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      I filed late to avoid the paths act but I haven’t seen any movement.

      Fed 2-23 accepted 2-23
      PA 2-23 accepted 2-23
      NJ 2-23 accepted 2-26
      Usually a weekly but last year was a daily.

      Are they just moving slow or is it possible I’m weekly again? If so what are the update dates for weekly?

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          Hi Rick, (03-08-2024)

          Filed on Sunday 02-04-2024.
          Accepted 02-04-2024.
          CA already dropped on 02-09-2024.

          WMR shows “still processing”. Checked IRS2Go, bupkis. Checked Online Transcript since last Monday: nothing.

          My husband’s DL was expired when I filed. He just had it renewed and received his updated DL that I used for his Online Transcript ID.Me login. Could the expired DL be the cause for this delay?

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            Hi everyone!

            Filed Sunday, 02-04-2024.
            Accepted 02-04-2024.

            To date: NO movement and it’s 03-08-2024! No letter. No nothing.
            Checked for Transcript that now uses ID.Me only to find out that it’s BLANK.

            Is anyone else in the same boat as I?

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              Have you heard anything?

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                No update on wmr but I have an update to my transcript. 2023 was added today, and I think I got a 846 code and 3-13-2024 date. So does that mean it will deposited on the 13th?

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                  Refund just hit my Chime account … DDD was 3/13.

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                    My refund hit my bank this morning.

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                      Transcripts updated today. I guess I am a weekly.
                      846 DDD 3/13

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                        You might be weekly. Hopefully your transcripts update tomorrow, WMR on Saturday morning.

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                          Transcripts still not updated for me. No movement on WMR.

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                            This morning WMR updated to refund approved, DDD 3/8

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                              Transcripts updated this morning, no longer n/a.
                              846 DDD 3/8

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                                Filed 2/20 and still waiting.

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                                  Transcripts still showing n/a

                                  Hoping for a Tuesday mass update for us 2/23 filers

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                                    My transcript is still n/a, so I don’t know if I’m daily or weekly.

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                                      DDD Flood gates opened this morning for 2/19 files. I’m guessing we’re a week away. Hopefully.

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                                        A 02/16 filer received a DDD of 03/05. So, I guess the earliest date we will see is 03/12. Even though it’s less than two weeks away, it will seem like forever.

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                                          Nothing special on my return. WMR still shows one bar.
                                          I’ve been following the 2/16 thread and assume we will be one week behind them.

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                                            They are moving quickly this year (my opinion). You filed on a Friday, weeklies update on early Friday mornings…check transcripts tomorrow

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