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    Has anyone that filed on 1/27 see any movement? Im still on 1 bar . Does seem like they arnt processing returns as fast as years past….And you can only get a mailing of your transcript now which sucks, that batch code really helped the ones who use them figure out a DDD in some cases before WMR would even update. Im thinking 2/12 for a DDD is realistic for this year.

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    Have any 1/27 filers seen ANY movement or DDD given?



    Filed 1/25/16
    Accepted 1/27/16

    I called tuesday, said they where still processing it. My acceptance date beat the IRS crash date of the 28th so that’s good news. My bank also does not post pending deposits. When the money is sent it is automatically deposited. I’m really hoping for tomorrow (2/5) since WMR is still showing 1 bar and I still can’t order my return transcript. If not hopefully saturday. But we will see…I’m not holding my breathe.





    I’m hoping so!! But if not it’ll come eventually, earlier would be better though!! They are definitely a bit slower this year because we always get our federal 2-3 days before our state in all previous years that we’ve filed and this year if updates are accurate we’ll be getting our state first unless our federal surprisingly goes in tomorrow/this weekend with the state, if not hopefully next week!



    @Nikki, I think we are all waiting for a DD tomorrow. Last year my federal was deposited on a Saturday without WMR ever updating from tax topic 152. So Friday or Saturday are definite possibilities.



    My husband and I filed jointly the evening of 1/27 and was accepted 10 minutes later for both state and federal. So far we are still at one bar on federal but did hear about the system failures and problems they’ve been having so not holding my breath on wmr update to be accurate. I checked our state (VA) yesterday and it had a ddd for tomorrow, 2/5 so hoping fedeal will go in as well but we shall see. Our online bank account does not post pending deposits so we cannot see what’s pending for tomorrow so we’ll just have to check in the morning to see.



    *after I got my refund last year, that is…



    Still waiting. Seem to have exceeded the number of times per day you can check WMR haha! Didn’t realize I was checking that much. Best thing to do is sit back and wait. I do remember that my WMR never updated even AFTER I got my DD in my account. I’m unsure if it ever updated. I got a letter in the mail a couple of weeks after receiving my return telling me that I needed to call the IRS and use some code they gave me and that failure to do so could result in my return being delayed. I called and told them that I already had my money and wanted to know what was going on. She said that it wasn’t anything major and that it was to insure that I hadn’t been a victim of identity fraud. I settled a few things with her and all was resolved. I asked her if this would have any affect on this year’s return and she assured me it would not.

    When I called the IRS yesterday, I was told that their computers were down and that he couldn’t tell me anything until I had passed the 21 day threshold. I suppose I’ll just continue waiting.

    #1/27strong :-) :-) :-)



    @Sirreadsalot ~ That’s an effective way to diffuse any troll situation! The paid shills are eager to rally the masses into civil unrest. We know that whenever or whatever when it comes to the IRS requires patience. In the mean time we will not be discouraged as it will only lead to a back log of unwanted ambiguity.


    Sir Readsalot


    ………really? I mean, really? It’s like your trolling without even reading anything about the irs situation. Well, let me inform you, by the OFFICIAL IRS STATEMENT it says that 1) this doesn’t effect people who already have approved filings, and 2) that 9 out 10 filers will still receive their return in the 21 day period. That is regardless of when you file. For the love of anything, if your gonna troll, at least get your facts lined up and don’t come to a lynching without your pitchfork


    Sir Readsalot


    ………really? I mean, really? It’s like your trolling without even reading anything about the irs situation. Well, let me inform you, by the OFFICIAL IRS STATEMENT it says that 1) this doesn’t effect people who already have approved filings, and 2) that 9 out 10 filers will still receive their return in the 21 day period. That is regardless of when you file. For the love of anything, if your gonna troll, at least get your facts lined up and don’t come to a lynching without your pitchfork






    @ sir readsalot so if I don’t have a ddd yet and I filed and got accepted on 1/27 I can still get a deposit?


    Sir Readsalot


    Don’t worry about not getting a DDD and that you can’t get your transcripts. WMR is super inaccurate, several people get their deposit before it even updates and a lot of years many people can’t retrieve their transcripts, and they also re no indication that you are or are not getting your return.
    Tomorrows the big day, if you don’t get your deposit tomorrow it’ll prolly be next week sometime. But don’t stress out about WMR and all that. They are just tools to keep you informed. Problem is they are never quite updated for the general population.



    Filed 1/27
    still can’t order 2015 transcripts.

    maybe, just maybe we will be able to order transcripts tomorrow & get a ddd for 2/10 on Saturday’s update? Otherwise the next DDD probably won’t be until 2/12

    Ohio filer w/TT.



    Filed with TaxAct the evening of 1/27. IRS accepted it the same night and still no movement. It’s driving me crazy checking everyday! State was accepted on 1/29 and found out I’ve been selected for their “identity quiz verification” thing. Guess its what I get for moving last year. Quadruple checked everything and sent in a solid return with absolutely no alerts at all. Guess my tax game is not in my favor this year!

    All I can do is wait. *sigh*



    @participant oh ok well I hope I get something soon



    @Waiting. No my state (Indiana) just appeared in my bank account. I filed on Wednesday 1/27 and it was deposited on Tuesday 2/2.



    @ participant did your state tax say it was in the final stages of processing before you got it. Cause that’s what mine is saying now



    @Hiloshark – I received my Indiana state refund yesterday. Filed 1/27 w/HR Block but no update on WMR just the tt 152 which has been there since Tuesday. I guess the IRS is having hardware failure which began yesterday. They cannot give a specific date as to when it will be repaired but it is affecting some of their systems. WMR may not update before the DDD if this continues for any length of time. Last year when I received tt 152 I received my DD the following Saturday.



    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/27
    No ddd yet

    I still cant order my return transcripts. Still have 1 bar, when i call they wont give me any anwsers until after 21st day. My return is over 10k with filing 3 children. Not sure what the hold up is but really startimg to get worried, anyone else still not have a ddd.

    Worried in ohio…….


    Dr. Acula

    WMR updated yesterday morning, two bars, DDD of 2/5



    @Mrs. T – What kind of hardware failure?



    Meant wmr tool



    I wonder if the hardware failure theirs is experiencing is affecting the war tool from updating



    Filed TT 1/27 accepted min later getting DD to my Amex serve still no return my fiancé filed 1/28 and we got her federal return she got it DD yesterday it’s just a random process I feel they pull names out of a hat



    @angie they say irs had hardware problems yesterday and wmr among a few other programs on the site were out they plan to have it fixed later today but it shouldn’t effect our refunds



    I filed on the 27 and was accepted that evening. I have been showing one bar on wmr all this time, but yesterday morning wmr said they couldn’t recognize my info at all. Anyone else expereince this or have insight into it?
    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Approve 1/28



    That should have said we filed the 27th got accepted that day and still nothing. While others who filed after are getting ddd



    I’m getting so aggravated! People who have filed after the 27th like my Husband and myself are getting ddd for the 8th or have gotten them for the 5th and we’re still at 1 damn bar!



    Just checked wmr still 1 bar called irs automated system says still processing don’t know what’s going on I got my taxes in 11 days last year and I was offset no offsets against me this year I’m getting impatient!!!



    I find my self getting very highly pissed every time I check wmr. What is taking so long this year



    ive gotten every refund within 9 days, i went back and checked 6 yrs. if 2/12 is tge date, it will have been the longest ive waited for at least 7 years. thats why i was confident that filing on the 27th, thats why i was assuming the 5th.



    @johnc well Gd luck cause I know I won’t have nothing til next week lol I don’t have luck at all but we will see also what is bluebird? And where are you located I’m in NY



    @waiting yea iv noticed that too. With all the reports of WMR not updating for others and Past years experiences it would not surprise me to wake up with a DD in my account . I use Bluebird and they don’t have a pending transactions section so im in the dark on that end as well. Heres to hoping!



    @johnc I did notice people are getting theirs on the 5th but I haven’t moved a bar yet so like you I’m thinking next week also but like you said about the crash who knows I just hope they get it right lol



    @waiting Dont quote me but i believe it was on some generic updated refund cycle chart (not produced from the irs) im honestly not expecting mine till early/mid week next week with the crash today who knows



    @ johnc why is all the filers on the 27th thinking we will get our money on the 5th just a question



    Filed 1/27/ 12:01am
    Accepted 1/27 30mins later
    Wmr 1 Bar tt152
    I-d Verification last year
    Refused Optional information for Drivers license info in Turbo Tax (not sure if that matters)

    Hoping for a DD on 2/5 i’d settle for a update on wmr as well though. Anyone heard anything new? besides the system crash?




    Filed 1/27 accepted 1/27 still 1 bar processing as of today called its automated service says still processing



    Still DDD. This is dumb. Simple 1040ez like every year.



    Filed 1/27/16 at 11pm, accepted 30 min later
    Received ddd today of 2/5



    So I guess I’ve locked myself out of wmr.. But I could still try to order transcript. Now it gives me a code 113.. Wonder what that means..

    I filed with hr block and just found out they took my state on a debt we didn’t even have.. Could it get any worse.

    Filed 1/27
    1 bar..



    F/A 1/27

    Still one bar. Last year had “false” identity theft flag and lost bars that hung up my refund for 12 weeks. I’m hoping this year is better.



    Filed 1/27/2016. I called the irs (due to last years issues for reassurance). He said I was accepted the 27th. Began processing the 28th. No issues so far. It’s all the same from last year. Same filing status, dependents, same address, employer etc. Last year I filed the 27th. Didn’t receive till the 23rd. So I’m hoping it was delayed last year due to having to verify ID in person. This Saturday maybe I’ll get my ddd finally.



    Some say on the fb page that if you can’t request your 2015 return transcript that your return is still processing.

    but also some say that they have received a ddd without being able to request a 2015 transcript.

    I think it is just luck of the draw this year!! Maybe we will see a ddd for the 10th on Saturday?? fingers crossed..



    Filed and accepted 1/27 still no update for me on wmr only one bar not sure how to check transcripts though



    Filed 1/27 @ 1028 pm, accepted @1058pm
    Can’t order 2015 transcripts
    no ddd this am. still at 1 bar.
    when is the next ‘big’ update?



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Both before 11am on TT

    Maybe my hold up is that I have EIC, Child care, and tuition on my and that is why its taking so long for them to process my return. I am still at one bar and have been.



    No update for me.

    File 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    as of 2/3 still 1 bar



    Filed on 1/27-10pm
    Accepted on 1/27-10:41pm
    Approved 2/3
    DDD 2/5/16



    Filed and accepted 1/27
    DDD 2/5

    I’ve always gotten my return a day or 2 before the DDD…usually about 8 days from filing, so I’m thinking it’ll be posted to my credit union tomorrow.



    Filed 1/27 w/ TT
    Accepted 1/27
    No ddd and still only one bar on wmr.
    Cannot order return transcript. Hoping for an update on tomorrow!



    It says WMR only updates once a day, when is the best time to check. I’m in California



    Still nothing other than 1 bar, filed with hr block on 1/27 accepted same day.. I just wish wmr would do something, heck tell me to stop checking and everything fine.. Give me an approval bar..



    Filed and accepted 1/27/16 still 1 bar



    Hr block online
    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/27
    As of today I am able to order past transcripts still nothing for this season and still at 1 bar.

    Grrrrr only took 8 days last year. Best of luck everyone!



    Filed 12/25/16
    Accepted 12/27/16

    Still one bar no DDD

    Frustrating. .. was hoping for the 5th



    Filed + accepted 1/27. Approved 2/3 and DDD = 2/5



    I filed on 1/27 just got DDD for 2/5


    Adrianna’s Daddy

    I made a mistake. MY DDD is for 02/05/2016.
    Applied TT on 01/27/2016
    Accepted by IRS on same day
    Approved by IRS on 02/03/2016
    DDD for 02/05/2016


    Adrianna’s Daddy

    Applied with TT on 01/27/2016
    Return Accepted on 01/27/2016
    Approved by IRS on 02/03/2016
    DDD for 02/15/2016
    I have never, ever waited this long to get a DDD



    Through TA, not TT*



    Filed 1/27 through TT. Accepted 1/27. Still no WMR bars, tax topic 152.

    3 W-2’s and 2 tuition forms. No DDD. Ugh.



    Still one bar :( was hoping for a ddd for 2/5! Filed with H&R on the 27th


    C Hay

    filed and accepted 1/27.
    DDD of 2/5 as of this morning.



    Filed and accepted HR Block 1/27 in the evening after 8PM. No bars just tax topic 152. Received State Refund today 2/3.



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27 in the afternoon
    DDD 2/5

    Checked my bank and I see the deposit pending for 2/4

    Hope some of you receive some good news as well



    Been checking WMR since 3.. Around 3:30 wasn’t able to check die to updating.. Just checked again and was able to enter my info with the same result.

    As of 4:03am 2/3:
    Approved 1/27
    One bar
    No DD OR DDD

    Last year WMR was still at one bar and I got my deposit so.. Fingers crossed


    Tired of waiting

    Anybody got any updates on there status from 1/27 Accepted. I’m getting concern Along with everybody else around here.



    I am thinking next week is more realistic. all these early filers clogged the que. i dont know why all these people sent their txes in so early. whether you did it on tge 11th or 18th, irs didnt even start going threw shit till the 19th . so now we have millions who is slowing it all down right now instead of just being patient and waiting till 19th. last year i did get refund uber fast , 8 days but looks like i might wait 14 this time… all in all not bad



    There are 2 different refund cycle charts floating around this year. One says the 2/5 and the other 2/12. That where that date is coming from.



    Thank you @Melissa



    @Chris http://www.rapidtax.com/blog/tax-season-2016-refund-cycle-chart/#.VrFkh4-cGCo talk about your approved date, assuming we are approved by 2.5 the refund date is 2.12. Most others are using the term accepted date, but if you are accepted on 2.5, you quite obviously won’t have a deposit that date. Of course, I would be happy with a 2.5 deposit, but I don’t believe that will be the case this year.



    @Melissa where did u hear 2/12?

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