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      Any 2/4-2/5 filers/accepted folks got transcript updates here? Mine still says N/A. I see people who got accepted after 2/4 here already got approved. IRS sucks.

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          Norefundforyou you will get your refund on the 13th. Congratulations!

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            Little update, filed on 2/4. All transcripts N/A until this morning. Now have all 2022 w/ 846 code for 3/13/23. Guessing I’ll get a DDD this weekend? I received nothing from the IRS. I filed with Turbo Tax, I think that maybe their software was off by a $1 or $2, but just a theory.

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              called IRS today finally, only to be told there is a problem with the return, but they can’t see what the problem is, call back in 10 weeks. Yes, that was very helpful…

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                @Amerie – no I have not. I feel like I’ve seen too many people reporting back that the agents are 99% unhelpful. They’re either recycling the same script or just blatantly saying things that are untrue. They don’t appear to really know what is happening.

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                  @pys have you tried calling the irs?

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                    @Rose what as of dates are you referring to? When I look at my blank transcript it says as of 3/2

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                      Pys, Still nothing for me either, fingers crossed for tomorrow morning update on transcripts… as of date still showed 2/27 yesterday

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                        2/27 3:15pm, still N/A on transcript. Anyone else who filed in similar date still no update??

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                          Still no update as if 2/24 9:40am

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                            So, mine was really weird… I filed and was accepted in the wee hours of 2/3 at about 4 am. Everything that happened with mine was a day later than almost anyone’s on here: transcripts updating, refund, etc. most updated on Friday, mine updated on Saturday. DDDs on the 22nd or 23rd, mine was the 24th (received today). I feel like there are a lot of filers after me that will receive updates tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. I wish you the best!

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                              Same here, 2/3 and nothing, all N/A and still shows “your return has not been processed”– I am crossing fingers for an update tomorrow morning.

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