1/21 Acceptance – Are you still holding out hope?

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      So, being 15 days in I can’t say I’m holding out hope for everything to go automated like prior years. I’m fully expecting to have to be on the phone 1 minute after opening on the 11th to finally figure out what “happened” this year.

      I don’t really want to go the hardship approach since they say you may only get a portion of your refund expedited and the rest may be delayed (even further than it already is) so yea.

      I understand the whole “21 day” period is a generic statement just like “just because you pay for X internet speed, you’re not always guaranteed to get those speeds” but it’s just depressing the majority of agents won’t even look at your return, even if you ask “I’m just trying to make sure I don’t need to send 8962/1095-A”.

      Also, for anyone who knows the IRS/what the agents can see does it really just give them generic “processing” statuses or can they see more about like… why it’s taking more than 2 weeks to process? I had a really nice lady the other day who did simply say “processing, 21 days”, but she asked for all of our info, and was actually typing things in when I asked her stuff but it’s just crazy that they won’t give you much more than that. At this point, I’m really just looking to find out the status of the return and refund not even a hard date for the deposit or anything. At this point, I’m just wanting to make sure it’s not “lost” somewhere and that it is in a queue to be processed.

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          I feel the same way I’d just like to know that there’s no issues I don’t mind waiting the 21 days so much not knowing is the worst though. I filed the 16th accepted the 20th and still just one bar on wmr :(

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