1/21 still no ddd no transcripts no update on wmr.

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      Anyone from 1/21 still not having any luck with an update. Try checking wmr and said it’s unavailable. I’m hoping there doing some updates to wmr and I’m lucky enough to get an update.

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          same here filed/accepted 1/21. on 1/30 i was able to view my account transcript for 2014 the others still remained N/A. .On 1/31 my bars disappeared and since 1/30 Ive been unable to log bac in to view my transcripts. This morning i tried again and not its say unable to verify identity please tey back again later. My bro was accepted the same day and hes got a dd of 2/4. My WMR now has a generic message “We have received you tax refund and it is being processed” thats it no code nothing. Can someone please shed some light on this???

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            I HAVE THE same problem… accepted 1/26 … transcript is blank… wmr says processing someome please give me some insite… im going crazy

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              i have nothing yet either. my past cycle dates have been 2015/06/05 so it looks like i wont be getting processed until 2-12-2012. Although it never seems it was processed that late in the month of february. it looks like that’s whats happening this year

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                Same. although on the state side it said it’s processed but hasn’t “mailed” the refund yet.

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                  Same here, 1/21 and no updates on State or Federal :(

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