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      None. Still one bar.

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          Last year I got my DDD on a sunday morning. Here’s hoping.

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            Yeah Dion same here expect updates tomorrow or Monday

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              Like Melissa I was accepted on 1/13 and have not lost any bars but still stuck on one bar. Last year I got a ddd on a Sunday and a dd on a Wednesday.

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                I filed on the 9th and was accepted on the 13th. I check once a day, and never had bars missing, just still at 1 bar.

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                  LauriL, Hr block users their own bank so you can only go off of their website info

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                    I filed on the 16th got accepted on the 20th ,now in the first bar, last year I received mine on the 2/6 but wasn’t accepted until 31th so I just don’t see having to wait until 2/6 or longer to receive my refund and was accepted 11 days sooner

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                      Does H&R Block use SBBT or do they use a different bank? This is my first year to use them.

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                        Oh okay, I thought Iwanttoshop had already gotten a personalized DDD. I know last year my wmr didn’t update until about two weeks after I actually got my refund. Never mind I’ve got the point now..

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                          Lol lol everyone feb 6 is the default date everyone is using because it’s 2 and a half weeks after the IRS started processing, Feb 6 is not your real date

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                            @iwanttoshop!!!!! Omg congrats maybe that’s why it was down earlier to update it? I think I’ll go check too!!!

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                              Filed 1/15 accepted 1/16, 1 bar, 152 topic, SBBT acknowledged my refund to be deposited Feb 6th.

                              I am hoping it comes before then!!!

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                                Filed on the 7th accepted on the 13th. One bar. No updates. My transcript isn’t showing either, so I guess I’m stuck waiting until about the 2nd to call to find out where it is. Some are saying there will be nothing before the 6th, some say this week? If it is the 6th, it would be over the 21 days for me.

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                                  Still waiting here too. I filed 1/20 via TT…accepted about 5 minutes later. Still showing 1 bar and tax topic 152. I know last year I filed on 1/31 never was approved…but got my money on 2/6. Two years ago I filed early but had issues with my lock HR Block and wasn’t filed until 2/6 and was accepted 2/7…got my money 2/14 that year. I believe we should be seeing some updates tomorrow night/ monday morning. We should also be seeing some money in the next few days if history repeats itself like i has time and time before.

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                                    Filed 1/15, accepted 1/20, still at 1 bar in WMR, no change from yesterday

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                                    Bobby Mcinvaille

                                      Last year I filed 1/31 accepted 2/1 got my refund 2/10 for fed. So I do now know what is going with the missing bars or anything but last year I file early it seems more of a hassle.

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                                        I filed early was accepted 1/12 still only one bar and says it is being processed. Last year I got my refund on 2/6

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                                          Ts has me filing on the 20th accepted early on the 20th still one bar. No problems with disappearing bars but is this because I didn’t file early? I know I filed early last year and bars disappeared. I got code 1121 but refund was DD on 2/21. I notice my bars only going missing over the years when I file earlier than opening day. However I had to wait over a month for it because even though I was accepted early jan last year, I was put back into the pool as if I had filed on the opening day.

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                                            Me too. I filed 1/16 accepted 1/16. Still only one bar on wmr and topic 152.

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                                            Bobby Mcinvaille

                                              accepted 1/13 bars went away still stuck on “You refund is still being processed” never had this happen.

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                                                Accepted 1/21 and still one bar. No transcripts available.

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