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      Howdy folks! I figured I would start a thread for those of us who feel we’re over the hurdle (missing bars, no DDD, etc) to share any progress we make.
      This is intended for those with a 1/30 DDD whom elected to choose direct deposit into their bank account (not a card) while having their tax prep fees removed from their refund.

      As of now Republic Bank (used by taxact) has no record of receiving my refund yet. Have any of you had any luck or results with SBBT / RB receiving your refund yet?
      I have used this method of filing and refund acceptance my entire adult life, and with the exception of last year I have always had my funds available through Wells Fargo 1-2 days before the “by” date listed on WMR.

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          Looking for some answers.
          the irs sent my refund to repunlic bank 2/18
          I was supposes to have DD. But said it was rejected. So they were gonna send me a check. Waitef 2 weeks. Nothing.
          I have talked to a live rep. Once. Found out they had half of my physical address and hald of mailing address. Got that fixed.
          STILL NO CHECK.
          I have called the 866number every day trying to talk to another live rep.

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            @ Melanie do you have a dd yet

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              Nope – not there. It’ll hit tomorrow with my paycheck. I’ll have an embarrassment of riches I guess. :)

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                @NYCteachermom: Yeah, I think most of the major banks just post it as soon as they get it. There’s no hold/wait. It may be dependent on the bank’s process – it’s possible they only post DDs overnight or whatever, but it’s not because the IRS told them to hold it until 4AM on Friday or anything.

                (I’m in NYC too.)

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                  Just checked my sbbt account. It is there. Just waiting for it to hit my ally account. Anyone else have ally and have deposited.

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                    I split my refund into 2 accounts – my checking account at Wells Fargo and my serve card. I processed my refund with TaxAct, having my fees taken out of my refund. It is being processed through Republic Bank. Right now, RB is showing a processed deposit of $1,000 (my serve amount) with a forwarded deposit of $917.14 to my Serve card (the $1000 minus fees). Serve currently doesn’t show it, but I called and I was told that direct deposits are processed at 9 a.m. Mountain time – about 3 minutes from now. It *may* be there then – but I suspect it won’t show up until after midnight. I’m feeling a late night shopping spree coming on. LOL. Just kidding I’ll post again in a few minutes if the deposit shows.


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                      SBBT still shows nothing for me, not even an existing account but the money is a pending deposit. Will be available today.

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                        I just got off the phone with BOA and they said nothing is there yet. The money is probably still going through the checkpoints, but the man did say soon as it comes, it will post. No waiting time.

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                          @DavidNYC: I don’t have fees being removed, nor do I have Bank of America (I have Chase) but Chase has never admitted to a pending deposit with regard to an IRS refund. I’ve asked them every year for the past few years and they never claim to have one. I don’t think not having a pending deposit means anything – don’t worry.

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                            They don’t have pending deposit for my account at BOA

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                              I filed with tax act. Republic Bank shows 1/2 of my refund w fees taken out. Called to see where balance is. Was told it’s still pending. I had it split amongst 2 accounts; once checking, one savings

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                                can anyone help? I filed with Liberty tax and they use jth financial for fees. is there a way i can check?

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                                  SBBT shows they have dispersed cash , but nothing on netspend end yet

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                                    SBBT shows my fees taken and the amount sent to my bank. Nothing on my banks end yet…I bank with usaa.

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                                      Filed and accepted 1/21. Got my second bar of refund approved yesterday with a DDD of 1/30, cycle 20150402. Nothing yet with SBBT. Bank with USAA. Hopefully I see something soon!

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                                        Yes SBTPG has showed by refunds this morning at 8:30 Georgia time, now just waiting to hit my BOA account.

                                        Thanks Everyone and Good Luck!!!

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                                          @naveah_star6. I have greendot too…I was told won’t get till tomorrow…I want to call to see if they post when they’ve received but screaming 1year old

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                                            I checked this morning when I was leaving for work at 6, wasn’t there. Thought, oh well, tomorrow it will come. Then I just popped on here to see, and since some of you saw yours decided to check mine again. Low and behold, there it is. It says on the website that it was sent to my bank already. I just called BOA- the woman who helped me said she didn’t see anything, but the system updates all at 9 AM. Then she said it depends on how it was sent? I told her it was coming through as an ACH Direct Deposit which is what SBBT says. She wasn’t extremely knowledgeable but she was a sweetheart. Here’s to hoping 9 AM shows it.

                                            Does anyone have Bank of America and show their refund yet?

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                                              thanks drew!! i guess i’ll see it tommorrow! no complaints here!

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                                                @nygiant89: I do because I am also a student, but I am afraid I don’t use it for tax purposes. Higher One, per my experience, operates like a traditional bank, usually holding most deposits for 24 hours.

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                                                  anybody bank with higher one???

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                                                    SBBT has sent my money to BoA now!! I wonder how long it will take to hit my account..

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                                                      Update 4: Republic Bank just sent my refund to Wells Fargo. Spoke with another WF Rep at my local branch. They said the funds should be available in my account today since WF uses active deposit, and doesn’t only deposit once or twice throughout a day like some other banks.

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                                                        Just to let all of you know, I just checked SBTPG and it says:

                                                        Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.

                                                        RT Disbursement Information

                                                        Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 01/29/2015, per the IRS refund delivery date.

                                                        As with all direct deposits, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your financial institution to post your refund in your account.

                                                        I checked and checked again just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, dreaming, whatever you want to call it. SBTPG (or SBBT as some of you call it) has received our funds and according to them, they have forwarded those funds to our banks. I just checked my Green Dot card and I still don’t see it there, but this is DEFINITELY good news!! YAY!!

                                                        Good luck everyone!

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                                                          Nothing at Republic for me yet

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                                                            Update 3: Republic Bank just now received my refund, but have not removed fees yet. Should be seeing DD into bank account today or tomorrow. I spoke to a rep at Wells Fargo yesterday and they said they are trying not to place holds on incoming transfers from popular tax prep middle-men this year (SBBT, RT, etc,). Only time will tell.

                                                            We’re on the last leg of the race ladies and gents. =)

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                                                              Update 3: Republic Bank just now received my refund, but have not removed taxes yet. Should be seeing DD into bank account today or tomorrow. I spoke to a rep at Wells Fargo yesterday and they said they are trying not to place holds on incoming transfers from popular tax prep middle-men this year (SBBT, RT, etc,). Only time will tell.

                                                              We’re on the last leg of the race ladies and gents. =)

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                                                                Filed 1/23 late night with TT got accepted with in 1 minutes
                                                                Got transcripts 1/27 with 20150402 Cycle Date
                                                                Got approved on WMR 1/28 with 1/30 DDD
                                                                At 730AM EST my SBBT (SBTPG Now) showed nothing, but as of 7:54AM EST It is there!!!!!
                                                                So keep an eye out everyone! Best of Luck!

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                                                                  Hello All,

                                                                  I just check my Republic Bank refund status and it shows my deposit amount, minus my offset. However, it does NOT show it has been disbursed to me just yet. I have USAA so hopefully I will see it in my account tomorrow.


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                                                                    Update 2: Still nothing pending with Republic Bank, but it isn’t quite 8:00AM EST yet, so still plenty of time.

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                                                                      CHECK YOUR SBBT ACCOUNTS BECAUSE MINE IS THERE.

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                                                                        This is my 5th year with TT and I’ve always had them deduct my fees from my refund. My refund has always been available on my DDD. Last year my deposit from sbbt came @ 1:30 am est, which indicates to me that the irs must send funds to sbbt at least the day before your DDD. Either that, or right at midnight (but I doubt that).

                                                                        I’m confident my deposit will be in my account on 1/30. :)

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                                                                          Nothing for me either.

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                                                                            Update: Nothing pending with Republic Bank yet. I imagine we’ll be seeing them pop up through RB and SBBT tomorrow. =) Goodnight folks.

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                                                                              Thanks so much. I was wondering how it qould work. I move into my place in 14 days and I have nothing ready at all. This is going to come at the right time thanks to GOD. I will most definitely will be using netspend next year tho.

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                                                                                I am praying for Friday!

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                                                                                  I have been using TT for many years and since they started using SBBT. Every year the same thing happens. I get a DDD from the IRS. My money is always there on that day. SBBT will update like the day before normally. The only time I received my DD early was when I used Netspend. Otherwise, I always have my money on the IRS date. I have had late deposits though. Normally no later than noon b/c SBBT is on Pacific time I believe. Hope this helps. Not sure if anything will change this year but I wanted to ease some minds if possible. Oh and I always let TT take the fees out of my return as well. Good luck!

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                                                                                    I have a DDD of the 30th as well. I anticipate mine will be in my account Saturday or Monday. Mine has to be processed through my tax preps bank institution then sent to my Wells Fargo account.

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                                                                                      @squeaker me too! :) I just was passing along info I have been able to get from others. I am excited for all of us!

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                                                                                        Nothing showing on Republic Bank for me. Ddd is 1/30

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                                                                                          gogogadget Thanks. I don’t want to sound desperate and I am being patient. I am just so excited because we are getting a new car and it is hard to wait. :)

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                                                                                            I believe they are giving you the generic response, as with most place, they are not allowed to give specific dates, times, etc…

                                                                                            The IRS doesn’t send the money to SBBT on the 30th. MOST OF THE TIME the IRS sends the money to SBBT 2 days before your DDD, the DDD is the date that the IRS projects YOU to have the money in your account. Remember, the IRS knew that we were getting paid the 30th BEFORE we did, and have clearly already sent funds. Its CLEAR they have already sent funds to their designated locations as some people with no fees taken have already received or have a return pending. In some cases it can take longer than usual and be a day late, on the weekends it would be a couple of days late, but 1 business day. If it goes like it did in past years for me (I am assuming it will given the recent events) the IRS released the funds today, SBBT processed and released them already, your bank will receive them tomorrow sometime, process them, and then should be released to you the following day business day (Friday) late at night.. SBBT should show they received the funds tomorrow and have already released them to be transferred to your account. That is ALWAYS how it has happened for me in the past and that is EXACTLY how events seem to be progressing this year.

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                                                                                              @squeaker this is my understanding with SBBT after speaking with people who have used TT/ SBBT for years: they *have* to say 1-2 bus days that is a generic response, they aren’t allowed to say more. But, once the IRS releases funds, it goes straight to SBBT. They take their fees out and then send to the bank, the ACH process only takes a little bit and certainly not days. If this is the case, and if the IRS releases funds tomorrow we will have money Friday for sure or possibly even tomorrow in our bank accounts. If IRS releases funds early enough on Friday, it will go to your bank account or card on Friday, then it is up to the policy of your bank/card as to when the funds can be accessed.
                                                                                              Netspend users that paid no fees got theirs yesterday because that is Netspend policy to make funds accessible based of off a MEMO from the IRS that the funds would be forthcoming. IRS did not release funds to Netspend early, that is just their policy (a smart one, more people will use them for refunds because of it).
                                                                                              Hopes this helps guys we just gotta hang in there.

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                                                                                                True but if they receive it in the morning, they should be able to transfer it in time for Friday.

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                                                                                                  I think it will be Monday before we receive our funds. That is what SBBT is telling me. They said “It takes at least 1-2 business days from the time we disburse your funds to you for the money to be available in your bank account. The money has to travel via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, which does not operate on weekends or holidays.” I kinda hoping that is just the generic response and it comes on Friday or Saturday.

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                                                                                                    Anyone know what time Republic Bank updates in the AM? Or is it sometimes in the afternoon or evening?

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                                                                                                      @Schellby I used TurboTax too, they use SBBT

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                                                                                                        If SBBT gets the deposit tomorrow then we will get it by Friday definitely.

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                                                                                                          We filed 1/18. Accepted 1/20. Approved for a DDD of 1/30. We used Taxact with them taking fees out via Republic Bank and depositing into our Credit Union account. Anyone showing that Republic bank even received your refund yet? I am hoping that at the very least Republic gets it tomorrow and we will have it by our DDD. It’s my money and I want it now!

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                                                                                                            Does anyone know which bank i should check if i used Turbo Tax? Also, filed and accepted 1/21 DDD 1/30

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                                                                                                            Leslie M

                                                                                                              SBBT has no record of receiving my funds either.. You guys think we’ll still get our refunds 1/30?

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                                                                                                                Im getting the same message when I call also my ddd is scheduled for Friday the 30th also

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                                                                                                                  For those of you who used TaxAct.com you can check your status with Republic Bank at https://www.republictaxpayer.com/.

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