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    Has anyone that filed on 1/27 see any movement? Im still on 1 bar . Does seem like they arnt processing returns as fast as years past….And you can only get a mailing of your transcript now which sucks, that batch code really helped the ones who use them figure out a DDD in some cases before WMR would even update. Im thinking 2/12 for a DDD is realistic for this year.

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    I also filed on 01/27 and received an approved email within a few hours. I have yet to receive any other movement in regards to the status of my return. This is the first time that I can remember my return taking this long to get to me. But, it seems that there are still many of us in the same boat for the same filing day. One can only wonder why. I hope to see something soon.

    Best Regards



    Hello all I also filed on 1/27 and still have no DDD but I just checked and I could finally order my trancripts with my new address.



    I was able to order my transcripts! That means my Change of Address is in. Good chance I will get my DD tomorrow, and I’ve simply missed the 24 hour update window for the WMR web app.

    Get money, get paid. :)



    Filed on Jan 27. Still on one bar. Getting real tired of waiting. Same thing happened to me last year. I waited almost a month to get my refund and there were no problems with my return last year, just took a really long time.



    im getting super frustrated. filed and accepted on the 27th of January. As of this morning, ONE BAR…NO TRANSCRIPTS..nothing is progressing for me. everyone around me , including my children, who filed LATER by a week or MORE have received their return. I, like the rest of us, am extremely desperate for this money. I certainly pray that Friday will be OUR day.





    Filed and accepted on 1/27. Found out I have an offset for the VA for only $148. VA said it was paid. Not sure why WMR and TT still show me as accepted and only 7% have received their refund.



    Filed 1/27; Accepted 1/27 (within 1 hour); as of 2/9 still a single bar (no movement).



    Filed and accepted 1/27. Stuck on one bar still. I was able to order my return transcript, but not my refund transcript. No DD, no change. Like everybody else, I was hoping it would be through as fast as in past years, but this is the longest it has taken for me since e-filing and direct deposit have been available.



    Still one bar. No DD filed on 1/27 with JH. Really getting disappointed. Could not order transcripts either. A simple return. Happy for all those who have gotten the DDD. Hoping the rest of us get one for this Friday 2/12


    Symone {Illinois}

    So I filed on the 01/27 and still haven’t gotten an updated I’m still at the 1 bar and I’m getting worry cause my sister got here’s before mines and we filid the same day
    Hopefully I get a ddd soon



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27 (about an hour later)

    I have not received a ddd yet and still unable to order transcripts. I filed through Turbotax and did the netspend card thing. I was starting to worry because i havent even received my card….checked about 2 hrs ago and it was in the mail. Everything seems to be going slow. I have a friend who was approved on the 24th and his just got approved.



    Filed 1/27 got DDD on 2/6 for 2/10 into my bank account. Progress, hope to see refund tomorrow or Wednesday.



    Accepted 1/27 Approved 2/6. DDD 2/10. No Tax Topic codes. Glad the wait is finally over. Seems like many of us got approved at the same time. $$$



    I still have one bar.



    @Dawnft, Good for you! Glad you got your refund.



    I’m glad to see the DDD’s are starting to roll out!



    I got my dd last night. efiled with turbotax 1/27 at 11:30am, accepted within an hour. was able to order transcripts 2/5/16. 2 bars on 2/6. Sunday (2/7)night at 10:30 pm my refund was deposited onto my netspend card. I paid the fees up front so it never had to go to sbttg or whatever. Hope everyone gets their money soon!



    I filed on the 27th with Jackson Hewitt. I have one bar I am praying I get an approved and ddd date in the am. I check constantly. I cannot order my transcripts either. I spoke to a rep this morning after a 30 plus hold. Wait until 21 days before they will give me info. I really need this return asap. My roof has to go on this weekend. Never had to wait this long before always had it in less than 10 days. Getting worried.



    Did not wake up with a DDD like I was hoping. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t get why it’s taking so long when others who filed after me already have theirs.



    Filed 1/27, around noon. Accepted within hours. Still one bar this morning, and no transcripts. Fingers, and toes, crossed for tomorrow morning.



    Filed and accepted on 1/27. No ddd as of yet. Also unable to order transcripts.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/27, however my bars has been missing since that weekend. I have not been able to order return transcript, only account. I always received my return on the 5th, which is why expected the same this year. I am so frustrated that people who have filed later has already received there refund. I’m not hurting for the money, but I did have plans for it, and it is making me nervous waiting so long for it.



    I filed on Jan 27. I was not one of the lucky ones that woke up to a DDD yesterday. Although I was able to order my transcripts today and I wasn’t able to previously. So I’m hoping that’s a sign and I’ll wake up to a DDD in the am.



    Accepted 1/27

    Still No DDD. Was one bar the first week but bar disappeared on same weekend.

    All these reports of DDD from people who are 1/31ers make me sad.



    @NickW Yes it was paid in full with state and I got what was left. Im so upset. Grrrrr!!!!



    Got my DDD of 2/10

    F/A 1/27
    WMR UPDATED 2/6 DDD 2/10

    Yay!! This site keeps me sane.



    I filed and was accepted 1/27
    Today, 2/6 got ddd of 2/10

    A lot of people seem to be asking if it can come earlier. Last year I had fees (TT) taken out so $ had to be processed through SBBT. The $ hit them the day before my ddd. Then it was in my account on the actual ddd.

    This year I paid fees up front so that if it is sent early it will come straight to my bank.



    @nickw oh they can so do that cause they did it to me and yes your right call irs mamak before hand



    @mamak, what I can think of that’s happening is that you didn’t have enough to cover your offset from your state, so whatever is left got rolled over into your federal. If you speak to an IRS agent, they can tell you what balance from the offset was left. But they should’nt take 890 twice from you, if that’s all you owe. Good luck!



    Filed about 2pm on 1/27
    Finally got approved 2/6
    And got my DDD for 2/10

    First time in over three years that I’ve had to wait for more than 10 days. Rather frustrating like I’m sure it has been for everyone. Hopefully everything goes okay and I get the money before the year needs… ;)



    Does the irs usually send the money to the bank on the day it says it will be there or will it come earlier? Anyone know



    accepted on 02-01-2016 got a ddd for 02-10 good luck everyone



    @ mamak they did that to me last year when I owed federal state took it first then federal took it but they did mail me a check for what they took



    Finally got my DDD of 2/10
    But another question I have is I had an offset of $890 which I knew about. It was taken out of my state (that DD was 2/1) But when I looked at WMR this morning it said some or all of it could be taken for offsets. I called the offset hot line and it gave me the same offset amount of $890. I sure hope they didn’t take one offset out of both state and federal? Or is this just an auto message of any offset?



    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/10..finally

    Filed 1/25/16
    Approved 1/ 27 /16
    DDD 2/10/16



    Still no ddd for me, 1/27 accepted same day.. 1 bar, account transcript only thing available.. But I did notice on wmr. The page says 1/5 updated last.. But I called the 800 number and still processing..



    Gud morning everyone, has anyone else checked the site sbtpg and get a message saying “we couldn’t find your account.. I was able to check it a couple days ago and it said “refund not received…????


    File 1/27

    This was a long journey of waiting! I filed via Turbo Tax on 1/27 after 5pm was accepted an hour later! The IRS just approved my return on today 2/6 at 7am because I checked at 12am and it was one bar. My direct deposit is scheduled for 2/10.

    Filed 1/27
    Approved 2/6
    DD 2/10
    I did all my family members returns via turbo tax too. (I need the software) There’s are as follows:

    Twin sisters:
    Filed 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DD 2/10

    My moms:
    Filed 1/23
    Approved 1/30
    DD 2/3
    We had to wait fully this year versus a week last year.



    Filed 1/27 HR Block. Accepted 1/27. Approved with a DDD of 2/10. Finally!!



    Filed and got accepted 1/27/16. Still no DDD. Wondering what’s up since everyone else I know seems to have gotten a DDD today.



    I’ve heard ppl say that we can get it earlier than 2/10 I’m hoping for a 2/8 cleared deposit …… heres to hoping. ….



    @nikki do you think it will come earlier?



    Finally!! Got a ddd of by the 10th this morning like everyone else.



    Got dd by 2/10 finally can it come earlier is that why they say by the 10th?



    Finally!!!!!! Have a date for the 10th! My H&R Block app hasn’t done anything! I’m so excited lol now to wait on state



    Woke up at 4:30th (illinois) to an update on wmr tool. So I filed and was accepted on 01/27/16. Want able to order any transcripts until 02/05/16 (of which I was able to order both account and return. Got an update on 02/06/16. This update says my refund should be deposited to my bank by 02/10/16. Now I can breathe easy. Try to stay positive while you wait. Maybe they’ve got the ball rolling now. I pray for no more glitches.



    Filed & accepted 1/27 thru TT. WMR site today at 420am cst finally has update! Two bars, refund approved & “refund scheduled to be sent to bank by 2/10″ The TT site hasn’t budged off the initial message , I think it said I would get refund between 17th & 28th” I’m in Arkansas.



    Filed 1/27
    Got DD for the 10th



    Accepted 01 27 16. Approved 02 06 16 DDD 02 10 16. Hr block self e filed



    Just checked WMR and finally got approved with a DDD of 2/10! yay! :)



    I just downloaded the “track your refund” app too and it also says 2/25. However, its only showing “accepted”. I can’t imagine that it would take almost a month to receive a refund. When I used it yesterday, it couldn’t even find my return.



    The turbo tax return app worked for you. I’ve downloaded 5 times and always say connection problem..I was finally able to order my return transcript today as well and I filed 1/25 and was approved 1/27…I will check again in the morning


    David Marconi

    Filed and Accepted 1/27 by turbo tax. Still one bar on wmr with no ddd. However I downloaded the turbo tax track your refund app and that is giving me a ddd of 2/25. Has anyone used this app and know if it’s accurate?



    Basically if you can order a return transcript, the theory is you should get a DDD on Saturday morning after the Friday night updates. Traditionally, WMR updates nightly but for a majority of tax payers it’s Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) and Friday night (Saturday morning). I’m not checking transcripts this year but I was accepted 1/27 and am hoping for a 2/10



    I was able to order my 2015 return transcript today. Can someone please explain to me the significance of this? I was accepted on 1/27 and have still not been approved either. It’s never taken this long for me to get a tax refund. I used TT.



    I was able to order both account and return transcripts this morning.


    i was able to order my return transcripts today but no movement on WMR. Hoping I will update in the morning.



    was able to order both transcripts this morning. hopefully I’ll see a direct deposit date itomorrow



    I filed 1/27 accepted within minutes. Can’t order transcripts yet no movement on wmr…do transcripts update more than once a day. Hoping for an early dd next week




    I am in the same boat! I filed on 01/27 around 1pm… accepted email came from Turbo Tax around 2pm… Which means from what I am seeing it really probably got accepted on the 29th… because that is when my state went through as well…

    However I was able to see my transcripts for previous years under my old address yesterday and days prior… but now I cant see any of my transcripts or order anything under either new or old address. I thought we were supposed to get our DD today if we got accepted before 11am on the 29th…. I am still on 1st bar with WMR and Turbo Tax now says 7% of people that filed the same day have got theirs…. I am really hoping that they sent it today and it deposits tomorrow… but it is starting to look like we will have to wait the full 21 days… Very Frustrating..



    I filed on the 27th, and was accepted shortly after. I have seen no movement on WMR but this morning I was able to order my transcripts with my new address. Does that mean I should see some kind of change soon…. HELP I am extremely frustrated!!



    I was finally able to order my account and return transcripts this morning! My WMR has been missing bars and amount (still have TT-152) since 2/1. Fingers crossed I’ll see a DDD tomorrow morning.

    My grandmother filed on 1/29 and she received her DD this morning. She never checked WMR so I don’t know if it updated for her.



    Was able to order return transcripts this morning!! DDD is near hope to see a change on Saturday or by next week. Fingers crossed!!



    Update: Was finally able to order return transcript as of this morning! DDD is near hope to see a dd Saturday or sometime next week. Filed TT 1/27



    Filed & accepted 1/27

    As of this morning, I can order my return transcript w/my new address! :)

    wmr is still at one bar…

    Last year, I was able to order my return transcript & I didn’t have any movement on wmr until the day I got my DD which was a Saturday. So, it is highly possible that I will get my DD before wmr even updates. It’s on its way, thats for sure :) I expect to see a DD either tomorrow or early next week.



    Filed 1/27 with TaxAct. Accepted same day. WMR has no bars, just says return is still processing. Still presents tax topic 152. Nothing pending with TA’s bank (fee deducted from refund). Getting kinda’ pissed, since per the schedule I should have my refund today. =(



    Filed and accepted on 1/27 just checked wmr and still on one bar with tax topic 152. Tried to order transcripts and it has been saying there are no transcripts for this tax year, but this morning it said we have not accepted your tax return yet. What does that mean????



    I don’t know if it means anything or not seen so many different answers, but I was able to finally order return transcript. Filed 1/27 hopefully we see a DDD soon!



    another change i just noticed is that Turbo Tax tracking on mine says that 7% have gotten their refunds. i guess that’s 7% of the people that filed on the same day as i did? previously it was 0% every time i checked.



    was also able to order my return transcript for a change.

    filed 1/27
    accepted 1/27
    one bar on WMR since acceptance
    TT 152

    still no DD this morning but i’m relieved about ordering the transcript. :)



    I heard that you could not order tax transcripts online this year. When I go to the Get Transcript page the http is red and crossed out.



    @Hiloshark I just checked my bank acct and no deposit as of 2/5. WMR was not available the last time i checked a few hours ago. Sadly I have never seen so much troll activity on this site in fact I have never seen it. They are generally paid shills to incite civil unrest in an unsettled environment. Hopefully they will get things up and running without too much further delay.



    Just ordered my return transcript just now I filed 1/27 and accepted I hope that is good news does that mean it’s processed???


    Dis dik in your mouth

    No one getting ddd this week…….filed 1/28/2015 still havent received ddd what a joke, ppl need to get a life around these parts…..


    Dis dik in your mouth

    No one getting ddd this week…….filed 1/28/2015 still havent received ddd what a joke, ppl need to get a life around these parts…..

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