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      I filled 1/29 efile after paper filling last 2 years wmr I bar tax topic 152 everyone filed and accepted 1/29 let me know progress

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          WMR updated for me this morning, 2/11 ddd

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            Alright, just got off the phone with someone from the identity theft line. She said that my account was flagged to a security breach when I worked at my last job (which I figured). She said my refund was fine, but that my account had a theft indicator on it, but it would NOT delay my refund and that I could write in to have it removed for next year’s filing season. Also said that my transcripts are not available yet (and said that there’s no way to tell refund date from the cycle, which is crap but she was being nice to me so I didn’t want to argue). She said *MOST* of the time direct deposits are approved and deposited 8-10 days from filing but the IRS officially says 21 days.

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              no change for me!

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                I’m still getting this message: You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return. I have 1 bar on WMR and that message, filed/accepted 1/29. My Georgia return was flagged again for income verification (which is strange since TurboTax gathers that information online and I don’t even have to enter the W2 numbers). Does this message on the IRS site mean mine is in some kind of dead zone or is that the standard message everyone sees?

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                  I just tried to check my transcripts and it said to call the identity theft line, but nothing on the WMR saying to call. I had to call when I filed to get last year’s AGI, because for some reason there was a theft indicator on my account. The company I worked for 2 years ago I guess had an issue where someone hacked their system and stole some employees tax refunds, so I’m assuming that’s it because I have personally not had any issues. I’ll call in the morning and hopefully it gets straightened out…

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                    @ andrea890711 Exactly the same with my return still too.

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                      Filed 1/29, accepted same day, still one bar and tax topic 152, no DDD yet :/ hopefully soon!

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                        Filed 1/29. Federal was accepted the same day. State accepted the next day. I was able to see my transcripts yesterday and then this morning wmr updated and i now have ddd for this Friday the 6th.

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                          Filed and accepted 1/29 only one bar and 2014 transcripts are not available.

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                            Nope nothing in my bank

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                              I got federal today. Checked and I had a dd of the 6th checked my bank after depositing my paycheck and had it in there. So check your banks because I’m still sitting at 2 bars on WMR

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                                I filled on 1/29 and been checking WMR periodically and still says being processed and it is now the 4th also when i go to check my transcript’s it says 2014 N/A So i am wondering what is going on . I filled Turbo Tax Military Edition So it was free . Also My Fiance filled the same day as me and she has got a DDD for Friday the 6th .

                                So i am crossing my fingers opening tonight i will get my DDD soon .

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                                  Filed and accepted 1/29 around 7pm using TurboTax. I have 1 bar on WMR and still unable to view my transcripts.

                                  This is my first year filing, so I’m really anxious to find out whats going on.

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                                    Hopefully soon

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                                      Filed 1/29. Both federal and state were accepted within 2 hours. State got approved, but no DDD yet. Federal hasn’t even given us our transcripts yet, still 1 WMR bar.

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