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    Has anyone that filed on 1/27 see any movement? Im still on 1 bar . Does seem like they arnt processing returns as fast as years past….And you can only get a mailing of your transcript now which sucks, that batch code really helped the ones who use them figure out a DDD in some cases before WMR would even update. Im thinking 2/12 for a DDD is realistic for this year.

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    Looks like everyone else go their refund?? I still haven’t gotten a DDD or the transcripts I ordered. I called the IRS and they could see no reason why my refund is on hold. They said I should try mailing a copy of my return to an address in California. FTS.



    Still no DDD. Accepted on 1/27 and STILL getting the “A refund date will be provided when available” message. Ordered transcripts on 2/18. I will be calling today.



    I too filed and was accepted the 27th… After seeing my 1 bar disappear after 2 days I got concerned; as this never happened in all my years of filing. The only delta for me was that I moved. After pretending it was past 21 day, i was able to get a hold of a tax advocate from the “advocate hotline”. He actually told me that I indeed was under review for ID Verification because of this and would probably not be processed unfil June. I told him I had a hardship and needed my $ and he actually set up a case and gave me a case # and the numyof my local advocate tel number. He also gave me the ID Verification # to call as well to verify my ID. In between that time, I had also tried to order my 15′ transcript but could only get my 14′ script, and y ended up getting a letter with another number to call and actually got to speak to someone rather quickly. They looked me up and said that I was on a hold, but now it seems that my refund was pushed through somehow(either by the advocate or the system verified me on its own, BUT SHE SAW A REFUND DATE OF FEB 24!! I told her my advocate gave me that ID verification # to call and she said I probably didn’t need to call but it may be worth it just to be sure that my refund is not put on hold again because I told her I still had the “still processing ” msg on wmr that day. She said wmr sucks but call the ID Hotline anyway just ti be sure but she was pretty positive I wud get my refund the 24th. so.. After several calls and getting “due to the high call volume we cannot take your call” message, I was on hold for 45 min and someone picked up the. Hung up!!! I was livid. Then I was even more determined to get thru and kept calling and getting the “cant take my call msg” I finally wasable to get through after being on hold an hour. I actually took a shower and got ready to go out and was on the rd by the time someone answered. I had my 14′ & 15′ return up on my pc at home and i knew they were going to ask for information from it and I FORGOT to email it to myself. And sure enough while on the rd the operator started asking if I had these docs and I said I was now not home but pulled over and used Turbo Tax mobile to at least get my 15′ return up after convincing the operator to try to verify me w out my 14′ return or w2s. She was able to, but did ask extensive questions about my 15 return which I cud answer from being able to download my 15′ return from Turbo Tax mobile app(they really need to make it possible to get All Your returns you file with them on mobile easier as well as on the normal website now… It’s a pain either way n is almost cryptic). Long story short, she verified me n them said it would be up to 9 WEEKS THIS TIME!!! So i told her who I had just got off ghe phn with about my transcripts and what they told me and that ghis was just a “double check” call and I was actually expecting my refund the 24TH. She put me on hold for a min and then came back and said: THE FIRST LADY WAS RIGHT AND SHE NEEDED TO REFRESH HER SYSTEM!! She saw the note from the first call now too she said and said I am indeed on for the 24TH!!! So i told her why i called because of stupid ass wmr not showing it and she said it NEVER really works and is ALWAYS UP AND DOWN on their end and to check tomorrow and it should show. So first thing I did today was log on and BOOM!!! My ddd of the 24TH was now showing w the 2 bars and a msg ti call my bank if I don’t get it by the 29Th. So if you have hung in and read all this… My advice is be persistent!! And tell them you need your $$ now due to hardship and you may get pushed thru like me!!! And I asked her why she didn’t see this info off the bat n told me 9 weeks and she said she had to refresh her screen and go to another screen!! So be persistent and hang in there. Here’s to hoping two irs people and wmr are right, and i get my refund on the 24th!!!



    I guess everyone else has received their returns.



    Its ya boy big gucci signing back on
    Yo I got good news to talked to them fok es and they say it’s nothing wrong still processing if nothing telling u to take action u good he said he think I should update by Sat I filed 1/27 lost bars few days ago just stay patient 27ers I know y’all still out there



    I still can’t order return transcripts. Now TT is saying my refund date is the 25th after it said it was the 17th. No movement on the MWR. Hope is fading fast.



    I called 1-800-829-1040. I pressed options 1 and 2 then pressed 00 and it took me to someone. Had to wait for about 45 minutes. From what I am seeing online they are telling everyone the same thing… I filed on 1/26 and still waiting.



    How did you get through today? Every number I call says they are closed til 7.



    I just called this morning and they told me that it would be an additional week from today. I filed on 1/27. All I see is that its processing with no status bars. So now I have to wait an additional week.



    Just as an update. I filed 1/27 and lost bars a few days later..waited my 21 days (which is today) and was told I had to verify..I had no code and no bars or anything. Now I have to do that except when I call, it says due to high call volume, they’re unable to take my call which is super frustrating!! I got no letter or anything..I did have an address change and I got remarried. I will post when something changes ..



    Still no bars, buy I was finally able to order my return transcripts this morning. Hopefully that’s a good sign.



    Day 21 still no tax return. I called this morning and the lady was very rude and hung up on me. Filled with TT 1/27 was accepted 10 minutes later. The IRS rep. stated that my return was not filled until 2/1. So i’m technically still in my 21 days. Then she hung up on me. No bars on MWR just topic 152. I am about to just give up.



    Day 21 today. Still getting the message:

    “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”.

    This is very frustrating. It’s NEVER taken this long to get a DDD. I don’t need the money but I’d at least like to know that my return has been approved.



    I’m in the same boat. I filed on 1/27/16, and was accepted the same day. I’ve had only one bar since this past weekend. Now it says your refund is still being processed, and that a refund date will be provided when available with no bars. My 21 days would be up tomorrow according to turbo tax. IRS won’t say a thing about it til the the 21 days are up. Still no ddd! So frustrating!



    I’m in the same boat. Filed the 27th of January. Had only one bar until this past weekend. Now its says it’s being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. IRS won’t give me any info til the 21 days are up. According to turbo tax that would be tomorrow. So frustrating. No ddd!



    Has anyone else who lost their bars receive this message?

    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    With no DD date and no more Tax topic 152



    filed and accepted 1/27 through tt
    Large refund (5 figures) due in significant part to a solar energy tax credit for installing solar panels this year

    Nothing happened.

    Called last week (1-800-829-0582 ext 652) and said I had a code (I didn’t) but didn’t write it down. They looked into the account and said there’s nothing flagged on it. It’s just taking time.

    Sunday I lost my bars on WMR.

    I called in again today with the same trick. I told them I had filed on the 26th (making today day 21). They said that there were no flags on my account and that everything was just going slowly. They said I needed to give it another week.

    Getting increasingly more frustrated.



    Sleepy: Yes include weekends in your 21 days I believe. I think it’s 21 days, not 21 business days..

    To everyone who doesn’t have a DDD. I would try and order return transcripts. If you can then that is a good sign. But either way I would call them because you’re at 21 days. If you filed 1/27, today should be 21 days. If they give you crap about it, tell them you’ll talk to them tomorrow first thing in the morning.



    F/A 1.27.16
    As of the weekend, lost all bars.

    Hopefully this is a good sign. Who knows?



    Do you guys include the weekend in your 21 day count?



    Lot the bars. Now I have this message:

    “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

    It’s never taken this long. Usually 10-12 days. Tomorrow will be day 21.



    1/27 today no bar no ddd not good



    Plus I just sat on hold for over an hour in a half only for an attitudinal employee tell me it’s still processing, call back after 21 days..she wouldn’t even open the file or ardell me if there was an indication that something might be wrong! Ugh… Today may be a holiday, but they are not closed…it may be few people there today, but someone is there.




    1/27 filers. The IRS is closed today so you may not see any movement until tomorrow. I file 1/27 and saturday 2/13 i got a ddd of 2/18. It would of been 2/17 but because of today being a holiday it pushed it back a day. If you filed 1/27 and still waiting, then you may get a ddd of 2/19 which is friday. If you were able to request return tran, then you should have ddd tomorrow. If you have not already requested it, then you should be able to request return tran tomorrow and get ddd wednesday for 2/19. Check periodically throughout the day. Friday I checked many times to request return trans, it wasnt until later that evening that it finnaly went through. Unlike the WMR, transcript request updates many times a day.

    Day 21 is tomorrow so they will tell you that if i dont update wednesday then call them. So dont bother calling tomorrow. You have to call after 21 days.



    1/27 filers. The IRS is closed today so you may not see any movement until tomorrow. I file 1/27 and saturday 1/13 i got a ddd of 2/18. It would of been 2/17 but because of today being a holiday it pushed it back a day. If you filed 1/27 and still waiting, then you may get a ddd of 2/19 which is friday. If you were able to request return tran, then you should have ddd tomorrow. If you have not already requested it, then you should be able to request return tran tomorrow and get ddd wednesday for 2/19. Check periodically throughout the day. Friday I checked many times to request return trans, it wasnt until later that evening that it finnaly went through. Unlike the WMR, transcript request updates many times a day.

    Day 21 is tomorrow so they will tell you that if i dont update wednesday then call them. So dont bother calling tomorrow. You have to call after 21 days.



    Lost my bars..no more tt 152..still processing… I guess it’s no point in waiting 21 days…I won’t be getting $$ any time soon..nice following you. Good luck and congrats to everyone else



    I filed and was accepted on 1/27 through TT. All the way up until this past Sunday I had one bar with 152 tax topic….Sunday morning my bar went away, but still has tax topic. I was able to order my Account transcripts on 2/5 and still can not order the return transcripts. My account transcripts came in the mail Saturday, and they are completely blank. There’s none of my information listed. This week on the 17th will be my 21 days. Nothing is happening…nothing is moving!!!!!!!



    hello all I was in the mixture I filed 1/27/ accepted 1/28 couldn’t order transcripts until Friday morning,,,then ddd was posted Saturday for 2/18 I checked my bank today and my deposit is there it will post Tuesday morning so call the bank see if its pending My coworker in the same boat she doesn’t have a DDD update but her deposit is pending in her bank account as well…I don’t think wmr is updating the way it should…good luck everyone hope everyone see some movement before Tuesday.



    @ Json;

    I’m really really trying. I’ll hold off until the 18th to officially freak out.

    Thanks ☺



    Amanda, the wmr doesnt update all the time, but your direct deposit date is probably the 18th with all the rest of us. You shouldn’t see sny bank activity till closer to that date. Dont freak out until then. If nothig on the 18th…. Then freak.



    Hey everyone,
    I’m going to join the club.

    Filed 1/27/16
    Accepted 1/27/16
    Ordered both transcripts 2/5/16 & again on 2/13/16

    I haven’t reached out to the IRS, no codes on my WMR page. Just a little stressed out. This is absolutely ridiculous, filed through H & R Block. Nothing showing pending in my husbands bank account either. Not really sure where to go from here. I’m starting to believe that the transcript ordering is a myth….

    This is annoying!

    Please keep sharing updates, I want to remain hopeful!



    Filed 1/27. I could order tax return transcripts 2/12, and have a DDD of 2/18.

    Just wanted to let you all know. Good luck, I hope everyone get there returns in the next round!



    No ddd yet but I noticed my bar disappeared today. And I still have the TT of 152. So hopefully, Illl be able to order transcripts soon.



    1/27 filer here. Money should have been here 1 1/2 weeks ago easily. Here it is Valentine’s Day and can’t even afford my SO a gift because my money is still in mother fracking limbo. 21 days is up in 3 days and IRS is trying to weasel out more time by saying it is up on 1/23. BS. How much more time so they need to do their damned jobs? I’m calling on 2/17 and IRS be damned if they try this stunt on Wednesday .



    Annoyed to the max…still no update, still one bar, 21 days right around the corner, still no ddd…ugh



    On the real doe what’s really good I’m from 1/27th street with one bar still wat the H…..why want it update sheesh




    I can not lie you are the dude lol for the rest of y’all that been waiting get ya burrrr on everybody everybody get ya burrrr on lol



    I think there are still some that didn’t get updated, but im pretty sure 99.9% that you will see wmr movement and a ddd the day after you can order your return transcripts. guccimane1017 finally gonna get his oz of burrrr. Up for dayyyys. rollin in cash like plurrr



    Filed 1/27
    Ordered return transcripts yesterday and since ive been reading everyones posts here over and over again for the past 2 week, looming for some kind of magical update or information, it was like I had won the damn lottery. I was burrrrr’n all over the damn place knowing i would have 2 burrrrs on the pizza tracker when i woke up today. Which i did and i got my long awaited ddd taken it out the full 21 days.. This page kept me sane. Thank you all for your updates. Burrrrrr..itos for everyone!



    filed and accepted 1/27. No bars just the 152 msg. can not order transcripts. Called IRS Wednesday the 10th they said I am not showing any codes or offsets just seems to be taking longer. This is the longest I have ever had to wait



    @Erica Welcome to the club. I filed mine on 1/27 and was supposedly accepted on 1/27 because the bar showed up the following evening on WMR. And here it is 2/13 and cant order transcripts, no DDD. My patience with these retards is the equivalent of driving on Black ICe



    I filed on 1/27 received 1/28 still at one bar. So irritated. My 21 days are up on 2/19 and no ddd, can’t order transcript. Trying to keep my cool



    gucci and rob : call the irs and use the code trick. tell them you filed 22 days ago ( around the 23rd of jan), tell them you have a tax code you are unsure of and once you tried getting it for the phone call it had locked you out… they will have NO choice but to open your info and tell you whats going on and what your expecting date will be!

    yall try it, let me know what happens if you dont mind… im as concerned nearly as much as yall are tbh… just doesnt seem fair !



    My 21 days is Wednesday I want to know cause I didn’t get dd I got it coming to tax office as paper check so I’m wondering could it just be there with no update cause I’m still on one bar



    I’m so glad y’all got the good news but I’m still on one bar gone and burrrr without me did all y’all bars change this is f up



    Filed and accepted on 1/27. Checked WMR and STILL no DDD. Still on one bar. Unreal.



    I wanna go to DISNEY,too!!!! bring a friend day, hint hint!!!!!!




    I used turbo tax and netspend card. Mine usually comes a couple days before anyone else. I just checked the irs and I still don’t show a dd but mine hit yesterday. I don’t think the website is updated. Just keep checking it looks like they are coming.



    I got a DDD of 2/18/16. Yay!!!! Now we can all BURRRR with @Gucci ☺ happy spending everyone !!! Now I can get my Disney annual passes ????



    Finally!!!!! DDD of 2/18! I’m so happy, I could cry!



    Filed with Turbo Tax on 1/27
    My husband called IRS and they said they really only rec’d it on 1/29
    2/12 at 4 am I could not order my refund transcripts
    2/12 at 10 pm was able to order refund transcripts
    2/13 at 4 am checked WMR finally got DDD of 02/23



    Yayah finally got a deposit date! 02-18-16



    your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 18, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 23, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.







    Just checked and I have a DDD for 2/18. Good luck to everyone else.






    Is the update tonight or tomorrow night anyone burrrr we getting dd all of us…..



    I filed on 1/27 after 5pm. Married filing joint, several dependents, education credits and address change through TT free file so no fees. WMR showed no movement and still hasn’t. Able to order return transcript after 11am today. Used rushcard for dd and it posted to my account at 12pm today. WMR still says processing and we went through a similar occurrence last year where the deposit posted before WMR updated. Hopefully everyone will get their refund sooner than expected!



    No deposit. I checked and I check Turbo Tax. For those that has deposit what tax preparer did you use?



    @bReal everytime I call IRS they wont tell me anything. I get the canned 21 days response and they wont tell me jack. So I dont know if they accepted it late or what. TT and the WMR said it was received on 1/27 and I checked on 1/28 and it stated that the return was received



    just logged into my Chase account and nothing yet :( Hopefully by tomorrow I will either have a DDD or my money already deposited!




    Have you called? There have been a couple people on this forum alone that have stated that they filed on the 27th and receive confirmation on the 27th, but when they contact the IRS, they are told that it was not accepted till the 4th of February.


    That is a pretty good translation! Made me laugh, for sure.



    @Jj I already called my bank and no deposits or anything pending. This is enough BS to make me question my sanity



    @jj are you using a regular Bank or a card



    Where my refund site is still on one bar but I just got an update that my money has been deposited. Check your accounts.




    Thank you for the definition:) Urban dictionary??



    Burrrr, got me some nice ice!

    (meaning of burrr)

    Girl. That weave is spent up….

    dayum, that was straight up burrr on her ass!

    ——> that was a different way of using Burrrr





    Here’s the web address to order a transcript: https://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript

    Click on the button, then enter all of your info. Choose “return” transcript. If you can request one, it typically means they’ve finished processing your taxes and you *should* have your WMR updated the following day.



    I could order my transcript! so now what?



    I’m new to this but I also filed mines on 01/27 and it was accepted so same day but still no movement for me either. I was just wondering, I’m seeing everyone’s ordering return transcripts and I’m wondering what that means? Like is that one step closer to getting approved or ..




    I still don’t get the burr but when I get my money, I will burr right along with you!!! :D



    I’m still on 1bar I didn’t order either transcript cuz I feel like we gone update tonight anyway but if y’all think I should then I will Ohh and burrrr Lol Ladyshay



    okay so I file taxes on the 27th been following the forms and have no update TurboTax had the percentage of everybody on the 27th and it disappeared other day so I’ve been watching everybody’s post on here so I just want to tell everyone what time what happened I get on irs.gov website where’s my refund and no bars still no bars just received and tax tax topic 152 just checked it about 5 minutes ago so about 2 minutes ago I get update from NetSpend saying that my money has hit my card where’s my refund still has no bars I just wanted to let everyone know your money will come peace out spending time I’m



    I was finally able to order my return transcript! So fingers crossed this is the light at the end of the tunnel for us 1/27 filers!!!

    Hopefully all of us will wake up to 2 bars and a DDD date!!!

    Good luck to all of you!!!!!



    Got return transcript too…Its about darn time




    Finally! I can order transcripts as well! I saw your earlier post and everyone else and decided to try it again. As of 11:29 AM I could order the return transcript! That is good news!

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