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1/31er's post here.

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    I filed my tax’s on 1/31 they were accepted the same day.
    My state return just showed that it has been approved so it should be here any day!! wonder when I will see an approved date on the federal!?

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    Does anyone know how i can reset my email address used to get my user id for the transcript??
    I forgot my old email address


    should mean WMR will up date your DDD date for Monday my cycle date was 20150502 and Wmr says refund approved with a DDD of 2/6/15 check on the transcript at the bottom for 846 refund approved and also check WMR they up dating it now hope this helps


    what dose cycle 2015/05/03 mean


    Filed 1/31 accepted 1/31 wmr is down right now but I now have cycle code on transcripts as of this moment 20150503


    Lol, I know! I was locked out to 4 pm yesterday (Tuesday) but I’m too nervous to order them online now, smh. I’m trying to wait till in the morning but I’m going nuts!


    im locked out from my transcripts.. i forgot my email that i registered with last year and for some reason it wont let me make a new email or anything. :(
    im so nervous!! lol i cant wait until the big update.. my heart is pounding. lol


    Did you check your transcripts? I am too nervous to check WMR right now. I ordered my transcripts via mail. Everyone is dating WMR is having a big update today (Wednesday) between 3 and 6 am est…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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