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      update here?! im impatient!! my husband and I need to get our camaro up and running again! lol

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          Got a DDD of 2/9/15. Filed and was accepted 1/31 in the evening.

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            Filed with HRB 1/30 Fed accepted
            same day. Got a ddd of 2/6 on the
            4th. I have the emerald card so i
            called the HRB bank (not the
            same as emerald card ) my RAC
            was credited to the account on
            the 4th. HRB took out their fees
            on the 4th as well. I usually get my
            money the night b4 but i can wait
            until tomorrow. Hopefully it will
            be posted to my card by then.
            Fingers crossed.

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              1/31 filer with H&R Block. Filed and accepted 1/31 HOH, 1 dependent, fees taken out RAC. Checked WMR this morning at 3:20 am to “Refund Approved” funds will be sent to your bank 2/9 call if not credited by 2/14. I also received my refund last year on 2:9 which fell on a Sunday. Just try and be patient, you all should receive updates soon! :)

              Also, I’m in Mississippi

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                Has anyone gotten a DD yet?

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                  I am in same boat. I filed online through hr block. Got first bar on wmr. Hopefully by the 14th we get ddd

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                    Filed and accepted 1/30, I expect updates for us around Thursday or Friday, and a ddd of the next week.

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