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      Ok, so I normally always file via TT, but I filed with JH this year since they were ready on the 20th while TT wasn’t ready until the 22nd. Either way, I filed on the 20th, Accepted on the 21st and no movement since. Still just says processing… 21 days. Transcripts doesn’t even let me register since it says it can’t verify me (doesn’t say to call) BUT if I try ordering my transcripts for 2014 by mail it says neither are found, just 2013.

      Funnily enough, on the transcript side of things, I pulled up my 2013 return and made sure I entered the exact First/Last/Address as it shows on that, yet it still says it can’t verify me. It doesn’t even get to any of the credit check questions.

      Anyone have any updates on 1/21 Acceptance with Obamacare credit?

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