1/25 filers!

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    Filed 1/25 nothing fancy no extra credits no claiming any children no education credits nothing just simple. Has been recieved so at one bar on WMR. Anybody else who filed on the 25th keep in touch with each other here :) And good luck because we all need it!

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    Jimmy Carter

    I’m assuming everybody got their money?



    What other tax blogs are out there



    Honestly, I was in your boat. I filed 1/18 and was accepted as part of the test batch. I called on 21 days and the woman said no returns were processed before 1/23 and that’s when I had to count my 21 days starting so I did l. I knew I’m a weekly filer from years prior and I was getting so nervous. Monday would have been 21 days and I woke up yesterday to a refund approved and instead of a DDD date a message saying they are mailing my check 2/17/16 because it’s over 10k. I also lost bars on 2/4 so don’t loose hope!



    fingers crossed for tomorrow! my transcript said “processed 2/13/2017” so I’m really hoping!



    Should be there 2 days earlier than you DDD says… From what I have been reading it’s been 2 days .. If you have a netspend card you should get it immediately



    Has anyone ever received the direct deposit BEFORE the DDD on the IRS WMR page?



    I filed 1/25 accepted the same day within minutes. No Eic or any other deductions. Lost bars on 2/3. I knew it was under review. I haven’t received ANY correspondence or letters from the irs. I’m unable to order transcripts. I had to verify my identity last year and because of my new address change I was certain since I lost my bars I was going to have to do it again.

    Frustrated I called the irs and pretended to have recv’d the letter. I called the id verification line. I gave them all of my info and she began to ask me a series of questions (confirming my suspicion my refund was flagged to verify my id).
    I haven received the letter yet I just thought I could bypass getting the letter.

    Well I was wrong after answering all of her questions the agent (who was very nice and helpful btw) asked for the control #. She couldn’t go any further until she had that info. It’s the most ridiculous thing I couldn’t keep the lie going so I thanked her and told her I would call back.

    It’s aggravating! I am still waiting for the irs to send me the damn letter. I know it’s just been 2 weeks but I had a simple return and I when I called to verify my id (without the letter) I was able to answer all the questions.

    When bars go missing it’s never a good thing. If u are lucky it’s a quick fix. However they are cracking down on fraudulent activity. But honest tax payers are inconvenienced in the process.

    They need to hurry up and send the letter so that I can get my money



    Ddd for the 15! Finally!



    3:30am updated to Path Act message! Yayyyyyyyyy! Was able to order return transcripts Friday as well at 3:30! Now just waiting on my money!!!



    @kristen1983 Me too! I ordered my return transcripts finally at 8am!!!



    ugh….still nothing at all for me. Sucky when everyone seems to be able to view their transcripts and I still cant.
    Filed & accepted 1/25
    No EIC or ACT
    Simple w-2

    And ive seen no movement at all since the 25th.
    no letters, still have TT 152, bars, & amount
    Ordered acct transcript, it’s blank
    Still cant order return.




    Filed and accepted 1/25/2017. Able to order both transcripts but I have EIC. I am not expecting any changes until next week though.



    Update finally!
    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/25
    Married joint
    Still at 1 bar TT152 on wmr
    No EIC/ ACTC
    Only CTC
    Just pulled all transcripts
    Code 846-refund issued
    Cycle code 20170605



    FINALLY able to order return transcript! Yay for progress



    We filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/31
    No EIC or AITC
    Just standard deduction , W2, and 4 dependents
    2/10 – still 1 bar
    This is ridiculous….



    Oh and my one bar disappeared last Wednesday (10 days ago). Generic your refund is processing message. I still had tax topic 152 but no amount listed. So happy to get an 846 code this morning. Good luck everyone!



    Filed and accepted 1/25
    3 kids-CTC
    Nice sized refund
    Just was able to view account transcript
    Code 846-refund issued
    Cycle 20170605



    @kristen1983 I am in the same boat. Simple return, no dependents, no EITC, none of my info is any different from past 3 years. Filed 1/25 and was texted saying my federal taxes were accepted before I even left H&R block. My tax preparer was still putting together the paperwork they give you as you leave when I got the text. From what I’ve been reading, a lot of people are saying that in years passed, WMR did not update until after they already received the direct deposit. Crossing my fingers for that. My refund has never taken this long, not even when I was still receiving paper checks!

    I’ll cross my fingers for us all in this boat!
    Also, how would I find out if I am daily or weekly? What do those terms even mean?



    Are any other 1/25 people seeing no movement??? Filed and accepted 1/25. One bar still able to order account transcriptt last week. Still can’t order return and still one bar!




    someone just created a new topic say, “BIG UPDATE COMING 2/11,” however i’m a little wary of that. They said the PATH filers will DDD of 2/15 on 2/11 and DDD of 2/17 on 2/15



    When is the next big update on WMR???



    Filed 1/21

    Accepted 1/25

    PATH Message 2/4

    EITC FIler

    Able to order both transcripts 2/4

    Now just waiting…



    Filed/accepted 1/25: No eic or other credits. 1 bar but can’t order either transcript yet.

    Y’all are not alone. Good luck & patience for all!



    Filed 1/25
    Accepted less than an hour later.
    1 bar WMR
    Hr Block online. No EIC

    My DDD has never been right. In fact, last year, I received my DD a week before WMR updated. Same with the year before. It was exactly 3 weeks after I filed that I received it the last two years filing with HR Block online. Be patient folks. Looks like we will get them next week.



    Still waiting my self no credits or letters in mail just on one bar since the 25th/26th 1 w2 married joint simple return



    Filed and accepted 25th/26th still at one bar I might just scream if I don’t update Friday night simple 1 w2 easy married joint return wth is taking so long no credits



    Still waiting… filed 1/25
    Not one peep of an update except to PATH… smh



    Good to hear @Joe.

    See you next year, think I’m a ‘weekly’ so I’ll be here all… the time. The whole time. 😞



    Accepted 1/25

    Received DD into my account overnight.

    Good luck to you all still waiting.




    Will definitely keep you updated



    Ok thank you. Hopefully I get update on Saturday @immmwaiting let’s keep each other posted




    WMR updated to path message today



    Hey I’m mm waiting
    we are in the same boat did you get any updates yet on wmr?



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/25
    No EIC OR AITC, only regular CTC
    Been at 1 bar with generic being processed message and TT 152, saying refund should be within 21 days. Not sure why we got the TT 152 link.



    filed/accepted Wednesday 1/25

    approved Wednesday 2/8 (today)

    DDD Friday 2/10

    AOTC (education) Only w/ w2



    Hey guys. Single filing, 1/27 and woke up to an approval and DDD of 2/10. Hopefully everyone else comes soon



    Filed/accepted 1/25 with both credits, able to order account transcript 1/31 and able to order my return transcript 2/7. 2/8 WMR updated to PATH message



    Still no updates for me. Stuck at one at l bar and tt152. Ordered account transcripts last week but still can’t order return. Uuugggghhhhb



    I am in the same boat. I filed 1/25, was accepted about 5 min later. No dependents no EITC. The refund schedule that the IRS put out originally said I would receive my refund direct deposit on 2/3.. The WMR is still on 1 bar, no path act message. Wtf is going on this year?



    I’m getting frustrated and a little nervous…I was able to order my account transcript last Thursday, but still can’t order my return transcript. No children, no EIC, nothing but a simple return….What is the deal? When is the next big update…and why can I order my account trans but still can’t order the return…UGH



    BJ, same here. got both transcripts and says processed 2/13/2017 but no DDD. I have NEVER had a DDD until after I got my money though, so I’m not sweating it.



    Filed/accepted 1/25 with both credits, able to order account transcript 1/31 and stuck on 1 bar tt 152. Finally able to order my return transcript tonight. I hope I see positive movement in the morning.



    Ok i received both my transcripts in the mail today cycle 20170405
    Processing 02-13-2017
    But no DDD yet



    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thanks for filing with TurboTax. Your tax returns have been accepted by the IRS.

    Your federal refund will take a little longer this year
    Taxpayers who claimed the Earned Income Credit (EIC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit will have to wait a little longer for their federal refunds this year. That’s because a new law passed by Congress known as the PATH Act requires the IRS to work extra hard to protect us all from fraud, and to make sure you get the refund you are owed.

    Unlike the usual 21 days or less, the IRS estimates that people who claimed these credits will start receiving their federal refunds the week of February 27. This is true for all taxpayers who claimed these credits, regardless of their tax prep method.

    Tell me more about this

    Once again, thank you for doing your taxes with us. We’re working hard to do everything we can for you.

    The TurboTax Team



    I filed & accepted 1/25
    Have both credits
    Still only 1 bar and tt 152
    Can only order return transcript for about a week now
    Hopefully I see positive movement in the morning.



    File on the 25th accepted within 2 minutes, one bar until the 27th or 28th then went to PATH message. I ordered both transcript on the 30th by mail other than that just waiting.



    This tax year is ridiculous. No movement at all since the 25th.
    25- filed and accepted
    No eic, no act credits.
    1 dependent, w2
    WMR 1 bar, topic 152, refund still there. Can’t order return transcripts. We have been weekly for the last 2 years. But usually get our refund within 10 days.




    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Path act message 02/04
    Ordered both transcripts 02/04

    Now we wait :D



    Filed/accepted 1/25. Ordered account transcript yesterday at 6pm. Still can’t order return, wmr still on 1bar, no path message yet…



    I’m hanging put in PATH act limbo. The unknown gives me anxiety, lol. Just now knowing if the 16th will bring approved, a DD or something else. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and nothing breaks, lol.

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