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      Filed and accepted on 1/30.
      1 bar
      Can’t order transcripts

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          My gf filed on the 30th and was approved today with a ddd of February 11th. I got accepted on the 28th and still no changes.

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            filed 1/30
            accepted soon after
            approved today
            DDD 2/6

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              I filed and accepted on 01/30. . I checked WMR on 02/02 and it said, “We are sending you a check to the address shown on your tax return because your bank returned the direct deposit of your refund.” and that my check will be mailed by 02/06. UGH!!!! I check it everyday hoping it sends it but I’m assuming it won’t be sent until the 6th.. This sucks! I’m sure my account number was wrong on my return.

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                Hey all us 1/30 filers with no activity could be in a weekly cycle. I know that I am weekly because I have an installment payment with the first time homebuyers credit repayment. If you are weekly you should see update friday night, sat morning with ddd for next week. THe 1/30 filers with movement are mostly likely daily.

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                  Filed and accepted 1/30, able to order both transcripts today, but no ddd or update.

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                    Same accepted 1/30 except my account transcript has all zeros. Well it did, now it tells me starting download but nothing happens. Anyone know why?

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