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    Becca D

      Anyone with a 12C letter have a date yet?

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        Becca D

          Officially almost 8 weeks since I sent documentation via fax…..anyone, anyone….Getting to be a bit ridiculous.

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            Is there a fax number to fax w2s for irs?

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              Haven’t seen nothing change na on acct and I haven’t paid TurboTax. I’ve fax two so they can’t say they didn’t get it

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                I called the irs and they sent out correspondence, but they couldn’t see what the letter was. I would just have to answer some questions, fax some documents and respond within 85 days. Is it the 12c, if so, what documents are they requesting?

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                  I received a 12c letter. I filed February 5 I haven’t had any updates not one answer when I called to talk to a live agent and then on April 11 I receive a transcript with ddd, to I receive a date and bars that moved to Ddd 3/15/22

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                    This info from 7 yr rep. She gave me a new fax number and recommended to re fax. Hints call the IRS NUMBER PRESS 1 for English . Wait for the first prompt to stop press 2, 2,3,2 and wait . Should take u to general information rep. Transcript NA🤦‍♀️ Idk where or if I will get refund at this point

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                      I’m in the same boat file first week of feb letter mar 1 asking for proofs of health insurance. Not sure why if I’ve been doing the same job for the last three yrs. I fax the very next day when I rec’d the letter. Also this weekend 4/08 a rep said the fax number listed on the “ irs letter” she didn’t know nothing about this number. She wasn’t sure about a new process but usually they send out notifications when something new is happening. Continue

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                      Becca D

                        Its been 5 weeks since I faxed in my W2’s and nothing…..This happened 2 years ago and it took an extra 4-5 weeks. Hopefully some movement for us this week. I have a simple return, no credits, and yet they want to confirm my income. A bit ridiculous.

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                          This is the worst. It is still in errors department. They have received documentation but it is still in errors. Anything in errors is “delayed 16 weeks from today because they are really behind” and then gave me this website to look up dates. I want to cry right now. irs.gov/covid

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                            Bit the bullet and finally called. Am now on hold while she researches the account…

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                              Nope. Nothing. Faxed in documents on 3/11.

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                              Derrick Ray

                                Got a 12C as well. Been 4 weeks since I faxed the requested documents and I haven’t seen any progress either. Quite frankly the fact that I even got a 12C letter was infuriating because my taxes are very simple and have been the same for years now. The fact that I got the letter means that someone had absolutely zero idea what they were doing and now I’m stuck waiting because of THEIR incompetence

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                                  I received a 12C letter and it’s been 5 weeks since I faxed the requested documents and not a single update.

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