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1/23 pple check in

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      we filed and accepted with in 15 minutes had one bar now have none UGH! what is it like for everyone else?

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        I received my state yesterday and I had a dd for 2/2/15… I can’t remember when exactly last year I got either 1 of them but hearing sooo many people have gotten theirs this year already that filed after we did is really frustrating. I just hate not knowing anything. Idk if the system updates over the weekend but I’m hoping to get some results soon. If it doesn’t then like I previously stated we’ll just be sitting ducks till nxt week.

        Frustrated InVa

          I filed and was accepted on 1/23. I too am STILL stuck on 1 lousy bar. I’m not really worried because last yr, it took 12 days since the day I was accepted until I got a deposit into my account. Im hoping ill get some movement this upcoming week. I’ve already gotten my state return.


            I tried to order transcripts last night but couldn’t get in it kept saying I was entering my info wrong so I gave up on it. WMR still stuck on 1 bar as of this morning w/ no ddd. I guess I checked to many times today cuz now I’m locked out till tomorrow. Does anyone know if WMR even updates on the weekend or are we sitting ducks till Monday?


              Filed/accepted 1/23 (taxact). DDD of 2/4. Transcript was available 1/30. Bars and refund amount disappeared on WMR on 1/28. It updated this morning to show refund approved and a DDD.


                I filed and accepted on 1/23. No updates just one bar. Can’t order transcript, really hoping for an update soon.


                  Oh ok. That’s great at least u know your money is on the way. I still haven’t had any changes.


                    yes i tried transcripts and nothing was available and i received a 2/4 DDD today


                      Have you tried the whole transcript thing?


                        It’s annoying me as well. I was really surprised I got my state back so fast but what I really need is that fed. Hopefully WMR will update tonight and we’ll see something by morning. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking lol.


                          we also live in wi! and got our state yesterday WMR is annoying me!


                            I filed 1/23/15 for fed and state. My fed was accepted 1/24/15 around 6pm CST However my state wasn’t accepted till 1/26/15. I’ve been on 1 bar on WMR since w/ no updates. I was given a ddd for state on 1/27/15 for 2/2/15 but I received that this morning and of course still no word on fed. I haven’t tried to order transcripts as I wouldn’t know what I was looking at or for. I’m impatiently waiting in Wisconsin.



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