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2/18 filers

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    Just wanted to create a post for us.
    Filed: 2/18/2022
    Accepted: 2/18/2022
    Credits: LOC, CTC
    Cycle code: 05 (weekly)
    As of date: 03/14/2022
    WMR: 1 bar
    Transcripts: n/a

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      Filed and accepted: 2/18
      Credits: LOC, CTC
      DDD: 3/9

      I’m super excited! I’m usually here until April every year. I filed self employment for the first time this year so I waw sure it would be held up. Good luck everyone.



        They are on the transcripts under cycle code. You usually only need to look at the last number. In my case, it is a 5. It has been for years.


          Where are yall finding these and these as of dates I’m a 2/18 filer


            Where are yall finding the cycle codes and the as of dates at? I’m a 2/18 filer with a n/a transcript and omw bar on wmr


              @wtfirs I don’t believe that is the case. I think that is the next date that we can expect an update. Still nothing for me yet.


                So does this mean we will receive our DD March 14th?


                  My information is all the same. Last year I filed 4/12 and my refund was in my account 4/15. WMR never updated.

                Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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