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      Filed and accepted 1/29 afternoon through Turbotax. One bar (processing) on WMR. N/A on all transcripts, Wage Transcript for 2014 says ‘no record of return filed’. No major changes, move within same zip code, first year student, had insurance through hubby’s work, same dependents. WMR shows Tax Topic 152, but that is automatic, right? Called Turbotax yesterday and they said to expect an update within 24-48 hrs, but I feel like I should know by now.

      Previous cycle codes are 20140604, 20130601, and 20120404. Deposits were 2/10/14, 2/6/13, 1/23/14 — all within days of filing. Can anyone explain to me what might be the hold up in my case? I My hubby has been temporarily laid off so any extra $$$ would take a weight off our shoulders. If it was an offset, I’d know by now, right? Or review?

      Any advice or info would be great! Thank you.

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          @Melissa looks like we’re in the same boat. It’s really frustrating :/ Last year I got mine on 2/10, which was a Monday, which probably means nothing since I don’t have the cycle code. It feels like it was a lot faster for me in the past though

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            I filed on the 29. My friend did as well. She received her refund today. I have not had any update. I also cannot see my transcripts because if the identity protection thing. I am so frustrated and just need answers

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              Well I got nothing. Still one bar, TT 152, can’t get my transcripts because of theft indicator so I have no idea what’s going on.

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                Thanks! I did that, and for both my SSN and my husband’s it said no non-tax debts have been found, but systems are updated daily. I think they’d know by now if I was gonna have an offset if my filing date was 1/29. Also, what constitutes as an offset when you’re a student? I can’t think of anything else that would be an offset for us.

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                  @ disappointed
                  Call the Irs Offset line @ (800) 304-3107 to see if there is an existing offset. I Already knew i had one from the state but it’s Still taking forever to get an update. Hope this Helps!

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                    From what I read on here, weekly cycles will update thursday night/Friday we should see an update. Then again I’m not 100% sure so don’t quote me on that, that’s just from me reading through different posts. Hopefully I’m right lol I hate the waiting game :/

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                      Oh, so since I’m a first year student this changes the game for me? I might be in weekly processing now? When does that end and when does that mean I’ll be processed?

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                        i have no idea what my cycle code is, since I couldn’t get my transcripts. I have a feeling I got lumped into the weekly cycle though, since I claimed an education credit and I hear that can land you a lovely spot in the weekly group.

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                          This is a bummer. My schedule doesn’t permit me to call during their operating hours and I don’t get long enough breaks to sit there on hold and wait for someone to pick up, either.

                          Do you think we’ll get an update tonight? What is everyone’s previous cycle codes? I haven’t seen one person with a 201406.

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                            Filed and accepted 1/29, tried to get transcripts and it said to call identity theft line. The company I worked for in 2013 had a security issue and some employees tax refunds were stolen so they put a theft indicator on mine. I called this morning and the lady said that there wasn’t anything that should be holding up my refund, and my transcripts weren’t available yet as of this morning. She said that usually direct deposits tend to go through within 8-10 days of being accepted, so hopefully we see some kind of update tonight/tomorrow morning!!

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                              Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.
                              thats what i called and got through to get an updated status on my refund.
                              but apparently they needed to verify my identity.
                              idk if it will work for you or not but it has been for the people who have been flagged for this in the transcript area

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                                what # are you calling where they are providing any information? I’ve been shut down because im still within 21 days. I want to see if there is any issues and i CANNOT get into my transcrips and i’m providing correct info

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                                  what # did you call? How did you get them to look into it? I called today and they stated they could not look into anything until after 21 days

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                                    Filed on 01/25/15 accepted 01/25/2015 and still says processing. Called the IRS and they didn’t see any issues. I filed hubbies on 01/28 and his will be deposited on 02/06/15

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                                      I filed 1/29 accepted 1/29 and I have not gotten anywhere. I have one bar on WMR and transcripts are not available, how do you all find out the sequence number?

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                                        No update here either. Filed/accepted 1/29. Account transcript for 2014 available, but no codes, all zeros, and the only date says as of 2/23/2015. If what I read from someone else is true, and we were not actually accepted on the day we were told, it would make sense by that date. 2/23 would be 21 days from 2/2, which follows what that person said about actually being accepted on 2/2. That would mean it has only been 3/4 days. Craziness, and it stinks, but IF it’s true, it does make sense with the date on my transcript. Who really knows?? Not me, for sure.

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                                          I am in the same boat , Filed 1/29 accepted same day , 1 bar on WMR N/A on transcripts , Called the IRS yesterday they said mine is still processing and i do not owe them any money but i do have a Action on my account which is a student loan i owe but that should be fine sense i already talked to my student loan office and i am currently on Financial hardship forbearance so that should not affect it .

                                          So i guess we are in the waiting game atm not sure why maybe we got resequnced

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                                            Bumping to see if others are having the same problem as me. Seems some 1/29ers got an update this morning.

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