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    Just filed today (TaxAct) and was accepted within minutes. I’ll try to remember to post any updates – when they happen. :)

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    1/26I filed and was accepted
    2/ 22 called IRS after no movement and was given the info to fax my 8962 and 1095-A.
    2/26 called again and was told they haven’t received anything in their system.

    Uggggh I just want my money. Keep getting told it can take up to 6 weeks now. Seriously feel like screaming!

    Anyone had a shorter time period after faxing over info and getting their money?



    Just wanted to update and thank everyone for all their comments. I’ve been following this thread for a while for info and everyone has been so helpful.

    Filed: 1/26
    Accepted: 1/26
    Lost my WMR bars: 2/13
    Verified ID: 2/17
    WMR updated 2/20 with a DDD of 2/24



    I also lost my bars and tax topic last week



    Just wanted to update everyone and give hope..
    Filed 1/26 had no movement for 2 weeks called irs and had to id verify. I id verified me on the 10th and husband last week was told wait 9 weeks. just got ddd for the 24th. Good luck everyone



    Filed and accepted as previously stated 1/26. IdVerify on 2/16 Said up to 6 weeks. Still says processing but I can order transcript as of today.



    Filed 1/26 was stuck on one bar for 2 weeks so I called irs and was told that I needed to id verify so i called and did it on 2/11 then did my husbands last week online was told it would take up to 9 weeks. I lost my bar and went to your tax refund is being processed the day after I id verified my husband. Still have no bars but was finally able to order refund transcript today. Anybody know if that means I should be getting my ddd in the tomorrow update?


    Jen J

    I have no idea what is going on. I filed and was accepted on 1/26/2016 and as of this very moment my WMR still says: “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”. It has NEVER moved from that nor has the site ever said anything else. No bars ever either. I have no idea what the issue is this time. My 21 days was up this past Tuesday. I was in a similar situation last tax season where it ended up being ID Fraud Protection so it took an extra 3 weeks on top of the original 3 weeks to get my money, but at least back then my WMR screen had at least made some progress. As far as my transcripts, I have tried to pull those up, but because I just bought a house this past year,my address has been updated and the system is recognizing it yet. It’s not recognizing my previous address either. I am at a total loss right now and I have no idea what is going on. My next move is going to be calling the IRS directly to find out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what is going on that you can give me? I am really getting sick and tired of this. This is now 2 years in a row that they have taken their good old time refunding my money. It’s not even a little bit of money. It’s a decent amount of money that I would like back. So aggravated!!!



    Filed 1/26, Accepted 1/26, Bar and tax code disappeared 2/14

    Called this morning, No need for ID verification. got DDD 02/24/16.

    WMR still stating being processed.

    files with Turbotax and direct deposit using chase bank

    Hope it helps



    Filed 1/26, Accepted 1/26, Approved 2/13, DDD 2/18

    Received funds 2/17 @ 10pm PST & I bank w/ Chase



    filed the 25th accepted on the 26th
    was able to order my transcript on the 14th
    got a DDD of 1-18

    lets see if its true will post tmr



    Get this, filed on the 25th, accepted the 26th. Called today because it’s been 22 days. They wouldn’t even open my account because they said it won’t be 21 days until the 19th. How did I lose days? Well, the IRS is claiming they didn’t get it until the 29th of January. Either turbo tax sucks or the IRS is lying to get more time. I think this whole process is ridiculous.



    Called 3 different times between today and yesterday. At first we were told we need to ID verify and then we were told we didn’t need to. They told us that we should give them until April 1st and if we still haven’t gotten a return to call back. How stressful.



    Their ID verify phone line said their system is down right now and to call back in a hour. Failed my online IDverify :( so hopefully i am able to get it done over the phone… if i am ever able to reach anyone. tax season this year be crazy. lol wish me luck! wishing luck to all of you! hope good things happen for everyone!



    I called again, they pulled up my file and said I needed to ID Verify which I just completed online and it says up to 6 weeks. So I guess waiting again.




    Filed 1/26
    Verified 2/4
    Update Saturday
    DDD 2/18

    So no it can take less time.. I verified online and by phone

    @ray have you tried verifying?



    I filed and accepted on 1/26 as well. Today is the 21st day so I called to see if there was a problem. Apparently the IRS System has crashed again according to the agent I spoke with. He stated he couldn’t check anything all the systems were down. He told me to try again in a couple hours or tomorrow. So on to day 22 I guess….



    I filed the 26th finally got in touch with a Tax advocate that informed me I need to verify my ID, after doing so he said it can take up to 9 weeks. Has anyone had to do this and gotten their return before 9 weeks?



    So woke up this morning to no bars at all and the message saying still being processed and a date will be given when available. What does it mean? Considering I filed the 26th and I was told there is no offsets and all that nonsense. Will someone please give a answer.


    Billie J

    I do have one question…. My WMR says now that my refund is still being processed and a date will be provided when available…. Has anyone gotten this message and if so how long after this message did you receive your refund… Thanks in advance


    Billie J

    Still waiting



    Filed and accepted 1/26 had one bar and tax topic 152. Still no movement so called irs on 2/11 was told I had to id verify so called and verified over the phone was told I passed and it would take up to 9 weeks to get my return. Woke up this morning and checked wmr and have lost all bars but still have 152. So frustrated idk what that means since I lost my bars



    Filed the 26th and accepted the 26th…
    No update or movement at all still…
    No offsets
    No ID verify..
    What the hell is going on. Tuesday is 21 days.



    I finally have a DD 2/18! I dont know wth took so long but I pray all us 1/26 filers get DD this week! Good luck!



    YAY!!! Me three!!! DDD 2/18!!!! Finally! It feels like it took F O R E V E R but i look back at my calendar last year and it took one month to get my refund. This year, less than a month (just at 21 days), crazy… Thank you Jesus!



    @kit0kat2009: I, too, checked at nearly 1 am and there was nothing. Woke up again around 4:30 and checked again…DDD 2/18!!! I am so relieved I could cry.



    . Almost woke my baby when I screamed.. I figured what the hell.. I checked at 2 am and nothing!! Check again at 4:30 am..



    The nightmare of last year made me crazy!!!

    I hope and wish all id verifiers to get processed fair and fast!!

    Now my brain is still going crazy.. It’s like you have a DDD.. They can’t take it back now.. Or can they ?.. No that’s crazy.. Or is it??.. I should screen cap it.. How would that help?.. I think the nightmare of last year and it started this year has officially cracked me.. I’ll forever be slightly crazier..

    I couldn’t order and still can’t get transcripts



    Hi, fellow 26ers,

    I have tried all day on the phone and the website to order my return transcripts, but the phone just told me they were not available and the website says my information doesn’t match…So, I waited and tried again about 20 minutes ago. Guess what!? I was FINALLY able to order my return script. Hopefully this means things are moving forward. I suggest trying again if you couldn’t get them earlier. Praying for DDDs for all of us tomorrow!



    I’m not sure…. I still have no movement on anything… state or federal. :/ I called them about my federal yesterday and was told it looked like nothing was wrong and that it is still processing.. e filed 1/26 and they didn’t accept it till 1/28. They didn’t say i needed to verify anything, so hopefully that is correct. He did say i would have to wait the 21 days to call back in if i don’t see anything by my 21 days.




    Yes, we got our State yesterday morning, California, filed about a week and a half before.

    Federal….still waiting…patiently. Since I filed married joint, you think they want to identify both people? I was told I was pulled aside for identity confirmation but have been sent back into normal processing since then, just wanted to make sure… This was about a week and a half ago.



    Just wanted everyone to know that my husband finally called the irs. They said since we had an identity theft issue last year that it would take the same amount of time to process our return this year. Didn’t get out money until May last year. *feeling stressed*



    Is*** anyone still waiting on their state refund also?



    Has anyone still waiting for their state refund also?



    Filed 1/26, Accepted 1/26, bars disappears on 1/29, No Tax Topic either.
    Called IRS today, spoke with someone, who told me that they didn’t actually accept my return until the 29th. so instead of 21 days being Tuesday of next week, it is pushed back to Friday 2/19.
    I just don’t understand why when you get someone on the phone they refuse to offer up any information. It is extremely annoying.



    Filed 1/26 ordered transcript 2/5 verified id 2/10 and still on WMR the processing message. No change anywhere else also



    I filed 1/26 and accepted 1/26
    As of today 2/12/16 – my refund has not been approved- My bar has been gone for 2 weeks now. I have the normal your refund processing bla-bla-bla- I called IRS 2x first time I was told must wait 21 days and call back- 2x I called I was told they are behind-but I asked how is it that people filed after me have gotten dates or refund- she than said we have different filters that refunds go through so maybe that is the reason.
    Sounded like a b.s. to me but she said she did not see any audit on my account. I am so fustrated!!! Many years of filing never waited this long.



    Well, i called that number and used that extension and was told he couldn’t see if i needed to do anything and to wait the 21 days. So hopefully thats a good thing! Thanks for the info people! Good luck everyone!






    To get live person call this # (800) 829-0582 ext 652. I explained to the rep that I had no bars and tax topic and would like to know if something was going on. She kindly explained that I needed to call the ID verify hotline which I did and I was only on the phone for 20 min tops. Could be longer for others. After they review your ID your tax return could take up to 9 weeks but I’ve heard of people getting it sooner than that so..try that.



    After I push where I needed to be I kept hitting 0 til it transferred me



    How did you get to a live person?




    It took 1 hr to verify on phone



    Called and verified today. Anybody still waiting…call to get live person to see if you need ID verified.




    Simple question like where have you lived in the past and jobs. And they didn’t want paper work from me just made sure I was who I said I was by security questions.



    @amber what questions do they ask to verify your ID? or do you have to send in paperwork? Just want to be prepared if i have to do the same thing.



    I called the irs at the regular number on the site. I lied a bit and told them I filed on the 19th so I would make it a 21 day marker. It took 40 mins on hold so be prepared. They then told me to call another number to verify.



    What number do you call to see if you need to verify your ID? Anyone know if they will send a letter or give you a code online if you need to verify? Or do you just have to call?



    How do you find that out?




    I too was pulled aside to identity confirmation and was told it set me back a week but am processing as normal, should expect an update the week of the 20th



    So I was getting anxious and I called and lied just a bit to the irs. Anywho come to find out they have to verify me. And for some reason they couldn’t tell me this last week when I called. Omg I’m broken atm but I was wondering how long after they verify do you get your return.



    @Kenkayy in not sure what that means but mine says it too but I able still able to see the percentage.

    @esepp114 I was able to order transcript on 2/5 but still haven’t received them in mail yet but it hasn’t been 3 weeks for that lol. I’m in the same boat as you on this. I’m a house cleaner and it is slow for me every year around this time and I rely on my taxes to get me through until my work picks up.

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