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    I was waiting on my school 1098-t and just filed saturday 1/31 . I don’t expect anything right off , but I wanted to see who else filed this date and see if we can track eachothers progress. My return was accepted the same day , now just waiting on Approval and DD

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    Still waiting.
    Filed 2/7
    absolutely no progress. One bar, topic 152


    Is anyone else out there still waiting? I’ve been watching this post for a while and it seems dead. I haven’t heard anything. No letters. My 1095 was correct according to the health care website. I’m at a standstill :-/

    T. Briggs

    BTW I used turbotax also so don’t worry about what you heard about them! Had me on edge a little too but mines got approved this morning ddd feb 17th and I filed on Jan 31st.

    T. Briggs

    FINALLY! I filed 1/31. Been sitting on one bar since but today I woke up with a DDD of February 17th. Thank god reading all of this had me on edge but apparently I had an offset and maybe that’s why it took a little longer than normal! Good luck guys and stop worrying it’s coming!


    my WMR still shows processing and only 1 bar even though my transcripts have updated and have a cycle code and refund issued code.


    Woohoo!! Finally got some movement! Filed and accepted 1/31. No movement and blank transcripts until this morning! Woke up to all transcripts with a cycle code of 20150603 which should mean a DDD of Monday!! So happy that I can stop obsessing over checking multiple times a day for my transcripts. I hope I don’t get a dead cycle again next year!


    Got my refund this morning sometime before 3am pacific time. filed married joint on 1/31 accepted same day, with a ddd of 2/11. WMR hasn’t Moved from approved to sent


    @AC I used TT and had two 1098-Ts to file with a w-2 and a 1099-misc and I filed on 1/31 and accepted on 1/31. I got a cycle code of 20150505 on my transcripts on Sat 7th and my WMR updated on Sunday with a DDD of 2/11. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t think it has anything to do with using TT or your 1098-T. You may have fallen into one of the many glitches that have occurred, but maybe not. Stay positive :) I have seen people post on different threads who were stuck at one bar on WMR or their bars disappeared and they got their refund. Just keep an eye on it and if you’re worried you could call them. Good luck everyone!


    Got my cycle code finally 20150505




    The 2/23 is your 21st day. The IRS’s “Due Date” so to speak. You may get a refund before this date. On the 23rd if your situation still hasn’t changed you can call the IRS and they will be able to tell you what exactly is going on with your refund.


    I filed 1/31, was accepted 1/31- and nothing. no mover on the ticker, no transcripts- and I’m starting to panic because 1] I used turbotax- could that affect me? Also 2] I received and education credit and I read some where those returns are delayed?


    Filed 1/31 accepted a few hours later. I can get my transcripts, but they have no codes, just 0’s. No update on WMR either, I’m hoping I’ll have an update tonight but I’m not counting on it. This time last year I had my state refund and a DDD of the 14th for federal.


    Filed 1/31. Accepted same day. Offset for prior IRS obligation with a DDD of 2/11.


    Filed 1/31 around 11am MST. Efile with HRB. Accepted by IRS within minutes. No movement on pizza tracker…just sitting at accepted. Pulled transcript just now & says refund issued 2/23. Seriously???


    Filed 1/31 got approved 2/4 and my DDD date is 2/9 my I filed through liberty tax and did the RT transfer my refund is there and they have disbursed it to my bank on 2/6


    Same here filed and accepted 1-31-15 stilll no change WMR, checked this AM 2-6-15, 8:30am, no DDD,


    Filed 1/31, accepted 2/1 able to get transcripts late last night. Cycle 20150503, with 846 code and WMR updated this morning with 2/9 DDD. Filed w/ HRB, here’s hoping DD will actually load Friday or Saturday. Good luck everyone!!!


    Filed 1/31. Accepted immediately after. Got state taxes back today. Nothing so far for federal. EIC , all that good stuff. Hopefully hear something soon. I live in Delaware by the way. :).


    Files 1/31 around 2 pm through TurboTax. Accepted like 30 minutes later. No movement. Just says professing. Can’t order transcripts it says information doesn’t match their records. People who filed after me already have dates but we can’t even get a transcript over here lol


    Filed 1/31 (late nighttime) accepted minutes later. WMR shows 1 bar and I can see only the bottom 2 transcripts. Account transcript just shows zeros with no codes yet. Hoping for an update soon!


    Filed 01/31, Accepted the same day. Approved with a second bar since 02/04 and my money has been Pending in the bank since yesterday. Hopefully everyone will see some movement today.


    1/31 filer here with H&R Block. Filed and accepted 1/31. HOH, 1 dependent, was stuck at 1 bar, as of 2/5 3:20am “Refund Approved” ddd 2/9 which was the exact same date as last year, it was a Sunday. Just be patient everyone, your refunds are coming. I’d checked WMR so much I’d been locked out for 24hrs. But, Thanking God, because I truly need my return!!


    I have one bar on wmr but I have a notice on account now (my prepaid card bank) it say s Monday 2/9 by it and We have received notice that this account will receive an electronic deposit. Deposits should be posted by 6 am Central time on the date listed above. Customer Service will not have any more information available until the following business day. I have cycle code 20150503. .. I wonder if it will post today ….


    Filed 1/31, accepted minutes later, no movement yet, no transcripts yet, checked just a few minutes ago.

    LA Girl

    I filed on Saturday the 24 th and accepted the same day, and still stuck on one bar in WMR


    I have the code on transcripts but no DD on WMR . They said if you have a cycle code you may even get it before wmr updates , but dd for 2/6 updated last night I hear DD for 2/9 willl update tonight on wmr. im using accpunt now hope to get it early


    I filed on 1/31 as I stated a few days ago. I am still on first bar, so still processing. It is still the same for me on state also.


    Filed and accepted on 1/31….just waiting..


    I just checked my transcripts and they all say N/A except for wages. I opened that and it says “no record found”. Should I be worried?


    Yes I have 20150503 cycle date with a code 846 and I filed and was accepted the night of 01/31. Filed on and accepted on the evening of 1/31. Was able to order my transcript and they had the code 846 and a cycle date of 20150503.


    Filed on TT 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    Approved 2/3-2/4 overnight
    DD 2/6
    Filed from Hawaii
    Didn’t bother with transcripts


    Someone on the main page said she filed 1/31, approved 2/2, and has a DDD of 2/6. I’m not sure why she’s the only one on thsi site that got that info/dates, but seemed weird.


    I agree with Jeremy! Monday the 9th is the DDD for code 0503. :)


    Filed and accepted on 01/31. I got my transcript today with code 20150503. From my understanding we should have a deposit Saturday 02/07 or maybe even earlier depending on whom yu bank with. Also make sure when your checking your transcript look-out for code 846 refund issued. …that means that your refund has been approved!! Happy Hunger Games out there ..And also because you never really knowing what the IRS is gonna do …May the odds forever be in your FAVOR lol


    According to sources I’ve seen that transcript code means monday feb 9th.


    I too filed 1/31 got accepted to hours later today I can see my transcripts cycle code of 20150503


    My transcript shows

    Cycle code 20150503

    What does that mean?


    Cycle code 20150503


    Filed,1/31 accepted with 30 mins just waiting for those bars to move..


    I e-filed on the 31st also. I was accepted the same day. still on first bar. It looks like the people that file around the 20 are getting the 2/5/15 ddd. My boss filed the 29th the same way I did and she is still getting the first bar. Hers was very simple too.


    Filed and accepted within 5 minutes on 31 st . No other updates to share just accepted

    Steve Nilsen

    Filed 1/31 accepted two hours later. NJ state accepted next day. Unable to log into transcripts. Last year I was part of the Philly hub club. For those who know what that was it sucked lol but I usually get a deposit before getting an update on WMR


    Filed 1/31, accepted 2/1. 1 bar on WMR, checked and can’t order transcripts yet.

    Andrea S

    I checked this morning and still no update, anyone else up an update yet?

    Casey J.

    I filed 1/31 with HR block around 7:30pm
    so far mine has been accepted! just waiting on those magical 2nd and 3rd bars!!!!!


    File on the 30th but accepted on the 31st. Yes hoping for a short turn around too!


    I filed 1/31. Federal accepted the same day. State accepted (Indiana) the next day 2/1. Still being processed and neither have approved. It is like waiting for water to boil.


    1/31 filer here as well! I too don’t expect anything for a few days (that would be pretty spoiled of us), but hoping later this week at least we’ll see bar #2.

    last year I lucked out majorly somehow and unknowingly picked a really good date to file, cause I remember filing on a Monday night, having it get approved in a large batch that tons of people who had filed in the last two weeks were also part of, and I got my refund exactly 7 days later on the next Monday morning. I was shocked. 1 week turnaround from filing/getting accepted to funds in my bank account.

    Not sure that will happen again this year but one can dream :)

    Andrea S

    I filed on 1/31/15, mine was accepted within an hour. But still waiting for approval through the IRS. I am hoping there are not delays. Please post an update when you see one come across and we can all keep track together.


    I’m also a 1/31 filer. Hopefully, we get some good news by Wednesday.


    Same here, I needed to wait for the interest payment form and filed on the 31st too. Mine is just processing for federal and state says they haven’t even received it yet. Which is odd.

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