year I filed the around the 24 of January and I received my refund on February 22. And that was through TT and SSBT.



    Hooray Drea! And I am sure some entity will be thrilled to get that SEVEN DOLLARS, lol. Have a great birthday!



    Good morning all!

    So I called the offset line and apparently i had an offset of $7.00…lol whatever they took it from my refund and my ddd is scheduled for 2/23 ( my birthday!!!) yay! Happy filing everyone! It’s coming soon!

    I don’t have any credits.

    Filed and accepted on 2/7



    UPDATE: There’s hope!!!

    Filed HOH and accepted 2/7 thru TT. Claimed EIC, ACTC and AOTC. Never got PATH message, just “accepted and being processed” with TT 152 right up until Sat 2/17 update with 2 bars, approved and DDD of 2/22. Called my bank and deposit is pending as of Sat 2/17.

    Same kids, job, address and bank account as past years. YAY! Just wish money had actually been IN my account Sat and hoping I don’t have to wait until Thurs the 22nd.



    I am still a one bar :( i was able to order both transcripts but that means nothing until i see whats on it…was really hoping for a ddd of 2/23

    filed 2/7
    accepted 2/7

    no credits

    1 bar tt152



    I was able to order my transcripts just now! Cycle dat 20180705



    Filed 2/7, accepted an hour later. Claimed CTC and AOC. Still have 1 bar, Tax Topic 152 notice. I am not even sure what the “Path” message is (the verbiage) so if someone could enlighten me, than would be great!

    Same job, kids, address, bank account, etc., so hoping no issues arise and I see an update on 2/17



    I filed on the 7th as well, nothing back yet andvthe IRS system doesn’t like any of my credit card or account numbers so I can’t see online transcripts.

    I should be PATH but as of yet don’t have a PATH message. I filed on the 8th last year and I’m trying to remember if I even got a PATH message since I filed so close to mid-month. I will say that when the regular mail account transcript thing would only send when it was ready, I was able to order one as of the 17th. I got my refund late on the 22nd.



    I forgot to add I can’t order transcripts yet.



    I also filed 2/7 and accepted quickly. Filed through TT, but had fees taken from refund. We’re in the process of rehabbing student loans and the rep checked for me and said we had no offsets (yay!). My bars haven’t moved from accepted. I think in the past, it’s never moved until just before my DD date. Hoping for next week.



    I would say by 2/23 at the latest 2/28?! TT says 2/28 but I’ve always gotten it before. I have no credits.



    I’m also a 2/7 filer. Thanks for starting the thread!

    When do you expect to get your direct deposit?

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