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1/28 accepted first time filer need help

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    Filed and accepted 1/28
    My refund was under $3k I had eic and school credits
    First time filer
    Tax code 152 and one bar showing. Will wmr tell me if I’m under review?
    I can’t access transcripts it says address is wrong even though I do it exactly as tt shows on my forms. I have no offsets any help would be great I need enlightened on the transcript thing and why it rejects my address

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    Dont worry, you probably arent under review, i have pretty much the same as you and still no progress.

    When you enter your address for the transcripts, put your address like this 123 main.
    Dont include the ‘st, or street or ave’
    thats what I do and it always goes through but still no transcripts available for me

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