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    2/1 filers did not have a thread so here it is. Filed and accepted 2/1 via TT.

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    Filed 2/1 accepted same day
    Received DDD on 2/11 for 2/14
    Did have CTC with the 152 code

    Just checked bank account and it’s there!!

    Was not there earlier, had to have been deposited past 2 hours.



    @tracy we filled the same day but I’m still on path.
    TT told me my Est Refund Date was 2/26/18. But i filed the same day last year and got my refund on the 16th.
    Do you think I’ll be getting about the same time this year as well?



    Filed and accepted on 2/2 with TT.
    still one bar (processing. Code 152)
    It took 13 days last from acceptance to refund hitting bank

    TT says by Feb 23 but always gotten it 2nd week of Feb the past couple of years.

    Ideas are welcome!



    I was filed and accepted on 2-1. Have a ddd of this coming Wednesday.

    Which shouldn’t surprise me. Always file around late January or early February and always get my return on the second Wednesday of February. Been that way last three or four years in a row.



    Filec 2/5, Accepted 2/5 WMR updated 2/10 to approved with DD BY 2/14, wondering if thst means anytime mon,tues or wed. Fingers crossed, good luck everyone.


    Bri S

    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Tax topic 152 from 2/1 -2/9
    Updated to path message this morning
    EIC and ACTC
    NY refund says further review



    Filed 2/1 accepted within 20 minutes. Updated today to the path message. Have EIC CTC and education credits. I’m a weekly as usual. Last year got my refund 02/22. Thinking it will be the same this year.


    Nikki V

    E-Filed, accepted and one bar on 2/1, head of household with CTC, California State Tax direct deposit 2/7, Woke up today with refund approved and DD of 2/14.

    Hang in there guys!



    filed and accepted 2/1, one bar until last night and DDD of 2/14! Good luck guys and see you next year!


    Q Da

    Hey all just a heads up file 02/05 accepted 02/05 just got DDD of 02/14



    Filed and accepted 2/1. One bar until this morning. DDD 2/14.



    Got my DDD today of 2/14! WMR uodated overnight for me. Will let yall know if it actually comes then!



    State deposited today ,federal still on one bar on WMR. Have EIC and CTC. 2/1 f+a



    DD showed up today on bank account.



    filed on 2/1/18 accepted same day

    transcript said refund is issued 2/9 yesterday i was able to look at that.

    then this morning WMD updated to refund accepted with DDD- 2/9

    Thanks everyone see ya next year!!
    %$#$!!$#good luck on the fat stacks?$*#!!$*@



    F+a on 2/1. Wmr shows 1 bar and my MA state refund says it will be issued on 2/9. Hoping it hits my netspend today. Filed jointly with my wife and we have netspend cards in both our names for the same account. Hoping it goes through no problem.



    I filed on 2/1 – still no updates – sitting at 1 bar



    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/1. DDD of 2/9 on IRS WMR posted this morning. No ACTC or EIC.



    Filed 2/1
    Yesterday S B B T had 0 in expected amount , today it shows $**** in expected refund.
    Still one bar with irs



    Filed 2/1
    Yesterday Abby had 0 in expected amount , today it shows $**** in expected refund.
    Still one bar with irs



    Filed 2/1 Accepted 2/1 – 1 bar no progress Filed through HRB



    Filed and accepted 2/1. EIC and ctc. Can order return transcripts and wmr on 1 bar still being processed. Hoping maybe next week to receive a deposit but not holding my breath



    File and accepted 2/1
    Driver License verified

    WMR showing 152 message, 1 bar
    Transcripts available
    Cycle 20180602
    Received notice from bank, “Your account will soon receive an ACH” today. 2/6


    Nikki V

    Filed and accepted the same day: 2/1/18
    Head of Household, Child Tax Credit.

    2/2/18 – One bar on WMR and Tax Topic 152.

    No updates until now. Thank you.



    Well, no update today. The waiting game is always fun and I enjoy coming here year after year for both the valid info and the commentary.

    Filed as: Married filing joint.
    Child tax credit.

    Thats pretty much it. Same as previous years. Maybe we will be lucky and update tomorrow or Tuesday.



    Filed 2-1 accepted about 45 mins later updated on wmr one bar on 2/2 I thought I just had CTC but looked at return I have ACTC



    Filed and accepted 2/1 thru turbo tax paid fees up front. Have EIC and CTC. Wmr on one bar as of today



    I filed and was accepted on 2/1. WMR just recognized my info yesterday. No update last night and can’t order transcripts. I don’t have EIC or ACTC credits though. Hoping something updates soon. Seems they are getting refunds out quick this year.



    yep filed and accepted in ohio on 2/1 still waiting for wmr to update……….



    Same here



    Hey I filed 2/1 est @ 11:35am
    Thru TaxSlayer actc

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