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    Filed and accepted 2/4 through TT. Still on one bar. Has anyone received a DDD date yet?

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    Anna A

    Updated this morning: DDD 2/22



    Still no update. Mine is completely the same as when I filed and was accepted. No path message ever.

    Still one bar and tax topic 152



    @Alysha I filed 1/29/18 accepted same day UPDATED to PATH 2/10/18 then UPDATED to no bars no tt no amount last night 2/16/18 until just NOW too all my bars amount 152 with DDD of 2/22/18 but keep in mind the UPDATE is from 3:30-6 I believe its continuous UPDATED



    Alysha: Did you get any transcript yet? If so, check the account transcript to see what the codes are to get some clue what is going on.



    Getting a bit more worried! Has anyone heard anything? Those with no EIC or ACTC. Still stuck on one bar. I can only hope there’s a big update tonight. Relocating is expensive and we sign out lease on Monday with no refunds yet! Yikes!



    Filed and accepted 2/4. Never had the path message.



    I woke up this morning and saw the following transcripts:

    2017 Wage and Income transcript:
    No record of return filed.

    Account transcript:
    Code 150: Tax return filed. Cycle: 20180703 Date: 03-05-2018 Amount: $0.00
    Code 806: W-2 or 1099 withholding. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx
    Code 766: Credit to your account. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx
    Code 971: Notice issued. Date: 03-05-2018. Amount: $0.00
    Code 570: Additional account action pending. Date: 03-05-2018. Amount: $0.00

    Both 2017 Records Transcript and Tax Return Transcript appear now and pre-filled with some values. Before they were not there.

    So, I called the IRS and she said there is nothing to worry about, additional processing is needed. It’s been 10 days and still within 21-day e-file timeframe.

    Did you guys get something similar?


    Dawn Marie

    Called the irs the next update for WMR tool is going to be overnight Friday. So everyone should be updated Saturday morning..



    Mine was filed and accepted on the 31st. I filed around 5 – 6 in the afternoon, via H&R Block website. I had one bar. Then a week or so ago, the path message. No change since. Ugh.



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    No EIC
    Just simple return
    No Updates since being accepted.

    Anyone Else?



    filed 2/4 at HRB accepted same day Have EIC and CTC. I only have path message no bars.



    I had 1099 income as well as a w-2. You shouldn’t have issues with your situation. It is more common than you think. I feel a little relieved that you filed after the 11am cutoff I was reading about. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will have a DDD for 2/19!!



    Alysha: I filed around 3pm on 2/4. I reported a rental loss and the property sale at a loss but no EIC, no ACTC. Perhaps the IRS needs a little more time to process my return given the unusual situation but I honestly don’t know. Does your return have unusual situation as well?



    Hey Patrick! I’m hoping so as well. What time on the 4th was your return accepted. Bryan, same question for you. There is one website which has a schedule that says refunds accepted before 11am on the 4th will be deposited 2/12 otherwise it will be deposited on 2/19. An update will be super helpful. And I’ll feel a bit relieved. :-)



    I’m in the same boat, still 1 bar. I’m hoping we will get some update tomorrow Wed.



    Anyone else receive DDD date?! Still waiting at 1 bar. This is so frustrating. :-(



    Filed and accepted on 2/4/2018 CTC, AOC, and childcare credit transcripts showed up on 2/9/18 wmr updated Saturday 2/10/18 for 2/14/18 cycle code 20180605 pending deposit in bank on 2/10/18



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    Updated to path message 2/10



    Same exact status, I’m waiting for approval.

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