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      …or should I say LACK OF UPDATES. Nothing has changed. Still at one bar for me.

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            Alright, I don’t know if there is an truth to it or not but, I saw on the TT answer exchange that someone was Approved about 30 minutes ago. But I thought I would share. They said their DDD is 1/28…the link is here https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/2616349-from-acceoted-to-approved

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              Originally filed with TurboTax on the 20th had to refile on the 22nd due to their systems. Never heard anything on acceptance or rejection for the IRS. After looking through the forms TurboTax did not calculate the 3903 Moving Expenses form properly (never even took me through that part of my refund even though box 12 had a code of “P” with an amount in it.

              Refiled with TaxSlayer last night as TurboTax still had not pushed mine through to the IRS and guess what happen…. Accepted within 10 minutes of filing.

              Checked WMR before I refiled with TaxSlayer just to make sure the IRS hadn’t received it as of that time.
              No information was listed for my social/status/amount

              Checked WMR 20 minutes after I got the accepted email from TaxSlayer and whaddayaknow it’s there with the amount that TaxSlayer stated I was getting back. (The amount didn’t bother me as it was less then $100 difference between the two but the fact that TT had not submitted or rejected my refund from their system for missing fields on Form 3903 really gave me a bad taste for them now).

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                E-filed through TaxACT on the sixteenth, accepted by the Internal Revenue Service on the twentieth: still stuck on the first bar for processing. Has anyone been graciously graduated to the elite “Approved” middle section yet?

                As far as I’m concerned they can keep a hold on what is rightfully mine as long as they want, but I believe in earning interest.

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                  I know this has been said 100 times but i will say once more… no matter when you were accepted … the processing of returns did not start until 20 Jan.. Any returns that were accepted prior to that date were just test batches that the IRS uses to ensure their delivery and storage systems are working correctly. With that being said, that means the returns have been in the processing chain for 7 days as of today. I would expect to start seeing movement starting overnight tonight or tomorrow night. With the first DD dates being around this coming Friday- Monday.

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                    Im still stuck at 1 bar as well. File 1/19 accepted 1/20. last year I filed on a Sunday 2/2 and got my refund on 2/8 on a Saturday. I don’t see that happening this year. Nothing has changed with MA state refunds either. the site for state say it takes 4 days for processing the 800 number says 5-7 but there’s been no action on either except for being accepted.

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                    B F

                      Unfortunately we probably won’t be seeing the first DD dates until February.

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                        Filed on 01/09, it was accepted on 01/13, and nada for me either.

                        Last year from file to bank deposit was 12 days.

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