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      Has anyone that’s having their money deposited into suntrust and has a 1/30 deposit date recieved their money?

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          Awesome thank you guys that’s what I was wondering about. I was thinking that suntrust wouldn’t release it until the date on the deposit.

          @ugh just because you haven’t recieved a ddd doesn’t mean you should get on random posts and let everyone know your angry that u didn’t recieve a ddd yet. Just because we have recieved a ddd doesn’t mean we do not still have questions.

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            I talked to them earlier today. She told me she sees it and it would be in there on the 30th. She said, “it was in the warehouse waiting to on the 30th.” Would be nice if it was available tomorrow.

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              If it says a DD date of the 30th then it will be there on the freaking 30th. accept it and move on. You’re lucky to even have that DDD while many of us are still stuck in limbo.

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                Sorry i meant yes its coming… not yes i have it lol

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                  Yes and i called Suntrust tonight to check if anything was pending and the guy i spoke to said yes i see a irs dd pending for jan 30! He said it will be available that morning

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