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      Been following these forums and others trying to find out whats going on with my refund. I filed on the 20th and was accepted on the 21st. I have been checking my transcripts and WMR I have been one of the people that have one bar and tax topic 152 on WMR and Account and wage transcripts with 0’s and no return on file with n/a on return and record of return. Well 15 mins ago my return and record of return transcripts showed up. My account and wage still have 0’s and no return on file but the Return Transcript has a cycle date of 20150502. I hate depending on my taxes but my car blew up and I have rent due on the 5th. I’m locked out of WMR for today so I cannot see if it changed yet.

      I think having the return transcript is a good thing but was hoping to know when my DDD would be sigh !

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          Filed before the deadline with H&R Block, got accepted on 1/21. I have seen no movement or sign of anything from the IRS since then. I have a 2014 Wage & Income transcript but when downloaded, it reads “No record of return filed.” No 2014 Return or Record of Account transcripts for 2014. 1 bar on WMR. Calls to IRS result in “call some other time” canned messages. It’s now 15 days, and I know they say wait 21, but I’ve never had such a slow refund. This year I had education credits which I’ve never had before. That and the ACA bs I had to repay $479. Wondering why the IRS has received my return but just been sitting on it like so many others here. My personal opinion is that filing early/first day was a big mistake.

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            Good news for me… Nothing changed. :(

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              yes you all will need to make sure that you have code 846-which means refund sent. I got my second orange bar this morning. Thanking God because I was going to lose my mind while I was waiting. It is very frustrating to see others who filed 2-3 weeks after you get their money before you. There is no such things as first come, first serve with the IRS. That has been proven lol!! I hope that everyone on this post gets their money soon because we all need our money for different reasons. Good luck everyone!

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                UPDATE: I filed on 1/21/2014 and I got my refund to my HR Block card this morning!
                I think this is the quickest i’ve ever gotten it. I got my taxes last year in March because of that 846 code.

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                  I have same code but I heard it means nothing without 846. Input?

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                    I’m in the same boat as you sad face…..freakin sucks

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                    Sad face :(

                      I was accepted on the 16th, STILL on one bar and still zeros on transcript. I remember last year being absurdly close to the 21 days, looks like we are there again! Refund is large, but the same as every year. I think it may be time to change our withholding so refunds are smaller and less stressful!!

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                        Keep checking those transcripts! My Transcripts updated yesterday to show all 0000s, Checked this morning and now I have my 846 Refund Issued, I am assuming it will be for 2/6.

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                          Return was accepted 1/21, I can view account trans., is showing 00’s, no cycle,no nothing..WMR still shows processing…Happy for ya’ll..Hopefully I’ll hear something soon. It has never taken this long for info to change

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                            Transcripts just updated again !Account transcripts have updated And I have a code 846 with a cycle date of 20150502 WMR is down but it looks like I all of us with that cycle date should get them on Friday YAY \o/

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                              Filed and accepted 1-26.
                              Still all zeroes on account transcript.
                              N/a on the other ones
                              1bar on wmr with tt 152
                              Getting really tired of waiting hope it updates tonight

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                                Can confirm, 1/21 filer here and my transcripts reflect the same cycle date.

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                                  My wmr has not updated yet still only one bar. I’m guessing from the 20150502 Cycle date that I should get my DD on Friday as broken down 05 is the week which is this week and 02 is Monday and from what I understand you go 4 days from that day and that would be Friday.

                                  Here’s hoping that’s right my landlord can wait one day lol

                                  I’m guessing most of us with the 0 transcripts were resquneced and we got pushed to this week.

                                  My neighbors got accepted on the 20th and one of them got a DD for the 4th and the other one has the same problem as the rest of us.

                                  My taxes were simple a W2. HOH, EIC for 2 kids and nothing changed in the past 4 years and I have health insurance

                                  Last year I filed on the 1st of Feb and got them back on the 12th

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                                    @hopefulinatlanta still one bar my WMR hasn’t updated

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                                      Same for me. Only have return transcript and 20150502 from the way I hear it’s broken down that’s friday

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                                        @ hopeful in Atlanta I’ve had bars the entire time transcripts were finally updated tonight I’m expecting WMR to updat tomorrow night hopefully!!! Fingers crossed

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                                        hopeful in Atlanta

                                          Do any of y’all have bars or just the normal page

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                                            Same here @swiper I can see all transcripts now but they are not completely filled out. I also have 20150502 cycle hopefully they will be fully updated by morning. WMR hasn’t updated tho still on one bar

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                                              I am excited to finally have this tax return nightmare come to an end!

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                                                Same here – I think that cycle date should mean this Thursday, right? So excited! This has been a long wait.

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