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      Hey anyone else still stuck on 1 bar? I filed 1/27 education credits. i see some 1/27 filers already have a ddd of 2/4 hope we get ours soon.

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          I efiled 1/27..no progress, no updates..NOTHING.Any one else with this issue.Just a message reading I will be contacted by email after my return has been recieved.

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            Hey guys!

            Still on one bar I though after WMR being down basically all weekend I’d see an update :-/. Oh well….I can see my account transcripts but not my return transcript. hoping for a DDD of late this week/ early next week.

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              Same for me! All zeros on transcript, no education credit. I was accepted 15 minutes after filing and had one bar with TT 152 right after.

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                Same here ! Need an update soon.

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                  as of 9:30 I am still on one bar have a 2014 account transcript but it’s all zero’s. any other 1/27 filers with any updates/info?

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