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    Just filed today (TaxAct) and was accepted within minutes. I’ll try to remember to post any updates – when they happen. :)

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    My percentage of people whom got accepted on 1/26/16 disappeared on turbotax how it shows this
    Your federal return was accepted in the refund amount of Xxxxx That makes you one step closer to getting your refund.

    9 times out of 10, the IRS issues refunds in less than 21 days from when a return gets filed. Paper check refunds may take several weeks to receive by mail.
    Any idea what this means?



    @Amber I tried offering my return transcripts and can’t get those yet either. I hate to be so impatient since its been just 15 days, but I lost my job two weeks before Christmas and I have two girls I raise on my own. Like everyone else, I NEED my money!



    Still nothing!!!

    Check TT they said 58% paid and I checked with SBTPG and they don’t have it either. And of course checked my bank account and still nothing. The 17th is the 21 days.lets hope we get ours soon




    I am starting to really stress. I’m sure I won’t get an update until at least Saturday, so no refund for me within the 21 days.

    I haven’t gotten any letters or codes yet. ..Would it cause more problems or should I go ahead and IDVerify



    I just got my money today I filled on the 26. Wmr never updated it kept saying they can not provide information on my return. I woke up today with money in my account. Checked Santa Barbara yesterday they did not have my info either. The money came form sb so be patient out there. I was freaking out cause I never even had a bar it was as if the irs never received my return but I got it today with no warning.



    Checked at 5 am… Funds received!! See ya’ll next year!! Good luck!!



    No surprise still sitting filled with negative emotions at one bar

    Seriously they have a week

    Then real anger comes out and a tax advocate will be on my side!!



    2/10 ddd, showed up sometime between 10pm last night and 430 am today. Bank with PNC.

    Glad that is over!
    Hopefully not many others are waiting still.



    Turbo Tax says we 1/26er’s who filed through them, 58 % have received their refunds..

    Just wish I could be one of the people in that group!



    State: Pa, Single, Paid all fees and ID is verified. Used TT Premium
    Filed: 1/26
    Accepted: 1/26
    Processed: 2/5
    DDD: 2/10
    Just called PNC bank, notified me quickly that they had no pending deposits and i should check back in a few days (lol @ a few days). Im hoping that 2/10 is the actual date, I’m sure it is. My buddy filed 1/25 and already got his money last Friday.

    Patience is a virtue, good luck everyone.



    Filed 01/25/2016
    Accepted 01/25/2016
    Approved 02/06/2016
    DDD 02/10/2016

    St. Ann, MO



    I’m right there with you guys. Still on processing nothing has changed since day I filed:(



    I just checked…again. Mine was up, but that isn’t saying much. Nothing has changed – looks just as it did 2 days after I filed.



    Just checked WMR and it is unavailable atm. Let’s all hope that they are updating everyone like me in the system.




    I know how you feel. I should have known better than to check, but I did and only stressed myself out. :(



    Well woke up this morning hoping and praying for just a change or something, but still nothing. Processing message is getting really old especially when my sister filed days after me and she got a DDD for 2/10. This happened to me last year too though so I should have know.




    Let’s add that the poor guineas involved in the 1/26 experiment

    So far 18 % have survived..
    Let’s check back on day 21 to see the official survival rate according to the IRS and Turbo Tax

    Considering it’s only 1 week.. The odds don’t look good…




    Exactly if some more agents would just do their jobs and give people something… But you have agents who may have limitations to what they can see… However they can see if you are being sent a letter and if you need to verify your Identity… Yet most of them don’t! While it’s not going to lower their call volume.. They will however be doing a job, which they are paid to do… I can’t imagine the IRS employee training is be rude and vague, never give them any info, don’t forget to say 21 days at least once during every call..

    It’s even more insane since they have No Method and the system crashes yearly.. Let’s just give up on filing in the first 2 weeks.. At least if you don’t feel like being the guinea pig..




    I do wish they (the IRS) would incorporate a little method to their madness – as far as processing returns as they come. I am really stressing this year because it’s just so different for me than it has been in the past. And, quite frankly, I just don’t like not knowing what’s going on. Lol. I’ll be more than happy just knowing all is OKAY and my refund is coming. I will wait it out, try to be more patient than I’ve been lately.



    I’m just sitting here.. Still so angry as everyone around me act like the money is burning holes in their pockets…

    Meanwhile I’m like, “I just want to fix my car and pay some bills.”


    Seriously not happy with people who filed after us getting money first.. Id Verify or Not!! A line is a line.. What makes others get to cut and be pushed forward! Meanwhile we’re like “Hey, back here! WTF is happening? We’re still back here, not done!”

    Then they shout “21 days.. We still got some time! We don’t have to issue a refund fast, just eventually…”



    Same problem here, no change. Still no return scripts available. I called today, against my better judgement, and she gave me the 21 day jumbo. She did say to keep an eye on it over the next couple of days there are updates coming. All she asked me was when I filed, so I’m sure that was just a general estimate of an update as well.



    I have the same problem @Amber… just waiting.




    That’s great…
    My husband spoke to one of those rare agents..
    You know that are actually nice or hopefully..
    She said they have received my verification and now it’s just about processing…
    She says they can’t see whole lot.. A Yes or NO on Refund Accepted.. Then a date if Yes

    However I don’t know if she meant they are still processing my verification.. or If it’s my return only needing processed…
    I don’t see how it could take that long to process the verification.. Considering if you get all the answers right.. Bam. Done..

    I still haven’t been able to get transcripts..

    She also said the only error she sees is we didn’t file in 2012.. I honestly forgot. First pregnancy knocked me out. Literally.. Soo sick and tired…. We didn’t even make enough to file.. Worst part was the beginning around tax time..




    I was able to order my transcript on 2/5 and they are being mailed. But still have the same processing message




    I to have this problem!!

    Filed 1/26
    Called to get Transcripts
    Found out about ID issues..
    Which I had Last Year Also
    2/4 ID Verify
    I was told I would be receiving a letter, surprise still no letter

    My sister
    Filed 1/30
    Got a letter 2/4
    ID Verify 2/4
    DDD 2/10
    Money Received

    Her Boyfriend
    Filed 1/31
    Got a 2/5
    ID Verify 2/5
    DDD of 2/10
    Money Received




    Is there anyone still waiting on a DDD or is their WMR still stuck on processing.



    DDD of 2/10/16……filed and accepted 1/26/16…..two bars…..and still cant order transcripts with (3) previous and current addresses….but hey come with MY Christmas money…..


    Tax Lady

    filed on 1/26/16… got accepted about 20 minute after filing, and I FINALLY got DDD of 2/10/16…YAYYYYY!!!!



    I finally got approved,DD the 10Th …what a great bday gift for that day????????????



    filed: 1/26
    accepted: 9PM on 1/26

    received state return 2/3

    federal status: your return is still processing. A return date will show when available.



    South LA


    Filled: 01/26/2016
    Accepted: 01/26/2016
    Approved: 02/06/2016
    DDD: 02/10/2016

    Approved this morning 02/06/2015….DDD is scheduled for 02/10/2016….
    Not sure what the delay was but happy my bars are finally moving….



    I checked WMR and I got a DDD of 02/10/16, finally!!!!!!!!!????????????????



    Ordered return transcript 2/5/2016. Woke up to 2/10/2016 DDD.



    Same boat w/ you guys @esepp114 and @Amber

    No update or ddd yet, think I’m part of the 2/21 week… Staying patient :)



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    Was able to order return transcript yesterday and checked wmr last night at 1am est and it was at one bar. Woke up this morning and checked and it’s at 2 bars with a DDD of 2/10.



    Same here, no bars, same message that it’s still processing I filed and was accepted 1/26



    Still no bars on WMR same message (a refund date will provided when available) blah blah blah. Anyone else having this issue



    I still cannot order my return script and I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to wake up with a DDD. I still have no bars, the generic “refund still processing” and tax code 152 (that I’ve had since 3 days after filing). Couldn’t order my account transcript until Friday…My guess is I won’t update until next Saturday…since I’m a weekly.



    filed: 1/26
    accepted: 1/26
    bars disappeared: 2/3
    ordered transcripts: 2/5
    ddd: 2/10

    good luck all



    2/10 for me also! Happy Dance!!!
    My friend who filed on 2/2 also has a ddd of 2/10.
    Glad we are seeing progress!! Now to actually see the deposits!



    Filed on 1/26
    Accepted 1/26

    Going to sleep last night i still had one bar, over night it went to two and DDD on the 2/10.



    I got a 2/10 DDD!!



    i got a DDD of 2/10 as well!



    WE GOT ACTION…….DDD by 2/10 -Finally :) Hope u all see the same in the morning



    Checked before going to sleep and I have an DDD of Feb 10th



    Wmr updated
    Filed 1/26/16
    Accepted 1/26/16
    Approved checked 2/6/[email protected] 0106
    DDD 2/10/16



    Wmr updated
    Filed 1/26/16
    Accepted 1/26/16
    Approved checked 1/6/[email protected] 0106
    DDD 2/10/16



    Was just able to order my return transcript so I’m super hopeful tomorrow morning there will be movement on WMR. If not, at the very least a deposit this upcoming week. Never cared or wondered about the transcripts before, really just wanted to see if I could order them and was just happy I was allowed.



    I file 1/26 9am est with TT and I got accepted by 2pm that same day. I checked WMR the next day and had one bar and the following day the bars we gone and I had the same ole same message almost everyone get ( return is processing and a refund date will be provided when available) and it has been this way ever since. I called the all the numbers their was to call I have my transcript being sent to me via mail and I have no hold ups but yet no one could provide me with a DDD. Idk anymore :-/



    I see everyone saying they can order their transcripts I could only request them by mail. Is that how y’all ordered them too? It’s never taken more then 4 days to get my return and I have no status change since I filed on the 26th. Starting to get frustrated.

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