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      I filed on 1/28 @ 12:59 pm. Est. An was accepted around a half hour later I used turbo tax an I’m having it deposited into my BB&T savings account. As of 1/31 still one bar on WMR an can’t order or see my transcripts I have n/a where 2014 should b. Hopefully b seeing an update soon. I’ll update!! Anyone else a 1/28 filer? Please update!!

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          I was able to see our cy me code and it says 20150602 can anyone tell me what date this means? Is it Friday? Lord I hope so!!!!

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          Happy Girl

            DDD 2/11 … got mine today!!!

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            Happy Girl

              DDD 2/11 … got mine today

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                WMR is still the same but I was able to order return transcripts this morning. I was never able to before. So I’m crossing everything that we get them this Friday!

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                  Filed and accepted 1/28. Just checked my WMR and still at one bar. Transcript is now there with 20150602. So looking like I should have by DD by Friday. THANK GOODNESS!!!! Good luck everyone! Hoping for good news for all.

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                    I filed with TT and paid my fees up front and am having mine put on a net spend card because they said i would get my refund faster. Anyone else file with TT and have a refund yet or DDD?

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                      I am a 1/28er and my DDD is set for 2/11 but H&R Block told me just a few minutes ago I wont receive it till 2/19. I called her a liar and she hung up on me lol.

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                        I filed 1/28 was accepted 2 hours after I e filed and it still shows one bar and no ddd either. :-( It will come around eventually.

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                          Filed and accepted on 1/28 and still only one bar and no ddd yet. Feeling discouraged. :/

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                            Filed and accepted on 01/29, WMR at one bar, transcripts N/A for 2014….feeling very discouraged :(

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                              Filed and accepted 1/28 via TT…still nothing :/ Only hope I have is from one of my blank transcripts stating “As of 2/16″…

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                                Filed 1/28 and finally got DDD this morning fot 2/11. Yay wishing the same for all 1/28 filers!

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                                  Filed 1/28, accepted same day, finally today, 2/7, I have 2 bars & ddd of 2/11. I used H&R Block. exempt from insurance penalty, eic, standard ded. Idk why some of us got 2/6, rest (I think!) 2/11. Can breath a little easier. Will update when actual dd on netspend. Good luck & God Bless.

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                                    I filed on January 28th, got accepted on January 28th, and got a DDD of 2/11/2015 this morning!!

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                                      Me and my girlfriend both filed 1/28
                                      Have not been able to check either of our transcripts online due to being locked out because they can’t verify the info I’m putting in. This morning, mine still has 1 bar on WMR and hers lost the bars and said update when available…Kind of discouraging seeing pretty much everyone else finally get a DDD…anyone?

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                                        My husband and I filed on 1/28 and we still only have one bar! Can’t get transcripts it says no taxes files for that year. But we got the approval email minutes after filing. So frustrated!

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                                          I filed on 1/28 via freetaxusa.com. I’ve used that site for about ten years now. After impatiently waiting for a status update on WMR, I finally woke up this morning happy to see my refund is approved. Similar to Chris IRS2Go says this will be sent to my bank by 2/11/15. I can relax and schedule a few credit card payments now. Good luck to all that filed on 1/28, mo matter the service/method.

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                                            I filed 1/28 at 6pm on H&R Block, woke up this morning and it was finally at approved!! To be sent to my bank by February 11th. So 1/28 people should hopefully see the same…

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                                              I could not access my transcripts because of a glitchy IPSU issue that really wasn’t an issue – but wouldn’t let me into my transcripts.

                                              The IRS agent at that department did confirm I have no issues with my refund, and a DDD of 2/11 is what shows in my transcripts according to the rep.

                                              Now, to see if that actually comes through!

                                              Filed 1/28, accepted 1/28, used TT, WMR shows one bar and processing with tax topic 152.

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                                                Hi I’m an 1/28 and accepted same day n received on my transcripts saying 20150505 but wmr still one bar.

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                                                  Filed 1/28 accepted same day and I can only see wage transcripts and account transcripts.. .they both say no record of return filed?! But TT says they were accepted and wmr says received. Any help appreciated :) so confused

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                                                    @ Amanda….it is not normal, this is ridiculous….this is the first time in 7 years that I have no updates. I’m sorry for those of you on the same boat….

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                                                      I filled on 1/28 and still only one bar and no transcripts available, is that normal? :( anyone else still waiting?

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                                                        any update to today iam locked out of the website

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                                                          I still have no transcripts aside from the wage one. Presuming I’m a weekly based on my lack of movement while others are beginning to move along. Fooey.

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                                                            I filed 1/28 and was accepted immediately. I checked my return transcripts for 2014 and they aren’t there. Boo! Hopefully tomorrow. I was able to access the wage, income transcript but not sure if that means anything though. Anyway, maybe tomorrow will bring an update! Good luck to all!!

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                                                              Filed 1/28 1 bar transcripts still not available

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                                                                UPDATE!! Filed 1/28 have had n/a on transcrips till this morning an this morning I got access to transcripts with cycle code 20150502!!!

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                                                                  So, I filed on 1/28 and it looks like I have a 2014 transcript that matches the refund amount I thought I should be getting. But I have no idea what the relevance is of the transcripts? I still have only one bar and am not “approved”, just accepted. What do the transcripts being there mean? Thanks!

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                                                                    Filed and accepted 1/28. Checked this morning and no change on WMR.
                                                                    Trascripts available with cycle of 20150502.
                                                                    846 Code.

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                                                                      Yeah !!! Congrats to all 1/28ers with DDD and transcripts complete

                                                                      I have a cycle date now on completed transcripts .20150502
                                                                      and the 846 Refund Issued code

                                                                      No DDD yet

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                                                                        I have no update either I filed 1/28 about 2pm central time got accepted less then 15 minutes later. No updates I can not get transcripts. I am hoping for an update tomororw. I could really use this money this week.

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                                                                          Am I really the only person who filed on 1/28 and has had no progress what so ever? I have visited all of the other threads and there are 100’s of people…..no one has even posed in on here in the past three hours, hoping that means some of you 1/28 got your money :)

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                                                                            I filed my client on the 1-28 now has an ddd 2_4_2015.. good luck to everyone.. w2, se, eic

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                                                                              @PhickDiva – I hope that is the case for you then, that you get your money this week. I have typically always received my money around Valentine’s day so it would be safe to assume that theory may be correct. I was trying to get in early enough to get it this week. It seems that anyone who filed prior to and/or around the 20th are being held up for whatever reason – people who got in between the 24th and 26th seem to be getting their money fairly quickly and then there’s us and beyond. I know it’s probably random how the IRS dispenses the funds..

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                                                                                @GR8StateTX : If that’s the case {in reference to you saying whatever your cycle was last year it will be this year}, I should get paid this week. The last 3 years in a row I’ve filed with TT in late January, have gotten accepted in less than 24 hours, and have had my money exactly 6 days after doing so {seems to fall in the neighborhood of Feb 6-8 always}. However, with no update to WMR and no account transcripts being available as of today, I’m not so sure I’ll get that lucky this time around. There’s been no changes to anything for me since being accepted within minutes of filing on the 28th. I don’t owe or anything, so I don’t get the hold up.

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                                                                                  Still no change for me *sigh*

                                                                                  filed 1/28 accepted, then rejected for wrong ssn for my child, corrected and re-accepted 1/28 around 800pm CST, 1 BAR on WMR, TT 152, EIC and EDUC Credits.

                                                                                  I just logged into my TurboTax account to track my refund..no change as stated above but to the left it had percentage of people who’ve received money 0% What the heck!!!

                                                                                  What’s going on with TT? This is my first year using them and I am hoping I don’t regret it although they did get me more money back than HRB.

                                                                                  I read on another page on facebook that whatever your cycle date was last year is most likely what you will fall under this year. If that is the case I won’t receive my refund until next week. My cycle date last year was 20130405

                                                                                  Fingers crossed that we all hear something soon.

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                                                                                    File 1/28/15 got accepted in minutes, just check this morning and still one bar, TT 152, need my money ASAP perhaps this week we will see some movements, got a few bills to take care off. Good Luck everyone.

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                                                                                    renee golovacha

                                                                                      Just checked and the WMR site says i have checked the status too many times??? I only checked twice, is that a normal response?? I have never had that happen before. And to be honest I also normally have a DDD by now, filed on 1/28 normally only takes 7 days to receive my refund. Starting to get a bit concerned.

                                                                                      Anyone else have that issue?

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                                                                                        Filed the 28th, accepted same day… still one bar on WMR and transcripts for me are N/A :/ good luck to everyone, I hope we get some good news soon!!!!

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                                                                                          Happy Feb 1st….. This is the 1/28ers Update section..Well WMR is down for me at 2p cst. I do not imagine we will see any updates till 6am 2/2/15 -only guessing

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                                                                                            WMR is down for me right now still have n/a on transcripts maybe tomorrow :-(

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                                                                                              Filed and accepted 1/28 around 8pm

                                                                                              Locked out of transcripts but yesterday had N/A

                                                                                              One bar on WMR

                                                                                              Starting to feel a bit worried :/

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                                                                                                Ok my friend told me to check for transcripts. I’ve tried phone and online. This is my first yr to ever file. I had education credits but that’s all of significance. My refund is under $3k. I was wondering why it continues to say my address is wrong and has locked me out since yesterday. Can’t get on phone either it says info is wrong. I don’t have any offsets I did call and got info there. I know I’ve seen some people say they get fraud messages but mine just says if you entered the wrong info try again in 24 hrs we have locked your acct. I’m putting my address exactly as it appears on tt forms. Could there be a reason?
                                                                                                Filed 1/28
                                                                                                Accepted 1/28
                                                                                                One bar on wmr

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                                                                                                  I filed through ave tax and was accepted on 1/13/15. My bars disappeared on WMR and has been saying my refund is being processed and a refund date will be provided when avail every since. I can only see 2 transcripts account and wage. The other 2 say N/A. Anybody else in the same boat??

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                                                                                                    So when people say that they can order transcripts, are the saying that they are ordering them similar to last year or just viewing them online?

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                                                                                                      I filed mine on 1/28 and my husbands about 30 mins later. I was able to order his transcripts yesterday, and he woke up to a DDD of 2/4, still nothing on mine, hope this helps.

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                                                                                                        I filed using TT on 1/28 around 4:30pm PST and was accepted by 6:30pm PST.

                                                                                                        Still one bar, tax topic 152 from WMR

                                                                                                        I have small glimpse of hope that some of us 1/28 folks wll get our refund by 2/6

                                                                                                        However, I rather expect to see the deposit on 2/13.

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                                                                                                          Congrats to any 1/28ers that already have been approved and $$$ is on the way !!

                                                                                                          Positive Vibes & News for 1/28ers by Tuesday 2/3 !!!

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                                                                                                            I’m not to sure on all the cycle stuff but iv seen a lot of people who filed on 1/27 that either have gotten a DDD or have been able to view transcrips today so hopefully by Monday us 1/28 filers will have a DDD.

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                                                                                                              I am a 1/28er Filed w Turbo Tax -prepaid Fees
                                                                                                              Accepted 1/28 (within 45 min)
                                                                                                              DD to NFCU
                                                                                                              Exempt on Healthcare ,
                                                                                                              WMR 1 bar Tax Topic 152 –
                                                                                                              1-31-15 8am not able to view 2014 transcripts yet :(

                                                                                                              I pray I can see Transcripts by 2/3
                                                                                                              God I hope I get the refund by the 9th.. I have a floating cash advance to pay back -quick

                                                                                                              I am thinking we might have an actual DDD of 2/9 or 2/10
                                                                                                              any ideas ?? last year I was 20140603 .. Is that daily or weekly??

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