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2/12/2021 Filers post here (pending)

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    I filled today 2/12/2021, the day IRS starts accepting tax returns. If you also filled on this day post here and let’s see how long this takes. Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait to long.

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    Where’s my [email protected]&-$

    I filed. Head of house hold. Both credits. Can’t reach IRS. Still processing. Even stimulus is processing. So frustrating. No date given. No tax bar!

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    I too got mine accepted on 2/12 – and posted an informative topic, “On the phone with the IRS – Complete run down” In it, it details the batches from 2/12 – 2/14 got flagged for Error Correction, and yours may have been too… maybe. Give it a read and see if it helps :-)

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    i filed 2/10 accepted 2/12 with dd 3/5. its been saying STILL BEING PROCESSED with tt 152. my bfs was done the same but as of last nite his tt 152 disappeared. Neither transcript shows being processed stil n/a

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    Simply Reading

    Your DDD was never 3/5. That was a GENERIC 21 day date that is given when your return is accepted. An ACTUAL DDD is given as a 846 code on transcripts (issue date)…and WMR DDD. WMR is not accurate, mine is still one bar and I received my deposit on 2/18 with a DDD of 2/23 (I get mine early because of the prepaid Bluebird card I use intentionally for tax filing and paychecks because it comes 2-5 days early).

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    I filed 1/29/21, got accepted 2/15 still processing in the WMR, got my state return last thursday but nothing from federal, no mail or email from irs so i can make corrections if there are any, more transparency on their end would be extremely helpful and give some peace of mind, but this radio silence on their end and so many of us still waiting is driving me nuts

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    Still waiting, Still can’t get through to IRS. This is insane.

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    filed 2/5 accepted 2/12. lost bars and tax topic 152 3/1. transcripts say 2/15 & for 2019 says 3/15. i called today & the guy put me on hold to look over my federal refund. he came back on and told me im in the processing department under review but he absolutely did not see anything wrong. give up to 10 weeks :(

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    Still waiting

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    @Batgirl I can’t get through to anyone. Nope, no access to anything. The WMR page just says processing. TT says nothing wrong with it at least on their end. No rejections or further info needed or they would’ve had that info so I was told to call IRS but can’t get through. So then TT said just wait. Like WTH?!

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    @Tara That definitely warrants an explanation for several reasons. First, why give a DDD and then take it back? Secondly, why give a DDD so far in advance? That is the first date I have seen that is more than like 4 to 5 days before the deposit. Do you have access to transcript to check codes?

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    Can anyone tell me how to get a live rep at the IRS? TT can’t help and every time I try to call IRS I get “call volume too high, CB another time” Recording lol

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    @Batgirl My status bars disappeared, the refund date shown prior to that was 3/5/ that I would get my DD.

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    Filed 2/6 Accepted 2/12. My bars disappeared 1.5 weeks ago on WMR site, refund date for DD was 3/5/21-still no update on WMR, Turbo tax said no errors, it was not rejected. It stayed at accepted for a few weeks and now all bars are gone. Can’t get through to IRS. I have NEVER had it take longer than 21 days.

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    Filed 2/6 Accepted 2/12. My bars disappeared 1.5 weeks ago on WMR site, refund date for DD was 3/5/21-still no update on WMR, Turbo tax said no errors, it was not rejected. It stayed at accepted for a few weeks and now all bars are gone. Can’t get through to IRS. I have NEVER had it take longer than 21 days. I am so hoping I get it this week and I was just part of the 2nd wave payments which will be sent this week.

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    @Tara When you say your refund date was 3/5, are you saying that is the date they approved you (2nd bar or transcript update) or the date you feel like you should have been approved? Just wondering if they approved you and somehow never sent the deposit.

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    Filed 2/6/21 Accepted 2/12. My bars disappeared 1.5 weeks ago on WMR site, refund date was 3/5/21-still no update on WMR, Turbo tax said no errors, it was not rejected. It stayed at accepted for a few weeks and now all bars gone. Can’t get through to IRS. I have NEVER had it take longer than 21 days. I am so hoping I get it this week and I was just part of the 2nd wave payments which will be sent this week. I am so frustrated because no one can help explain what the heck is going on.

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    Spoke with an irs representative earlier today. They stated my return had been accepted the 12th but didn’t not begin processing until much later. They stated that it was processing now and it should be complete within two weeks.

    File 2/11
    Accepted 2/12
    Turbo Tax
    Transcripts N/A
    As of date 2/22

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    Filed 2/9/21. Accepted 2/12/21. Still nothing other than “Still Processing.

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    filed 2/11 accepted 2/11. Status says still processing. I can get transcripts though but have no idea about when I will receive my refund.

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    Tax forms for fixing or amending wrong stimulus amount will not be available until 3/25….this might be some of you’lls hold it figured I’d share the info.

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    Just spoke with the IRS (somehow got through on the spanish speaking line but they still helped me in english). She looked into my account and said she cant find any red flags or reasons its been held up but it was pulled for additional review and could be released tomorrow or could take up to 10 weeks.

    Seems like this may the the standard auto response they are telling everyone right now.

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    Filed February 12th and still have not received my taxes. Entered my nieces return on 03/03/2021 and she received her’s already..

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    AZ’s mom

    Lost bars just saids still processing. Called the IRS and she said mines is coded that it could take an additional 10 weeks but she has no idea why. She also stated she has seen the same thing quite a few time today already. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Over It

    Lost bars. TT152 still there. Transcripts N/A

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    So confused Misty

    Still saying still processing so when I called the IRS, lady said my return was in the ERRORS DEPARTMENT, said she couldn’t see why or why not but they told her that it would take up to 10 weeks… Any advice?

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    Over It


    Good to know! Thanks

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    I just spoke to the IRS and was told everyone who filed on 02/12/21 was not accepted until 02/16/21 due to the 3 day holiday weekend. So the 21 days starts from 02/16/21 which would put our 21 days at 03/09/21. My WMR still shows processing at 1 bar TT 152 and has stayed that way since I filed 02/12/21. She said there is nothing wrong with my return it’s just still processing.
    No RRC
    1099G W2

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    Filed 2/12 accepted 2/13 no movement still on one bar with tax topic I pray I update tonight I wasn’t freaking out until this morning with no movement DAMN💆‍♀️

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    Accepted 2/12
    N/A transcripts
    1 bar
    Still have 152 msg
    Last year same issue I filled 2/2 and didn’t get it till 3/18 no 60 day letter just rode it out… I’m thinking of calling but I feel like they just sell wolf tickets to get you off the phone.

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    Return accepted 2/12 head of hh with same dependent from last year. No return yet. Turbo tax says eta was 3/4. IRS says still processing

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    Accepted 2/12 no movement no date

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    Return accepted 2/12. ACTC head of household. IRS stated it’s still being processed and WMF has not updated at all. No issues with return. I know a lot of people who filed the same way and even after 2/12 who have already received their refunds. Frustrating.

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    Same thing filed January 16 accepted on Feb 10!
    No bars all it says is still processing no dates nothing I also have DD but haven’t heard a word and I have never had it take this long 21 days was yesterday

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    Accepted 2/12/2021 no bars 2/26 I was hot mad not to see any bars again today. I spoke to them this morning and the IRS agent said they didnt started processing returns until 2/12/2021, that I am still in the time frame, and if I dont see any updates by Monday March 8, 2021 to call them.

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    Victoria L

    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/12
    Still no movement

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    Sarah t

    Filed 2/4/21
    Accepted 2/12/21
    Today 3/4/21 3:37am.
    Filed HOH and had 2 children on mine same as the last 5 years. Im still your return is still being processed with no direct deposit date. No offsets called to check also no error codes on anything just the standard tax topic 152 we see every year at this stage.

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    Yes @fenito713, if you count losing bars as an update. No tax topic either.

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    Has anybody updated with 2/12?
    Accepted 2/12
    1 bar
    Is being processed

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    Filed thru TT
    IRS accepted return 2/12/21
    03/03/2021 still one bar and no transcripts

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    Used TT and filed 2/1 and accepted 2/12 and got nothing but missing bars and I’m a weekly.

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    accepted on 2/12
    still nothing deposited in bank account not i have ever waited this long either forFederal i used Turbo Tax for mine

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    Filed on to 2/13 accepted 2/13 no transcripts 1 bar

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    I filed 2/10 got accepted 2/13 and still nothing .. Stuck on its been accepted

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    I filed 2/12/21and still nothing. WMR stuck on accepted!

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    Filed 02/12
    Accepted 02/12
    Claimed EIC-ACTC
    Wmr:one bar since 02/12
    IRS said they received:02/20
    No movement

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    1) Filed/accepted 2/13

    2) PATHer; EIC/CTC

    3) One bar on WMR since ~ 2/15 — literally no change as of this morning.

    I don’t ever recall waiting this long on a refund.

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    Filed 2/12/21
    Accepted 2/13/21
    Still nothing only one bar

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    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/12
    No updates since then..
    Transcripts not available

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    I filed with freetaxusa at 10pm est on 2/11. IRS accepted my return on 2/12 @4:34pst. My transcripts were available the morning of 2/19 at 8am. I was on this forum at 5pm when I got my alert from Chime. My refund was deposited. WMR as of today still shows 1 bar with tax topic 152. I even had an offset for back federal taxes. They took what I owed and sent me the balance. In my past 20 years of filing I have never received my money in a matter of just 7 days!

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    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/12
    No movement on wmr and can’t check transcripts. So I don’t know what is going on.

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    I filed 2/12/2021 no transcript update and stuck on accepted same day one bar no update every since

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    Filed 2-6-21, accepted 2-12-21. WMR has one bar, has since the 12th. Nothing on transcripts. EITC credit.

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    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    No update to WMR
    No EIC
    Unable to access transcripts.

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    Still waiting… accepted 2/12 H&R with fees we bank Wells Fargo can’t view transcripts online so no idea what’s going on there we got our AZ return a few days ago and H&R kept it for fees

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    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    WMR at 1 bar

    received deposit in my credit union this morning (Transcript was not updated when I last looked monday)

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    I filed on the 6th and got accepted on the 12th. Still only one bar. :(

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    #4459116 Reply

    I only got my states today. So im hoping i get my federal either tonight or tomorrow.

    Im from Tucson

    File 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Irs website only show one bar for status
    I bank with chime.

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    We filed early January got accepted February 13th our friends got accepted the 12th received there tax refund today they have kids so I am hoping we are next and that will be tomorrow we have same bank and we also have kids filed with h&r block suntrust is bank.

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    Mamma G

    Filed 2/9/21
    Accepted 2/12/21
    still nothing, one bar, N/A on transcripts
    Fingers crossed we all update soon.

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    Filed on Feb 6th and Accepted the 12th. One bar. Usually I have no bars so hopefully it just fills one of these days. I cant remember when the weekly updaters get updated. I believe that is what i have been for some years now.

    Really hope it comes soon for all of us before stimulus and the problems that could cause for the machine we call the gubmint.

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    I’ll keep y’all updated as well. Nothing yet unfortunately. Thanks @Amber S

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    Update: State is pending on Republic, so I’m assuming I’m one step closer

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    Filed 02/12
    Accepted 02/11
    Nothing yet can’t see transcripts waiting on 20k

    #4458008 Reply
    Amber S

    I too have the same thing. I’ll let you know if I get my deposit…

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    Filed 12th
    Advance 12th
    WMR 1 bar
    Republic nothing yet
    Can’t access transcript
    No refund

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    I filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Received deposit 2/18
    My DDD is 2/23

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    Filed and accepted 2/12/21. WMR still shows 1 bar (processing) but this morning my refund is pending in my bank account. I pulled up my transcripts and it shows code 846 (deposit) with date 2/24/12 so I assume funds will be available on that date. Not sure why WMR hasn’t updated.

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    My cousins was Accepted 2/12/21, Refund was in her account 2/17/21, but on the Where My Refund she still shows 1 bar just recieved…. hope the info helps someone

    #4456715 Reply


    Me either 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    Just called Emerald Card, DD 2/23

    #4456708 Reply

    Nothing new for me

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    Filed & accepted 2/12, H&R Block
    1 bar on WMR
    Unable to access transcripts

    Received this email from Block about an hour ago.
    “We’ve received notification from the IRS that your federal refund is being processed and should be sent within the next few business days. We will send you a notification once the funds are received. Stay tuned!”

    They’re moving fast this year!

    🤞🏼Fingers crossed for everyone!

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    I efiled w TT 2/12/21 was accepted by IRS 2/12/21. Nothing new has happened. No EIC. Just simple W2

    #4456305 Reply

    @Tina I definitely will bot to get a couple of hours of sleep and probably be back on here about 5 before i go to work

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