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      I filed 2/26 accepted within min see how long of a ride the IRS takes us on

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          Hello everyone I filed 2/26 and accepted that day transcripts wasn’t available at all until this morning and I see tge 846 code for refund issued 3/9 so it is coming hope everyone get what’s rightfully theirs soon many blessings to all

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            I thought this was for FILERS of 2/26

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            Casey Freeman

              I bank with regions and my federal tax return hasn’t even been deposited yet. Anyone else have this issue?

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                Congratulations yall hopefully mine go well also

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                  F/A 2/24, WMR updated on 2/26 with a DD for 3/2, my $ was DD into Regions. This was the fastest turnaround on a RF since 2015. What sucks is, I lost 1000’s of $$ this year due to my tax withholdings being too low (apparently they changed the tax law sometime between 2020-2021) ND I had no clue, needless to say I got screwed. They gave me my other 1/2 of CTC $1500, but no EIC this yr, so instead of a $5000-6000 RF, it was decreased to under $2000. Still grateful get something. Good 🤞

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                    I filed 2/24 and woke up to a DDD of 3/4

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